Respect Is Key

Change is upon us.
It happens every single day.
So I must discuss
in great dismay.
You see,
at an early age we were all taught,
that respect was key.
Have you all forgot?
I feel like kids these days
pursue an opposite meaning.
That respect is just a phrase,
so I'll keep speaking.
If there was one thing I could change
would be the youth of america today.
As I have encountered a range
of people that have gone astray.
In my time here on earth.
I have witnessed quite alot.
From twelve year olds giving birth
to the selfish five year old snot.
I know you find it cool 
twerking and drinking.
But you look like a fool,
so do some rethinking.
I can't stress enough
how important it is to succeed.
I know life can be rough
but you must proceed.
Because our failing generation
will soon lead this country.
So we must redefine ourselves as a nation.
I know Im speaking bluntly.
I guess what I am saying
is that without respect.
We would be portraying
an image that was incorrect.
Then future generations would build on this image
and create more distrustful, dirty, and scheming individuals.
For we pillage,
a nation built upon respect and principles.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said


Thanks thought I'd teach everyone a lesson haha.

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