One Less Tear


If this world were heaven, it wouldn't be so shadowy and miserably sad.


If it were heaven everyone would have a great mom and dad.


This world isn't heaven though let's face it, and be real.


This is the earth of cold concrete and steel.


Gone are the days when boys treated girls like ladies all the time.


Gone are the days of slow grown foods and hand pressed wines.


If only I could transform a bit of this dusty murky life, and make the world a better place.


I would do virtually anything to see a smile upon God's caring face.


This creation falls into its crimson midnight toils.


My heart longs for love, but sees this realm and recoils.


It is my mission though to change the world I see.


I know the only way to change it is to get to work on my perspective ASAP.


I would use my lone chance to change the world as I am trying to do today.

I would labor unswervingly to bring brightness to someone's existence that seemed dull and grey.


In any case it is I that can bring my own inspiration.


Through this I will shout "Be yourself!" across this nation.


If we were all at ease with our own skin,


Change for the better would simply happen.


So, though this world is not heaven, recall it isn't hell either!


Let us rise for followers, and be the leader.


The face of God beams at the virtuous deeds we do.


If we help each other, we will make it through.


Let us exclaim even in the abyss,


“Love who you are,” make a positive difference.

One less fear,

Is one less tear.



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