Moral Compass


I wouldn't have yelled,

"I love my other grandpa more than you!,"
When you made me eat those onions.

I was only a child,
But I still fear that it hurt.

When those girls called you "whore,"
I wouldn't have kept my mouth shut;

Trying to avoid confrontation.

I feel it's the same as if
I were the one to call you that name

I would not have told Mama
About what I saw you do.

Maybe it was right,
But still not my place.

Ten years ago and I still feel to blame.

I was so tired of giving you money,
But I should not have lied.

Your clothes were tattered
And sadness in your eyes.
You needed it more than me.

I wouldn't have hated you
For the childhood I had.
Even when you failed
You still tried again.
I would have noticed that.

I would have spoke louder
When I was afraid
I would have called out
Your name
When you were leaving.
So maybe I cannot undo the past,
But thinking about it has made me see.
There's a way
To change
My destiny.
By changing
These things

In me.



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