Purposely Untitled.


I know what I've done

Trust me it wasn't fun

Hurting you in the deepest of ways

Even after you made my day.

They say the heart wants what it can't always get,

Well the jackpot's the universe and I just lost the bet.

Drowning my thoughts out with music eases the pain

Yet soon the music stops and the pain remains.

There's no time for tears

Wouldn't cry if I could

Lets crack this baby open,

See what's under her hood.

A woorld full of lies and a heart misunderstood


Ran out of gas now running on fumes

Pushing her to the finish she'll make it to the moon

A heart made of ice, carved from a dagger of stone

Life is easy


More like puzzles with scattered peices

Peace on Earth and mercy mild

you hold the key thats covered in bile

I wish I never met you

I became such a wreck.

Finally finding myself

Took a while, had to go through heck.

Loved me at my best, mocked my at my worst

You were the only one who new how to make me hurt.

Yeah you may have thrown dirt on me, but this wild flower is in full bloom

Wake up baby girl! You've finally reached the moon.


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