Your Eyes


A single glance, a sneer

A single tear, remorse

A passing blonde, a leer

What’s left of us? A walking corpse


Our eyes define – or do they judge?

Every look, and step, and inch

Taking more and way too much

So what’s left to take? Not much


A chance regard, a glare

A flirty eye, swift lust

A fearful stare -- beware

So quick to fall into mistrust


Change the color of your eyes

To blue, to green, to red

Too bad color can’t disperse the lies

That fill your mind in bed


A skinny girl, anorexic for sure

A curvy woman, she’s rather fat

A scrawny frame, a convict impure

A done-up doll, a slut – she wants that


Blink once more, look again

Your eyes can redefine

Be blind for once, try again

To see truth of the design


Let me change your eyes for you

Instead of green you may see blue

But blue may be a shade of red

In someone else’s swirling head


Many labels we ascribe

To those we see walking outside

Why can’t we try for once to see,

The people we were meant to be?


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