The Truth.


The truth.

Always hard to face but we all know it's there. 

We ignore it saying "It's just a phase."

Nothing in this day and age is "just a phase" anymore.

Anyone and everyone getting bullied and made fun of. 

All because their parents are divorced,

they're gay,

they're lesbian,

they're depressed,

they're poor

they're fat.

The truth is, there's something wrong with everyone

This bullying, never ending, always going. 

The phone ringing. 

Text after text.

Post after post.

Teens tell their parents but none listen. 

"It's just a phase that everyone goes through." 

It's not just a phase. 

These "phases" are life changing. 

A girl gets called fat and lives the rest of her life believeing she is.

She starves and pukes. 

All because of a "phase"

A boy cuts his arms and cries at night. 

All because he was called "gay" and "queer" and "faggot"

None of this is a phase

All of this is real.

All of this is permanent.

An ever lasting memory of being bullied.

What has this world come to,

that to make a change it takes someone commiting suicide.

Make the change before someone else takes his or her life. 

Stop it.

Stop bullying.

That's the truth. 





Really awesome piece!  I find a lot to connect to, and can def. feel the emotions.  Really really well written

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