All That Is Silent Is Not Gold


I walk down crowded streets

Filled with people,

But all I see

Is an empty



I see people talking

On their phones,

In crowded restaurants,

To their loved ones,

But all I Hear

Is a loud



Why are we all so afraid?

What is keeping us

From being who we want to be,

Reaching what we want to reach,

Loving who we want to love?


Why do we hold our tongues

Instead of releasing the truth?

Why do we stay in silence

When we can go forth in truth?

Why do we waste our time worrying

When we can spend it caring?


We need to plug in to

Outlets that will show us the world

As it actually is.

To remember that we need to 

Be the spark

To start the flood.

We need to realize that we

Are made of sea and sky and star

And nothing is infinite

(not even loss)

And that one day,

Our eyes 

Will be wide open.



I anticipate the day

We discover reality.


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