Leave Social Media Behind


If you open up Instagram,

There is a lot that can be seen.

Pictures with 2,000 likes, animals, and trips

Mostly posted by today’s teens.


If you go on Twitter

And search the latest trends,

You won’t be surprised to see

Teenagers voicing in.


Are they ever seen outside?

Do they have any dreams?

“Likes” and “Retweets”

Is all they really care about it seems.


Social media is a materialistic institution.

It changes ideals and views.

Like “don’t worry about school”

Or “all you need is food”.


A common excuse from today’s teen is

“Oh, I can’t hangout”

Not because they are busy,

But because a new show on Netflix is out.


There is no motivation

To do anything at all.

There is a lack of creativity,

Which causes things to stall.


I am not guilt-free.

I am with the rest.

But I want to change this,

Starting with myself.


I wish everyone would

Realize this too.

After all, we are the next generation,

And we have things to prove.



Do not be so lax,

Our time is approaching soon.

We want to be an intelligent generation,

And show what we can do.


Prove to those from generations past,

That we can rise above.

Show we can do this,

Through compassion and love.


We need to be recognized

For all our hard work.

Not for how many followers we have,

Or how well we can “twerk”.


The time is coming soon,

But only if we try,

And that all starts with

Leaving social media behind.




So true! Love, Love, Love this poem!!!!! <3 You should check mines out! (Di'mine) is my name


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