If I could change anything in the world

I’d flip the map upside down.

I’d put the southern hemisphere at the top of the map,

And the northern hemisphere at the bottom.


I’d be scolded, I’d be mocked.

What a wasted opportunity for change,

A pointless folly.

You could change anything, and you chose to

Flip the world map

Upside down?

Don’t you know that people are starving,

People are dying,

Sold into slavery every day; taken advantage of, abused?

Don’t you understand that there are wars,

There are homeless children,

Broken families?

Don’t you see that people are struggling,

With addiction



How could you be so foolish?



But, I know, I understand, I see.

I could change anything,

But I chose to flip the world map upside down

So the northern hemisphere is on the bottom

And the southern is at the top.

Because, in the grand scheme of things,

In space,

There is no north and south

South is not on the bottom,

North is not at the top.

North and South are just names given by humans for navigation’s sake.

In outer space north and south are arbitrary objects.

The earth is in constant motion.

It doesn’t look like our globe.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

We believe North is at the top

So we position ourselves in space

So we see north at the top.

But it’s all arbitrary.


I would flip the map upside down because I think it’s time we gain a new


I think it’s time we recognize the whole world,

And not just focus our tunnel vision on the Northern and Western hemispheres;

The first world.

I think it’s time we become aware of everyone else.

I think it’s time we give everyone the proper attention.

I think it’s time we treat everyone as equals.

Once we can treat everyone as equals,

We can solve








So I’d flip the map.

Draw attention away from North America, Europe; the Northern Hemisphere,

And draw attention to South America, Africa, Asia.

I’d flip the map so we could all gain


And with that perspective

I believe we could

Enact change

That would spread like a wildfire

And consume the whole earth,

Leaving no part


That’s what flipping the map would do.



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