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Peace never washes over me, Not even with fresh rain, It's always a lifetime worth of pain,  The mask I wear draws attention just like the stars, I'd wear anything to hide my scars,
My life hasn't always went well So I can't waste time wishing it would change I need to stay high anad not get down when i fail Cause what is life without the L
In life's vast tapestry, where shadows loom, Amidst the storm, within the gloom, There lies a beacon, small yet bright, A glimmer of hope, a guiding light.
I wrote this poem because i heard you're leaving  i know it's true but i hope that i am dreaming,  so i am asking you one more time please dont leave me.
When I see wasted food, I’m reminded of the poor who cannot make do. As people blow their money, I think of those who live humbly. During winter when it snows, I’m sad for those with little clothes.
She wanted you, but she needed something else not for herself though so she did what she knew best she let her wishes go she choose the need and she did get it she should be happier-a bit
I look at the scars on my hands, reminiscing on the time we shared together. I have forgotten what touch feels like, blisters and burns now blanket where the wax has fallen.
In the dawn’s hazy light, I see them,The weary souls trudging forth,Faces etched with half-slept weariness,Their spirits longing for escape. In this bustling cityscape,They gather at public transport stops,A sea of bodies, disenchanted,Each lost i
When you return home after many years,stepping onto familiar soil,your heart stirs with bittersweet anticipation.The sun-tinted house that once witnessed your dreamsnow stands a stranger, with cold eyes afar,overgrown vines clinging to its weather
I planted a tree on top of the world. Shading in everything that seems broken and torn. But no amount of light I feed it. It seems to only thrive when I've been cryin.  
I cut my wristLook at my bloody fistReally wishing I didn't exist Putting the gun to my headTaking the knife to my wristTears fall on the floorNow I'm clinching my fist
Amidst the chaos and the strife,When the world seems dark as night,And loneliness consumes your soul,And hopelessness takes its toll, Remember that within your heart,There lies a spark that will not depart,A flame that burns with steady light,And
My dearest love, my heart's delight, Though we've had fights, it's all alright, For in your eyes I see such light, And in your arms I find respite.
When trust is broken, hearts are shattered The bond of love, now torn and tattered Deception, lies, and hidden schemes All turning love into shattered dreams
Poetry lives in my very soul poetry fills my spirit to the brim i let the expression of myself flow i am a mortal but i hope my words they flow forever i look for the good in life
i watch the poets write ther tunes their voices heard i want to write a poem thats good but i am a faliure im no good at anything i cant make my poems flow people say my poetry sucks
i watch the poets write ther tunes their voices heard i want to write a poem thats good but i am a faliure im no good at anything i cant make my poems flow people say my poetry sucks
I’d always been told my skin was soft. My lips were perfect and plump. I had perfect posture. I walked like I was on a runway.  
These work weeks add up quickly and another year flies by as if my time committed treason, and as soon as I say hi I say by to every weekend, am I evolving or dissolving, if a digital check is my only reason, I know bills run on cycles and holiday
Eu vou tocar todos os sinos Para o seu aniversário Eu vou tirar dos meus bolsos Joias extravagantes das belas enseadas.  
                                     Mistletoe and Christmas go hand in hand The mistletoe and its beautiful cherries
Green eyes jewel feels like I can cry Brown hair veils, make me want to fly Hey Nasa Girl, let's go to space Touch the moon, and so your face
Christmas is not only about joyIt is also about getting new toysIt is about enjoying lifeThough not solely about nice gifts.
I made friends with the moon, he's always there for me.  The stars are my sisters, the planets are my brothers, the sun is my sworn enemy.  The crickets chirp loudly, the lightning bugs shine proudly,
<b>Clouds of Life</b> The clouds of doubt Clouds of stress
  My father was young My mother, younger They had a song they sung Forever in love for sure   That’s what they thought
I was given a hand And a new card deck It is a chance And i can only check   A time to read And finally understand
A lot of people around but no one to understand. Feels like on a sea-shore a neglected grain of sand. Just like a boring book, no one wants to read. No one to cheer me up no matter how much I succeed.
Grevived through me is all of your loss. Filling my body with gold is your joy. Stringed to my soul is your spirit. You're the locket that savers my love. The key has never neeeded to exist.
The path of darkness, does not taunt all. For the patient and hopeful, will never fail nor fall.  It's the people with hope,
With all the suffering and fighting And all the pain in this world You left this earth  And despite all of the broken dreams  Despite all of the struggles and burdens Despite all of the weight of this world
It’s woven into the fibre of my being  to expect tragedy.  Even in the wake of the good things my mind is plagued by  the thought of what could be.
