A Single Smile

Mistakes, they rip apart our souls, thrashing against minds like waves against rocks.

The guilt and anger taking over the controls.

 Our every whim our every way. 

We lock ourselves in a box that grows smaller and tighter with all our thoughts, keeping us secluded and cut off, alone.

From the massive world full of other guilty lonely dots.

If only each of them had known of the similar feelings hidden by peers.

Behind the most beautiful eyes and brightest smiles, the dark secrets and unseen fears.

The individual self-trials going on inside each brilliant mind, behind each innocent face.

Our own self-prosecutions causing us to be blind to the rest of the human race.

If only we could open our eyes and see what is there, to be able to calm the waves inside and the feelings we all share.

To quiet the inner storm and never be alone.

Our smiles would be real, sincere, and warm.

Like stars our characters will be shown.

We will walk the earth hand in hand, judgment and persecution would never stand.

If we could only recognize that each of us easily terrifies and we are all people making mistakes.

Every one of us holds painful heartaches, that weigh us down as we walk a lonely trail, all of us afraid to fai.l

In need of a mere hello, a single smile for our own to show.

That’s what I would change.

For all smiles to be exchanged.

For all the world to comprehend.

That everyone is stuck at a dead end.

That we all feel what you do.

But one smile would cause another to leak through.


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