It's All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating


I’m aware we’ve been trained to believe that the anorexic frame

Is the most desirable frame of the female form,

Curves are out and thin is in,

But how quickly we forget the sinful thoughts

Of our forefathers lusts-

Have you looked at a statue of a fertility goddess?

All round with rolls the color of cinnamon

Or the Ancient Greeks who dreamed

Of the creamy marble perfection of a fat ass-

Or the small breasted and wide hipped women

With secret smiles in Leonardo’s paintings,

And surely we all remember Marilyn Monroe

With her curves which seemed designed to sway a president,

Yet a desire for thin has become this generations obsession

And the biggest mistake is the equation of thin = healthy.

Yes I may be biased and Yes I have boobs

And yes I have butt

And I have legs and thighs and Irish eyes

And I sing to the skies my hidden pain from this stupid game

That, somehow, having more makes me less of a woman

But you must understand my confusion!

Since when did my sexual organs depend upon size?

Do my large breasts and wide hips not make me, us, we

MORE feminine?

Some men took weeks, and months, and years to

Paint, sculpt, and film the ideal of curves = femme

Who is our generation to disagree with the rolling peaks and valley’s

Of artistic curvature which has most stood the test of time?

And so I sit back, and wait

For history to make its inevitable curve back ‘round to when the ideal

Was not thin and outer appearance, but the addition and laudation

Of intellectual weight.


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