Let's Make a Change

I would be better if I 

had a flatter stomach and a gap between my thighs,

had longer legs and bigger boobs.

I am nothing because I don't have

long, straight blond hair and flawless skin

or a body that looks good in everything. 

I'm supposed to be secure with myself

but not too secure, or else I'm conceited. 

I'm supposed to wear make up but not too much make up

otherwise I am trashy. 

I can wear revealing clothes but if they are too revealing

I become a slut and I am asking for it. 

I can talk to boys, but they have to make the first move

otherwise people will think I'm easy. 

Who decides this?

Who makes rules for who I can be? 

I wish that every girl could be confident in themselves,

looking in the mirror and instead of  thinking about what they would change on their bodies

they think about all the great things that they are.

Wearing as much or as little clothes as they please

A face full of make up or none at all

And knowing that as long as there is a smile on that beautiful face of theirs 

they are good enough. 

As good as they can be.


I wish I could change the way they think about themselves.

I wish I could change the way I think about myself.

Instead of nit-picking every so called flaw on my body, 

I would change and just smile. 

I am who I am. 

Who decided that I am not good enough?

Not pretty enough?

Not enough?

I am enough. All girls are enough they way they are.

Let's stop killing ourselves over things that don't even matter.

We are beautiful. 

We are strong. 

We are enough. 

Let's make a change. 




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