Tonight I will write a happy poem A poem about how I survived the day Or maybe about the day I have intended to survive tomorrow Or the good memories  
"It all starts and ends with just one Friend, The One who takes you there and back... Again and again...over and, Forever more,  Always will be there at the door"
That is what the human race has become, A mirage of too many a face, With Broken down dreams And Craved fantasies.
Sky.  Not like the ones we used to stare at so blue that it looks too fake to be real. Grey skies 
When I was 13 I remember looking up at the sky looking for a reason to believe that life wasn't an endless voyage of struggle for me and my siblings.
Tears stain the fake leather of my boots the salt fringed watermarks where I left my heartstrings There are so many marks I have left behind In all the cities I have ever loved And even some that I cannot remember
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
Losing a friend isnt instant, The memories linger, And the what if's become unbearable.   The guilt sets in at sunrise, And the grief chokes you at sunset.   You dont just lose them and go on
Each tear touches an ocean - A void of countless fears. Sends a ripple through the shadows, Unstilling long, past years.  
BETRAYAL POEM . 🗣       have you ever thought to yourself that you and a specific person might last forever.  but then all of a sudden you see a shift of change in their behavior, however. 
Happiness to me is like a warm chest filled with honey, nutmeg, and love. It dances barefoot through fields of grass without a care in the world, and a smile so bright.
She smiles at the sun Taking in its rays with joy She rejoices in its light Dances in its presence  And admires its everlasting beauty 
i read between the lines on her wrists and uncovered a story worth writing i saw the first tear, caught the second and stopped the third from dropping her red-rimmed eyes  held a suprise a well kept secret;
I walk with the confidence of kings With the swagger of a solo artist With the ease of an egret And all the nuances in between   When you see me walk by You can ask me Or judge me
Things will go wrong Climbing uphill is hard When I try and smile, all I do is sigh Rest is a must, but don't give up Time after time Time after time Time after time “I'm a failure”
Things will go wrong Climbing uphill is hard When I try and smile, all I do is sigh Rest is a must, but don't give up Time after time Time after time Time after time “I'm a failure”
Summer means no shoes 95% of the time. Having popsicles at least 2 times a day. It's so dark that you won’t even recognize yourself pale. Staying up so late that you have to wait only another half hour until sunrise.
She walks by night By daylight and Twilight Step silent across gravel roads cobble streets The girl in the flannel skirt She doesn't eat or drink or sleep She simply breathes
De ninguna manera, ya no puedo lastimarme Porque ahora tengo un corazón resistente Tengo el dulce silencio de la noche Y estoy lejos, muy lejos del susto
I wanna sleep but I am not tired I am tired but I can't sleep I am tired so I have to sleep Why can't I ever sleep I close my eyes I see pictures I hear my thoughts I feel feelings
In the past I felt like I had nothing left to fight for. It wasn’t enough. I held on to the numbing‘s and told myself you can stop when you find that one thing that will call you back to reality like before.
I always forget the keys Do you remember the picture We took on beach, Relics of sensual nights Elegance of summer days All is there in my drawer But, I have lost the keys
Remembering times you were fearless When days didn’t drag on and on When life was lived young and reckless When nights didn’t fear for the dawn   When your eyes gleamed with excitement
remember when you are feeling lost, and you feel like there is nowhere left to turn,  when you whisper,  and your echo rings back to you, you will feel my love for you.  feel my skin, feel my touch, 
Something underneath my skin Tearing at my walls from inside, within Testing all my patience, and trying my might With tooth and claw and a sharpened bite A dark eyed shadow hiding near
Dear Depression, I don't like you near me. I wish you would go away. You suck up all my hapiness, and make me feel like shit. I wish you would leave me alone and let me enjoy my life.
“I’m coming for you!” A little girls says, As laughter and joy Fills the room. A child And a mother Playing hide and seek
What’s happening to you? Are you afraid to fall? Will you be able to stand up again? You know very well you won’t So better not try….
There is a hunger in the wind it toys with my longing for hope zipped up inside, tugging at my heart rope   There she lifts my dreams caught on a line ready for takeoff
you say get over it but how you say get out of your room how you say think happy thoughts how we need help no one helps us  why we are the broken ones the ones no one wants 
To make happiness soup you need a pot seasoned with care,  And begin with a quart of smiles, now you're ready to prepare.  To start add a cup of hope and a dash of confidence,
Hope By Michelle Barrera  Hope is the one thing everyone holds out for, But the one thing that is so rare.   Hope requires courage,
  When you find yourself stuck Drowning in the depth of it all Clinging to the light above you And praying for help.... any help   That’s when they say the familiar phrase
Dark thoughts, Love not seen, I just needed to know I was loved. Deep reflections,  Like the sea I’m terrified of.   You are the sand,
These Rainy Nights Droplets of sorrow and pain All of it hurts it, hurts down to the vein These Droplets of memories and the past All thoes memories I burned turned into ash
Depression isn't just one word or one action or one feeling Depression is made up of many experiences of disappointment, hate, failure, and confusion Depression has been made to be a vast topic over the past generations of people
Bridges burned, Ties cut, All by one's own hand. Time wasted, Backs turned, Hourglass low on sand. Youth gone, Wisdom naught, Shame a painful brand.
