Hidden Alleyways: In the Dark, the Light will Burn


Walking down Main Street, USA,

Everyone skips with joyous mood.

But if you look in a alleyway,

There resides a solemn attitude.


Faces of the world possess,

A mask of pride and joy.

In the shadows of their own saddness,

They breakdown their strange ploy.


Some are without homes and food,

Plagued by illness and disease.

Existing in depressive moods,

No income for their basic needs.


Medicines, treatments, and endless pain,

Is what their life has become.

Finances now the biggest family strain,

Citizens I wish united as one.


No one would lose their honor or pride,

Families would have a safe place to stay.

Treatment paid in full by all mankind,

Feeling comradery and loyalty in the USA.


My wish for humanity is simple and clear,

Free healthcare and treatment to the world's population.

To live in a world with no more shame and fear,

Where free healthcare is no longer a figment of imagination.


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