A World So Cold

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 22:07 -- Dunnie

In a world so cold, and unforgiving

May I be so bold to say I'm wishing

For warmth in place of the cold?


Where every child has the oppurtunity to know love

And not rejection

Where wives and mothers never know abuse or a bruise


In a war torn game called love they often lose.

A world so warm, no lies nor deciet

Could find their way into you or to me


The opposite of cold,

Where no one is afraid of one another

We will love every person as a sister, a brother


A mother, a father

With violence, don't bother

Laughter and joy is what I'd give the world


A mighty sanctuary confrimed 

Where warmth is conformed

In the essence of us all 


Come brother, I'll be there when you fall

I'd change the cold steel world 

Into something more


I've seen the coldness, the pain- deciet 

I'd change it to warmth

For nothing ever tastes this warm- so sweet

Come with me, I'll make the world brighter


Thus, this ends my prolonged cypher




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