Continued Casualties

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 02:31 -- BreezyR


If I could I would change the nature of hate in our collective culture.
Because the modern world does not equate to societal goodness.
Because now segregation is not in law but in actions and subconscious thoughts.
And our forefathers, our great-grandmothers have fought for our right to be equal
Some have failed, some have changed the views of some, but still hate remains
Like a shameful festering wound which excels in the most debase of cultures
Where is the logic in that a minority can actually be a majority
The natural sexual preference of a person can be caught.
The insides of a person don't matter, just their appearance.
A child who sees no difference in people is "protected".
There's too many things that people can't control
And too little good people put in control


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