The Difference

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 12:10 -- maxieb

When you're born in an encouraging household

The world is seen through different eyes

You don't have to struggle for love or validation

Sure your family is not "perfect"

But they raised you to believe in yourself

To aim high and worry not about falling

But when you see others fighting with themselves 

Just to have one ounce of confidence

Aiming low because they "know" they can't do any better

Because their parents never told them they could

Because their friends don't encourage them 

Because they don't believe they can 

You realize that this discrepancy 

This small difference in outlook

This is what causes injustice 

This causes the sadness, the apathy 

The desperation that begets violence

And you realize that if one thing could be changed

One thing that would alter the world 

In oh so many positive ways 

It would be the difference 

Between being taught that you "can"

And being taught that you "can't" 





very true, people have different situations

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