Tripping Over Heels

I can't seem to remember

when time ran away

I know it must have been here

at some point before the play


It makes me feel so dizzy

when I turn around

tripping on my own two feet

falling through the crowd


Although I believe in foward

in moving on and out

I know I have regrets

This I know with out a doubt


I wish that I had woken

to smell the coffee's fumes

because then I would have spoken

the thoughts I so easily lose


I wish that I had spoken 

yelled out to the crowd

my thoughts that make me who I am

the things that make me proud


I wish that I had stood up 

and danced with all my heart 

to the rhythm of my life

the one of which I am part


There are many that build my life

many who bring it down

many who will never understand

but also many who astound


There are things I should have said to all

unmerous different things 

I hope that I can turn it around

by being my self and spreading my wings



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