A World Unknown, Full Of Broken Bones.


Broken eyes like shattered glass,

looking toward the heavens for an answer.

An innocent smile,

flipped rightside down,

And a deteriorating soul accompanying it.

Huddled against a cold wall for comfort,

A young boy looks up toward his punisher.

as another blow lands on his feeble body.

Strength leaving his body with his next breath.

A breath which tells a story

A story unlike all others

A story of the broken and unfit

Perfectly imperfect is the phrase that sits

In the back of his mind while his thoughts run free from all of this. 


 "Happiness is only but an illusion,

which has fooled even the greatest minds,

a veil of uncertainty and false emotions,

covers that which pain intertwines.

Soon the poison in my veins,

will stain the unknown hidden blade.

Exiting this world temporarily,

but leaving only a body and thought.

Broken and unwanted,

scars and what not.


Striving for perfection,

barely scratching acceptance.

Skinny is anorexic,

and fat is unaccepted.

A world forgotten and unkown,

till the heavy burden crushes its own.

Words and thoughts escape, but relieve me not

Of this world which drags me in.

A vortex of the unknown,

Darkness seeping in,

and words weighing me down.

Drowning in my own thoughts.

A world without cops."









MVP-Most Valuable Poet

words are brilliantly used

excellent poem overall-felt the msg

definitely moving


Thank you for the support! 

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