Big Things, Small Thing

If we had the ability to change one thing

One thing in this huge world

filled with as much bad as there is good

People would change many

Big Things


Like world hunger




But I would do none of this


I would change a

Small Thing


It’s a flaw

I know

I can be extremely selfish

But I am so tired

So, so tired


Tired of looking in the mirror

and feeling absolutely disgusted

Tired of pinching the fat surrounding

my stomach and thighs

Even though this is twenty pounds smaller


It’s a fear of mine

After overcoming the starvation

of my mind and my body

After leading a life filled

with sweat and salads


That I will succumb to the flood

of disgust and anger

The wildfire of critical thoughts

that stab my mind

like frigid water


If I had the ability to change one thing

I would change the way I wish

That my stomach could be as

flat as the pieces of paper

that I write my stories on


That I could look at myself

and see that beauty isn’t in

the canyons that are in between

the spaces of my ribs

That I could see my truth


That my beauty is in the

words that I speak, and the

books that I read

It is in all the goals that I accomplish

and every thought that makes me, me


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