If I could change things in and about the world

The sky would be pink

Our skin would be chartreuse

And our love would be seen from miles away


If I could change the worlds simple and complex struggles

our hearts would go on forever

There would be no cancer

No illness and no faiths

Smiles would be passed to every one

No matter what shape color or size


If I could change our world

It would be brighter and wilder

Lives would be full of everlasting hope

Our laughter would never fade

And there would be less hate


If I could change our world

Everyone’s hearts would be filled;

Love would live on.

Regret would fade and death would be welcomed;

Fear would not consume us.


If I could change the world

Negativity would not linger,

and happy thoughts will consume us.


If I could change the world

Depression would never exist

Our love would grow fuller.

And our hopes would soar without wings. 

Nothing would be against our dreams

and no matter what we'd be happy.


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