Long Beginnings


A movie is playing

Inside my mind

The type I’ve come to expect

Not bygone moments

Captured in the essence of time


These are the instants

Which have not occurred

Or may never at all


My high school sweetheart

Who I adore so

Is sitting by my side

Stroking through my hair

And giving me short, sweet kisses

Our relationship is going steady

Nothing can possibly shoot down our romance

Not higher education

Or separation

Especially not 15 hours worth of it


My best friend isn’t depressed

Oh no, in fact he can’t get enough of life

The tips of his father’s fingers never touched

A single cigarette

He has never even concocted thoughts

About having a psychotic step-father

Or a brother who can utter the words “I hate you” with ease

Marijuana is not his top priority

There is no dependence for it

Because he has not gone through the depths of hell

In his twenty years of life on Earth


And my Kaylee

Sweet Kaylee

She is back home

With her parents and sisters

Sleeping at this hour

Ready to show the world her eminent beauty

Once more in the morning

She’s old enough now

To comprehend the severity of the word “cancer”

But what does she care?

That word is a thing of the past

It no longer creeps within her tiny

Little figure

And I don’t have to witness

Her try and brave through

Withering away

At a pace

That would alarm any six-year old girl

Because obstacles that may have seemed indefinite

A long time ago

Are obsolete

And the only things that worry Kaylee

Are boys and the monkey bars


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