Death and Decay

The one thing I would change is love, that is it

For nothing but love hurts worse than love, I'll admit


It kills and it shrivels and knocks us all down

It warms and it fills and changes a frown

It sears and it hurts and it makes us unhappy

It bonds and it helps and it makes us all sappy


For what is life without love?

Is it hell all above?

Or is it Heaven on Earth

come here to give birth

To life and new age

or death and decay


To love we must perish and squander in Hell

In return we recieve a feeling like no words will tell

You lend out your heart, you give it away

Your lifes on the line and its hard all the way


Love needs to change just a bit, I would say

When you ask me to change just one thing, I will pray

That love is the thing that needs to hurt less

Love is the change that I will confess




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