The way you tie your shoes


It was the way you braided your hair.

We were kids who just held hands bare.

I looked at you and stared into your blue eyes.

No matter where you looked, you seemed surprised.

How you seemed so eager to play with toys,

but all that changed when you started liking boys.


Your hair was always flipped for attention,

while you also got so many slips of detention.

Your hands used to smell like fruit,

but now they smell like the bottom of your boot.

Your eyes used to be see big and bright,

but now they are bleak and lack of insight.

Where did the time go where Barbie was just a toy?

Not just a body type that appealed to all boys


If I could change one thing, I’d have you back.

It’s hard, but worth, that’s fact.

I wouldn’t want to make you something you’re not,

but let’s face it, you don’t need pot.

I dreamt for days to have you back.

My friend, my friend who shared her snack.

Times changed, and that’s plain,

but I wish you would stop giving me so much pain.


Living for you is what I do.

Forever and ever, I will think of you.

I will wait for that one day where you come back to me,

questioning reality.

Oh, the time will come,

then I will pull you from the scum.

Your life might seem a waste at first,

but I will keep you feeling healthy and nursed.


I’m glad you came back to your senses.

You are no longer relentless and pretentious.

One last thing I want you to know;

It’s okay to change against the status quo,

but life is too short you see.

So, be yourself and not what you want to be,'



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