I haven't always been the same way, she was once 9 years old.

She and i haven't seen face to face, strolling the streets gazing upon what could have been me... though it was it she who became I.

Frozen in time, for God has brought me forward,not only to see my past, puffing and sipping' on the things that was suppose to bring me happiness, it was supposed to bring me hope.

Yet, did i know that these faux idols were going purse comas, narrow mindedness, and sweet talking to all the guys who walked past me on the street comer,

She believed she was despicable good

she instilled it in her bright mind that she wasn't gorgeous

Yet ! One day she set her gaze upon the sky, tears of joy ran down her eyes. the clouds spoke to her, Jessica , this is not you, for you ought to change.

Education, Love, joy, and hope is tied to your name.

For this day is the day i, CAME ALIVE.

She transformed herself. To a Beautiful young lady




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