Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words always scar
Negligence to be the same
Falling down the road to self hate
They say, “Retarded, idiotic, queer”
“You don’t belong here”
Of course you do!
Tears roll down; the blade is shines close by
No, stop!
Why am I so terrible? because of who I’d rather date?
Love is love no matter what form it comes in
Sinking down the bottomless sea of self hate
The blade would be so calming
Unaware that I am self-mutilating
Please don’t, you’re so beautiful...
Difference is never accepted
Nobody wants to understand
Anybody listening? 
Of course not, no one is here
I’m right here beside you!
There is no more hope
I give up, you have won
No you can still fight this!
I take one final breath 
I surcumb to the darkness
Wait! Stop! Come back to us!
There are those who love you
Please, listen to us!
We are the part of you that wants to-
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Listen to the good and not the bad

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