What is one thing that people need more of in this world?


It seems like it's hard to find someone willing to stand up for what they believe in, someone willing to go out in public with no make-up on and totally own it, who can say they like who they see in the mirror and who they are proud of. Of what they've accomplished. Of who they are becoming. Who is okay with their flaws, and know it makes them stronger...human. With self-love, comes that love for othres. 

If we have no love for ourself, how are we ever expected to love someone else?

The world needs more people who are loving to a fault. We need more kindness in a world that is harsh and cruel. With love, we can conquer anything. Call me naive, but look around you. Those who love, have something about them.

Try it, for one day, have that love, and see where it leads to.

It will change your life. 


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