Let's talk, Cancer

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 21:14 -- nmcr_5


If I could change just one thing, without the need to hesitate.

It’s the cure, what I would change,

To erase your existence from Earth,

You, the one I blame for taking her away.

The protector of my dreams and hopes, my dear Grandmother.


She survived you once,

But you came for her again, only this time

Without warning, without mercy.


This might be my only chance to talk to you,

Before this I didn’t even dare to call upon your name.

But today, as her memory remains, I’m sitting down with you.

Although, nobody can take away the pain.


How does all that power feel like?

To take life away as if you were Ares incarnated.

To know you’re incapable of Mercy…

Do you ever feel lost?


Does my hatred hurt you?

Does my hatred feed you?

Do you even know how much it hurt to lose my dear angel that always put others before her?


I don’t know how you sleep at night,

Or do you keep taking hope, as if it were right?


You don’t discriminate

With race or age.

Neither with the one’s

That once, survived your rage.


I pray for those,

You’ve taken away.

I pray for the one’s that try to escape.


I know that God has a Holy plan,

Perhaps you might be a creation of the Devil’s hand.


   Why don’t you go to jail?

Why don’t you pay the price?

Even if I’d put an end to you,

It won’t bring her back to life.


I wish I could stop you,

At least from taking other people’s lives.

To find the cure for you Cancer

Would be just right.


If I could change, just one thing,

I wouldn’t even hesitate.



Awesome. The best I ever read. Straight to the point. Proud of the message the author sent.




Best poem I have ever read. I can relate so much and I can see that there is so much emotion behind those words.


Thank you so much!

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