Im tired Hi tired, I’m lonely  Tired, are you my one and only?   By the way you overwhelm me with emotion  Fill my head with commotion 
Three in the morn That's when the ideas form When the gibbering par Monsters with eyes cinnabar takes over what's left of sanity, rationality and tranquility What remains of you is nothing more than
Closing my eyes I see the hands pulling me up turning into the ones pushing me down Voices taunting me used to be the ones rejoicing me Though it’s not the words but the mouth they tumble out of crushes my soul
I saw her dance yesterday. To a doo wop style song sung by a child like her. She jumped and stomped and did her best impression of a ballerina.
There is just so much That one person can take. I am so sorry.
they say hope has  feathers maybe  that’s how it was able 
we fell in love together, and promised forever. but neither you stayed, nor i attempted to stay. 
Her soul is new, a few seconds born. Her heart is full, until it’s torn.  Beneath a bridge a day old, Her mother leaves, as she’s later told. Though half of Her heart left too, a year passes and she’s been renewed.
she smiles and laughs a little, And writes down her favorite songs, Like nothing is wrong, But when she gets home, Is when she becomes alone, She locks herself in her room, Encouraging her doom,
“You’re beautiful; Even if you don’t know it” As if the body I look at in the mirror is suitable, Yet the heart weighs down the spirit.   The lines on my thighs,
Those who do not understand will judge Those who judge seem far Those in the distance appear lost The lost seek truth The truth is there In the circle of time We find our truth This makes no sense
I cry myself to sleep at every nightJust wishing it would stop.Maybe tomorrow it will teminated.Then again, maybe not.
The lights of the city glide within me  but do not pierce through me with their glitter deep in me there still persists the black depths of the black history i hear singing  
So called decisionOr is it masked as speculationRoll that dice settle upon At the mercy of a single reactionYou opposing youOn the other side of the coinIt’s brainwork against upshotSome say wisdom others sayA stroke of luckBut I rest assured It’s
Air so fresh it hurts deep inside With every green blade I must at last confide
One day as I knelt on bended knee I ask the Lord my future what did he see
Feelings and emotions Worn on my sleeve Swallowing the ocean
The symphony of Midnight howls Anticipate your rise
Bringing you home Talcum powder delight Our first bath
I love you!   Heard around the world, those three words mean so much
When i was stumbling in the dark,confused and crying out for help, this friendly fellow seemed amused:   And while i fought like anything  to keep the candle lit he cheerfully reviewed
An insect when off I dozed I woke up but didn’t understand
When you think the sky is falling That you’ve missed your life’s calling
He puts his hand upon me, 
Oh Lord mine God locate me with an immense mercy that'll shake the world. That thy name be excellently praised 2ru me. Send unto your servant mercy and let thy light shine upon thy servant to the glorification
Hold on, it will change; The truth that needs lies as cure for the pains. Go on, it will pass; Weather and scars are the demands of the paths.
Hold On Be Strong! 💪 These those dying on the Bedstead! Stand to your feet no defeat. Never let anyone tell you harbour no disease. For the secret of a mighty wealth is a sanely health.
I remember my folks telling me I was a waste that I belong in a trash crate
Where are all your obsessions Where are all you savage captions Why do it seem you give me a forced happy impression Why do talk only about your sad imagination Is this all DEPRESSION?
  The humid air that engulfs you is both comfort, and not. The unfamiliarity of it all, is a bit overwhelming.
  The humid air that engulfs you is both comfort, and not. The unfamiliarity of it all, is a bit overwhelming.
If you live today pray for tomorrow don't live your life drowning in sorrow and doubt keep your head up the wolves are out and about waiting for prey I know you they couldn't take you down know matter how hard they try you are currently on land go
Bending trees Green grass I see these things but don't take into account how much they mean to me I make my way back home  and see nothing but tears they are mine.
I’m honest and genuine when I declare my love for my King. I love you more than I have ever loved another, you make my soul sing. This love hit different, deeper, a real soul connection type of thing.
I have less time left i guess to enjoy this beautiful life but i want to say a hundred sorry's to you. M Yasir
I'm the fire of the burning lashes flame away my dark soul ashes. M Yasir.
I wanna fill up the sky with the stars i wanna live up in the stars with you M Yasir.
