West to East

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 21:30 -- scfloyd


Living life is sometimes hard
Not everyone is lucky enough to get the good cards
But it’s not what you get that matters in the end
It’s how you react
It’s whether or not you’re that friend
Many situations I’ve encountered I’d change
The way I reacted, the way I carried my name
I’d speak kinder to those I came across
I’d show my smile and not what I’d lost
I’d bring positivity to every room
Instead of bringing my despair, destruction, and doom
I’d cherish the little moments for what they’re worth
I’d plant seeds of hope and watch their birth
Id change my perception of what others face
I’d be sure to realize we’re all running the same race
Changing from negative to positive, good not bad
I could’ve made moments sweeter for the loved ones I had
Changing your outlook and want for peace
Could lead to a global change stretching from west to east



I loved writing this poem!

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