One Day


 I am one in a world of many.

I am quiet, shy, and silent.

I don’t say a word, but she, she yells everything wrong with society.

The objectification. The Hate. The Cruelty. The Ungratefulness. The need for materialism. The ignorance.  

She yells.

I don’t say a word.

But she yells.

One day she will not have to yell and shout.

One day I will speak out, I will make a change.

I Will be the change!

  I am quiet, shy, and silent.

But  I don’t say one word, instead  I say two, three, I say a thousand and one words, and they listen, they see, they understand.

They stand, they do not follow but they are aware, and someday they will say a thousand and two, three, or even a thousand and four words.

One day it will all change.

We will be the change.



Nice poem! Excellent phrasing! But I'm a bit confused on who the "she" is... Either way, I'd like to know more about this change.

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