Why do we hate, when we are from the same creator?

Why do we criticize and judge, when we are under the same blood?

Why can't we be friends , when we all sin?

Why is a question that everyone face.

People may think it is another changing phase.


Why life is so hard for me and for you?

Why do I have to go through what I go through?

Why do I have to go to a different school?

Why do we go to the back of the bus?

When Rosa Parks fought for us to sit the front!


We are all the same people.

Made from the same blood.

We all have God's tender, forgiving love.

Why do we stand here and act, so weak?

Why don't we stand up for what we believe?

The white folks do it they do it all of the time!

Why can't we stand up for freedom that is rightfully ours?


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