Reboot the Roots

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 13:12 -- MRange

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Reboot the Roots

The ancients knew to tap the earth

For healing pow'r unmatched in worth

They'd harvest roots and leaves galore

To cure the sick they'd need no more

For eons these methods prevailed

But recently these things we've bailed

Synthetic drubs, cures made by man

Supplanted those of olden clan

Injections, poison in the veins

Can ease some of a person's pains

And tablets, pills, radiation

Can heal some in moderation

But they can also cause more grief

Than they can provide sweet relief

By messing with Mother Nature

Man's created a foul creature

Society hell-bent on pills

That give the user sweats and chills

Vaccines cause what they should prevent

Energy drinks leave humans spent

The elderly must balance meds

Or else be confined to their beds

The simpler way, the older path

Did not make man suffer this wrath

It had its faults, it must be said

“Bloodletting” and holes in the head

But shamans mixed their special tea

And practiced reflexology

And relieved many of their pain

Used inner souls to help the main

But now they're “quacks” without license

With no coverage by insurance

They help people, like doctors do

But are rejected by the new

Go back to roots and leaves and soul

And fill the healthcare system's hole!

For how long can its healing last,

If it can't acknowledge its past?

A thousand years of wisdom lost

With all mankind paying the cost

Exercise, natural remedies,

And food should cure all maladies



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