WWYC Poem Slam

The ability to change anything in the world, with a snap of a finger, much like a deity

Unlimited room for potential, yet unlimited room for disappointment

When given the ability to make a significant change, one must not squander the opportunity

Should one change their entity for the better, becoming physically stronger and mentally sharper?

No, that would be selfish

Should one end the conflicts in warzones and countries, bringing peace to around the world?

No, humanity is volatile and world peace would be ephemeral

Should one restore nature to its former time, replenishing the forests and ice cap?

No, the trees would be cut down again to fuel the industry of humanity, and the polar regions will dissipate by the fire of human ambition

A paradox, so it would seem

Make a change and be considered selfish, or make a change simply to have it be meaningless

To obtain a lasting change, one must influence the mental nature of humans

An implement of a simple question before every action one makes

“Do I truly believe in my opinion?”

Does one truly believe they should keep a negative predetermined disposition to a group of people?

Does one truly believe they should remain a warring country on the grounds of religious belief?

Does one truly believe they should remain static as nature is butchered for the good of humanity?

No, one would realize the world they live in is troubled by misconceptions and inaction

One would abolish hate with action, and fill the void with love, acceptance, and logical thinking

A new world – not of war and decay – but of peace and life, a utopia

All generated by a change in the way we think and act


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