I Can't Go The Distance

I am in love with this girl.

This girl makes me feel emotions I've never thought I'd be capable of feeling.

She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life,

with her silky hair,

big rosy cheeks,

full lips,

and eyes that change the colors as often as the sky.

She also has the most gorgeous voice I've had the pleasure of hearing.

Her personality is the loveliest I've ever known.

There are times in which we'll bicker,

but we'll never stop loving each other,

no matter what.

This girl is my life.

There's just one problem:

She's half way across the country.


It's been quite a couple years since we've met.

We were strangers at first,

but that changed fairly quickly.

We've always talked about the things we could do,

like going on dates,

or holding each other during all those lonely nights,

or shopping for matching outfits,

or heck, maybe even some pillow forts here and there.

But that was the closest we got to ever doing anything together,

just talking. 

It's not that I'm not happy that I get to talk to her every day

and express how much I love her every conversation,

but I feel a strong attraction.

It's not the attraction like finding her attractive,

although attractive is an understatement to describe her,

but it's more or less like a calling.

It's a call to come home,

and where ever she is,

that's my home.

That's where I feel I belong.


We've always discussed how nice it would be to be next to eachother,

holding hands, drinking some tea,

but I've had enough of it.

I want to change talking about things to doing those things,

because despite how enjoyable it is to just talk to her over the internet,

I want more than any of that. 

I want to be able to feel her in my arms whenever I'm sad and need a hug,

I want to be able to hear her voice clearer in my ears as she whispers "I love you."

I want to see all the details of her outstanding appearance.

But most of all,

I want to change the distance between us to be able to be there for her.

Everyone gets lonely every once in a while,

we all deserve more than just some conversation,

and she's the one I want to give more than conversation to.

I don't care if she's sad, or happy, or mad.

I want to lessen the distance between us

to increase the comfort I can give

to the girl that I love.


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