A boy
A boy and the world in his hands
Everyday a new opportunity
Embracing, achieving, believing

A teen
A teen and the world on his shoulders
Everyday a new nightmare
Fearing, wishing, hoping

That today he'll be invisible
That today counts him absent as tomorrow says its' name
For pain can not be inflicted on those who are absent
But today finds him present

The faces of these halls
These faces that take the shape of Demons
Demons that would make his pride fall
And torture his soul throughout the seasons

Like a blade pierces the heart
And leaves you there to die
They were sharp taking part
In piercing the mind with a lie

And Without the mind how can you be aware
That you have a heart to begin with
These halls, these Demons, this prayer
Find him present

Feeding off the insecurities
Each word spoken another bite
To his self-worth and integrity
Each day an eternal and deadly fight

His religion chosen by his nose
Then why does he believe in Christianity
These Demons could not see
Facial features did not preordain his destiny

Always taught to turn the other cheek
His face now red like the brimstone of Hell
But with each slap he became weak
The Demons had made their home well

They clawed their way inside him
Nothing seemed present anymore
The world was now behind him
A life now twisted with death and horror

So when class finally started
And the Demons took their seats
When he realized he couldn't be invisible
He accepted his defeat

The teacher took role and all that could be heard was

Change is not a six letter word it's an action
The Demons treated it as a word
But for the boy it gave no satisfaction
Nothing was done he was left for the horde

So when people ask what I would change
Look at this boy and see his pain
Because bullying has no limits or range
I pray to God that he removes this stain


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