The Range

What would I change? That’s easy; the range.

The range of “beautiful”, its never been just size zero to two.

Something I wish everyone knew.

From the fashion world to the one hating herself in the mirror, 

That little girl, eyes filled with tears.

She doesn’t know wrong from right, just that she goes to sleep wishing she was someone else every night. 

And every day starts the same way; she gets up, paints her face, she’ll always see it as a waste.

She’ll never look like the girls in the magazines or the ones on the TV screen.

And that’s okay. She’s beautiful in her own way. 

Will she ever understand? She doesn't have to be tall, blonde or tanned. 

That’s not beauty, it never has been. Beauty is who you are, something only found within.

Beauty isn’t in the clothes you wear or how you do your hair, its in the heart, 

Will society ever be able to tell it apart?


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