What Would You Change? #WWYC


Ever since I was a little girl I was told to make something of myself

To be a leader, and do my best to be the best me I could be

All I knew was happiness, school, and doing good by my family

And it all seemed possible at the age of twelve

All I dreamed of was saving lives, or having this white picket fence life

But now that Im older, things are not as simple, its no more just wrong or right

I entered high school hoping to excell in all my classes and make life long friends

But I quickly learned thats not what high school was about and found new interests

Within weeks my priorities started to change

from college to getting high, from church to getting laid, all of a sudden i felt like running away

I was depressed but I didnt know why, I set goals that never got pursued

But I mean I was only doing what I see in the movies, thats what these four years are about, right?

Your first trip, your first heartbreak, your first f**k

I mean thats what does well in the box office does it not?

So once I realized I hated who I was becoming and where my life was going I switched schools, and started a new

I stayed quiet I didnt wanna make friends because I knew how easy it was to get hooked

So I sought out to get my high school diploma and started applying to colleges and again I lost faith nothing ever went through

How was I supposed to afford this tuition, sh*t i couldnt even get my ged because they made it so god damn difficult

So then I started thinking and getting lost in my thoughts, I thought back to my childhood and how determined I was

But then I grew angry and realized how naive we all were to think we'd be able to be something more

See we will never be doctors, politicans, or attorneys People like us can only be so much unless you become a rapper or baller if you have enough good luck

Thats why they glamorize the high school experience but because thats supposed to be our only glory years

Why not show us what our lives could be like if we stayed focused over the years?

Why not lower the costs of education so that we all have a fighting chance to succeed in life?

Does the majority of America in poverty not deserve to better ourselves, why are we not all given the same oppurtunities?

If I were president thats what I'd be doing, I wouldnt show kids that school is just for finding love and smoking weed

I wouldnt make it impossible to make a change, everyone should get the same oppurtunities

and if you fail, you fail but at least you tried. only the wealthy is worthy how is that right?


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