I Have a Voice Too

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 22:25 -- Callie


If there were one thing I could alter

it would be perspective of our society

as much as we have overcome-we falter

an outspoken ignorance on femininity

somehow our country has accepted this

music that promotes sexual abuse

girls and boys singing along to the lyrics

am I the only one that this lights their fuse?

everywhere I look I see all the ways I should change

magazines telling girls how guys like them to be

how being yourself is not important-be a blank page

you are a doll only meant to please

we are slut-shamed and wrongfully blamed day by day

what we do to our bodies is being debated by men who don’t even know us

our sexual activities are cruelly judged and put on display

if anyone speaks for equality, we are ostracised-”why make such a fuss?”

I make a fuss because I live in a world where women are still second rate

where everyday girls are told they’re just a pretty face and nothing more

inequality is rubbed in our faces daily-this isn’t my fate

I will not let what lies between my legs make me seem lesser anymore




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