Discrimination, inequality, and prejudice,

words of hate and ignorance.

"Better", "traditional", "correct",

arrogance surronded by the aura of superiority.

                                                                                                          It's all gone.

No more hiding from the fear of being rejected,

allowing others to see you.

No more judging people by what you see,

now unified by our differences.


No more doubting yourself,

or fixing the non-broken.

Creating lives for ourselves,

with fear, denial, and ignorance a fragment of the past.


All human, no self-righteous categorization,

just people, trying to live life in cooperation with one another.

We all have but one goal,

to be the best we can possibly be.


Sure, we are not all the same,

but we are all equal.

A society once dominated by majority,

has been replaced with one of acceptance.

                                                                                                          It's all better.


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