What would I change

A question rings in my head

An echo that never ends

“If you could change something what would it be?”

Well that truly depends.

If I had to choose I suppose it would be my smile

I use it to hide myself

and only let it fall once in a while

I use it to hide my pain and torment inside

But I put the smile on so those feelings can hide.


I wish to change it so my smile is true

To feel free to be happy and not so blue

I want to feel happiness outside and in

To be able to face my world with a grin


You ask what I would change if given the chance

I wish to truly smile and live life as a dance

To move freely and swiftly through my toughest trials

Even if I hit some trouble I will still face it with smiles

Smiles that beam pure happiness and glee

That’s the one thing I would change about me.


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