In my world


In my world the pink would be purple,

The orange would be blue.

Gray would be a yellow no one ever knew.

The grass shant be green, and the sky shant be blue.

The young would be old, and the old would be new.

Socks wouldn’t smell and flowers would stink.

Nobody would know, because nobody would think.

All pain would be gone, all heartbreak erased.

And everyone would sit and be happy-faced.

Nobody would waste time, for time shant be known.

And no one would be lonely, or out on their own.

We’d all have a friend, and we’d all lend a hand.

And maybe just maybe we’d all start a band.

Someone’d be vocals, and one would be drums,

And some could sit and twiddle their thumbs.

Nobody would hate, or say ugly words.

Or pick on smart people calling them geeks or nerds.

Kindness would envelope all of the air.

And money shant matter because nobody would care.

Cars, clothes and shoes would be of all different kind,

Whatever would please each individual’s mind.

Each person would express their very own styles,

And the variety of clothes would go on for miles.

Race wouldn’t matter, for race shant be seen.

If you’re black, white, or red for nothing it would mean.

And now as I draw this poem to and end,

I must say one last thing I would change my dear friend.

Of all my changes this one would be mandatory for everyone,

The big and the small.

In my world we would learn to always do,

What is right, pure, just, and true.

We would learn to put God above everything,

For he is our creator, and of his name we shall sing.


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