See no, Hear no, Speak no


The inability of the human brain to comprehend 

Millions, Billions, and Trillions

Has somehow exused and allowed us to

Blindly and Unkindly

Abuse the very things that holds our

Bickering, Snickery

Existence together. If I could change, or

Alter, without Falter,

One thing about the world, I would

Quikcly and Ubiquitiously

Unite us as one. Our world is seperated by

DIstances and Languages,

Seperated by seemingly endless

Seas and Fees

To get from one place to another. I would

Shout, without a doubt,

That we,

We members of Humanity,

Are one. And must go one as such.

I would change our blindness

Into Kindness.


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