Wed, 04/09/2014 - 13:48 -- Gene



The clock ticks and ticks

But her thoughts are fixed

In the nightmare of her mind. As she sits on the bed

Traumatized; fingers shaking, a busted lip and a bruise on her head.


The phone is behind her on the night table.

It rings and rings but what's the point to listen to his fables.

Hearing yet another apology; a cold I'm sorry leave his lips and drift in

With the broken promises of yesterday because tomorrow it will just all happen again.


And as the phone rings she just sits there

Not a one tear falls from her cheek because she no longer cares.

She lets god do the crying as the gray clouds form and she watches the rain fall

From out her window and continues to ignore the call.


But an escape is not the case

He will come home eventually and make a face

Pissy drunk he’ll want to know why she didn’t answer the phone

He’ll be like, “Baby I love you” in a sobbing tone


He’ll want to make up and she won’t want to be touched

How could he love her when he hits her so much?

And the fear in her heart makes her too scared to leave

“There is no where to go”, is what she’ll believe

But he’s not gonna stop, it’s just not in his nature.

And makeup may hide the bruises but she will always be in danger.

That’s why young women must learn to speak up

Because it is not ok to allow yourself to get beat up


The resources are available to everyone who will look

It may be as simple as flipping open a phone book

And this message is not directed to women only

I wish to make everyone aware of domestic violence through my poetry


Whether a Male, Female, Adult or Child

No form of abuse should be deemed as mild

If I could change the world I would eliminate this problem

Unfortunately we can’t alter the minds of the abusers with the problem


So to make a difference I choose to use my words to speak

We will not get anywhere if we come across as meek

We must open our minds and mouths to protect our family and friends

We must notice signs through a close up lens


They are telling us their struggles; we just have to hear them

We must assure them that there abuser will be condemned

But in order to make a change we must all agree

That to save our brothers and sisters awareness is key.






        Fixated on the tip on the pen, the words just seem to float on the page. When will they choose to rest. Writters block is a true poets test.       



Powerful poem. The stanzas just flow so easily and smooth across the page that I read them with ease. Not only that you make a significant message very easy to comprehend for all ages... Domestic violence should be stopped. I am surprised no one has commented on this poem yet for it is extraordinary and a great way to let your voice and many voices be heard about domestic violence. Don't stop writing my friend. Write on to the end with a message at the end of your pen. :)


Thank you. Im still new to this site but I appreciate your kind words.

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