Imagine everyone being happy.The


Imagine everyone being happy.

The poor, the rich, the hobos, the CEOs.

You can, and in your mind, you imagine them smiling.

After all, smiling’s happiness.

But you’ve smiled.

You think a smile expresses happiness when most of the time it’s there just to say

“I’m fine.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Move along.”

It’s an unfortunate mask that’s become too commonly misused.

You know.

You remember smiling and still feeling cold.

You’ve been a frozen fruit, with flesh so sad and a pit so hard.

But you’ve smiled before, and now, are you happy now?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt?


But you’ve smiled.



So you try to imagine the homeless with money, and the powerful with less responsibility. Then, you think, they’d be happy.

But people who’ve never had money will squander it and the powerful will become bored with no power.

They aren’t happy.




Think hard.

That feeling of giddiness, all the time? You want everyone to feel that.

The excited-about-life, care free, blaringly sinful, just,


That’s what everyone should have. When our inner happiness is in sync with our emotions, we’re kind to each other.

Have wars ever been fought with love?

Has famine been spread when compassion and caring and joy is felt towards everyone?




Happiness is not smiling.

Happiness is a way of life.

Complete self-content when looking in the mirror, focusing on someone and not seeing their clothes, not seeing a race or color or gender or sexuality, NOTHING. Just a mirrored imaged of both of your complete and utter 





It’s funny that this seems so cliché.

It’s sad that this seems so cliché.

It’s like we all have the answer in front of us, when we ask what would be the best change in the world we say in a resounding yell “HAPPINESS!”

We know the answer.

Why don’t we give it a try?


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