From the college of my dreams.

The one that was supposed to help me reach my goals

or that's what it seemed.

They denied me. Me.

The one who works so hard.

But they accepted him

the one who doesn't have a library card.

It was my SAT score

I've never tested well.

But the kid they did take

dumb enough to fall into a well.

He smokes and never tries hard in school

while I'm the one slaving away.

They offered him a scholarship

while I'm at work and he's at play.

So what would I change?

Lower the importance of test scores

and bring back the interviews.

They would surely see that it would be me

the one they'd want to choose.

I wonder if they can hear my screams

that he hasn't been in clubs

and never been a part of a team.

Meanwhile I'm denied.

Denied from the college of my dreams.


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