An Everlasting Earth


Earth is such a wonderful place to live,

It is such a shame humanity takes yet fails to give.

The consistency of life continues to unfurl,

The ignorance of mankind will end the world.


Mountains of trash too tall to measure,

If only they were replaced with a view of pleasure.

Recyclable plastic bottles consume portions of landfills,

It is unfortunate that society refuses to reuse the bottles for refills.


Oh how the water sources are contaminated!

Oil spills leave populations of aquatic species decimated.

Animals are caught in the trash found in the water supply,

They are unable to escape, no matter how hard they try.


Trees dwindle here and there,

The greed of logging companies destroys habitats without a care.

Rainforests so quickly annihilated,

The effect of oxygen loss will leave humanity devastated.

Coughing, struggling to catch a breath,

It seems destroying the forest will cause death.


Fossil fuels burning fast,

There is doubt that air quality will last.

Cars and trucks leave plumes of black smoke,

The excessive amount of air pollution is hardly a joke.


The air supply is currently polluted,

As a result the ozone layer is diluted.

What would happen if the ozone layer were to fail?

The hostile heat of the sun would prevail.

Burning, burning every person would die,

There would be no more you and I.


Mankind must cease this foolishness,

How simple is it to clean up a mess?

Trash should be thrown away,

Plastic bottles should be recycled to use another day.

Oil spill patrols could be enforced,

Water source restoration should be endorsed.

Let society end deforestation,

After all, it will only improve our nation!

In order to restore balance to the town,

The community will plant three trees to replace every tree cut down.

Let us save the tigers, owls, and whales,

Let us save any species with or without tails!

Carpooling would save money and benefit air quality,

This is an effort to reduce the overall increasing car quantity.

The air above areas such as Los Angeles is thick black smog,

Investments should be made to eliminate such an obscuring environmental clog!


The entirety of mankind can join together to make a change,

Everyone working together, now isn’t that strange?

Saving the environment is pivotal to worldwide survival,

It is not too late to support the Earth’s revival!


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