Hate. The one thing I would change.

It has changed us humans, 

and created such a dreary fate.

Hate is the reason why humans are considered demons.


'Can't have love without hate.'

I don't think I would care.

If love is only for the straight

then I'd rather be gay, and pull out all my hair.


All of us are blinded by agression and greed,

that taking care of one another isn't a priority.

Look at the dying Earth. Do you think it lives to feed?

No! The very thing that we live on is dying, because we are the 'authority'


Hate is the very thing we could all live without.

Everyone is a hypocrite. That is something no one can repress 

I hate humans for hating each other, I just want to shout.

But that makes me human, and blinded among the rest.


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