We are the Same


Disregard the color of the skin that you see on each person,

Forget that they are either male or female,

Who are they? Are they someone who lives a daily life?

What does it really matter?

We are all human, trying to get by and make something of ourselves;

If I am a woman who loves another woman, why must you hate me?

Fate is what has me here, so do not judge whom I choose to date.

Have no fear, for I am just a human being.

If I am a man who is with another man, why do you look at me with disgust?

What is with all the fuss, like any relationship we have that trust.

The tables are turned; your heterosexuality is what is not “normal”;

How informal of me to be so outspoken, maybe I should be careful of what I say;

I just might hurt you,

I will look at you with all the hate in the world, but what good would that do?

It will not put food on my table, my life is no fable.

When we were all born, no labels of sexuality were on our faces,

But honestly, let’s face it we are the same.

If I had fame and you did not, would that make me an alien?

I do not mean to trail this on, though this debate seems to have to end.

I have to fend for myself, why should I? Aren’t we all human?

I am here fuming because we are human; I was born from a woman; just as all of you.

Conceived from a sperm and ovum,

So please, do not deceive me or yourselves because of my sexuality.

This is reality and the world is all about change, look at me as a human.

I look at you as a human, so do not fear me.

I will always hear you…






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