When I'm told I could change anything

The dark, blank slate of my mind lights up with a million stars

I realize I could have money, fame, power

I could make my job more interesting, read minds

Be good at math, drive fast & furious

Find my love, turn this poem into gold...

When I'm told I'm only allowed to change one thing

One measly thing in a sea of things

I think of you.

I know there are probably many people out there with the same struggle

Looking in the mirror every day, wondering why they must wear a bra when other men go shirtless

Why they bleed and ache, why they have to shop in the wrong section and use the wrong restroom

Why they were born with an X instead of a Y

It'd take a lot of changing to make all that right.

I'd need everyone to understand, laws to change, religions to reconsider, new health insurance policies and new defintions of 'gender and sex' to match.

But, my one change could save you, couldn't it?

One simple wish, and you would be born the way you were meant to be.

You'd probably never know it, 

but your happiness would be the best thing that could ever happen to me.



I really like your poem. I struggle with the same thing as well


this is amazing! really captures the struggle and emotion.

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