Don't forget me don't forget those beautiful memories that we spent a long together
If I told you about my darknesswouldyou understand? Or, would your inability to understand give you cause to reprimand? Would you treat me differently if I told you how I really feel?
always on the vergeof rot and worms and sanitizing my hands with rainwaterhiding under tree trunks and the weightof a trillion apologiesi'm feral, foaming at the mouthdesperate pleas and the formaldehyde
                 “We Will Survive” When we were born, we live in peace,And your life will be at ease.No problem to think aboutIn this world full of doubt,We can do nothing but ending our livesFrom all the problems we strives. In this world full of
Time comes, when tomorrow starts without me and I will not there to see what the world could bring for me    Perhaps, I will never see again  the smiles that keeps showing on your face 
My jack.. my wonderful jack! You have the whole world before you Your skies are blue The sun shines through....    A life so promising All that's new Stars are dancing Awaiting for you.... 
if i seem sad, or if i my smile seems forced  don't worry it's just my facade slipping give it a minute and i'll be "me" again.   (j.a.s.s)
  My prize you are Your bride I would be    When ever You call I'd be, there, there to serve my role.    My role to you
My head is void of thoughts My soul is null of feelings My mind is devoid of words and phrases My paper remains unstained for days, Itching and begging for ink to pour. The pen is dry of ink,
20k (Hello Pain 2)   Dear God, Yeah, it's your boy again Woke up so alive I'm just checking in again.   I know you love me You know that drives me insane To see your majesty
آج ایسے ہی اُس کی ہادوں کا انبار لگائے بیٹھی ہوں میں پاگل ناداں اُس کے انتظار میں بیٹھی ہوں میں اُس کے لیے دل چھوڑ بیٹھی ہوں لب اپنے سیے بیٹھی ہوں محبت کے سبھی دعوے داروں کو رد کیے بیٹھی ہوں
آج ایسے ہی اُس کی ہادوں کا انبار لگائے بیٹھی ہوں میں پاگل ناداں اُس کے انتظار میں بیٹھی ہوں میں اُس کے لیے دل چھوڑ بیٹھی ہوں لب اپنے سیے بیٹھی ہوں محبت کے سبھی دعوے داروں کو رد کیے بیٹھی ہوں
Beauty resides everywhere on our Mother Earth Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms Beauty is pain, beauty is success, beauty is even in the struggle
Yes, it was me, I survived that time,
my body trembles as thoughts race thoughout my head. suddenly my mind freezes, empty, like a child's soul left alone on a windy night. my vision suddenly begins to fade  
Refreshing lemon tea, Floating peninsula-like ice cubes, Melting in the hot air of fire ball, Bimodal surge of chest, Glowing dazzling white light, The upper lady's sapphire brooch,
Negativity nested so deep that I had to build myself around  it discourteously. 
I was waiting for dawn’s stately tresses at the intersection,  For I hail from another time, trapped in its steady undulation And oh was I waiting!
Hey, that's me! The one that stares at you blankly, the one that doesn't care how you feel, I'm like a mirror, I give what I see.
Gurgling, gurgling Soft ripples water slapping against the pebbles  pushing the verdant calamus   On the beach
I drift away into the screams They fade to white noise I hear only the voices in my head   Help Where did they all go
the world will lift you up and pull you down, they will not except you as you are, living in clouds of dreams and that´s all alright for me, no other place I would rather be,
At times real life dilemmas can make it so hard to cope. In times of peril even a true believer can lose all hope. I can't sleep for 35 years I been having the same dreams. That means for 35 years I've been hearing the same screams.
They say, you can't live without it, You can not see it, You can feel it, It is in the rising of the sun, It is in the painting os the sky with stars, It is in you, it is in me,
My life is a misery, All because I grew up with you, In every season of life, There's a reason why I still love,
long have i sought for peace but the very little I've found, I'll hold on to it before he finds me and make me whole again.
I'm not handsome I'm not intelligent At times I can be clumsy And at times I can be messy I'm not good at sports Nor am I good at singing And I'm positive there are boys better than me
My child, The little comely baby that never stopped growing in me, Can you endure the life of the other word? Can you be patient enough to grow old? My child, my hope,
Wash your hands, use the soap Stay at home, try to cope Self-isolate, don’t foster hate Forgive those who hoard the toilet rolls We are all nothing more than ravaged souls.  
There is so much speculation -on- where our future is heading, I really dont give a fuck! Those who want to control-control. Everyone wants to just be left the fuck alone. Eat a good meal, have a good night & die relaxed.
I went to the spot where she first said she loved me. There a man smoked.A couple loudly arguing.Somehow, I still felt the same.
I am sorry that they never appreciated all the gifts you bring to the world. I am sorry that they corrupted your innocence, like crumpling a brilliant white sheet of paper. I am sorry that they made you so bitter that sometimes even the sweetest p
i see you. alone, afraid, desperate, searching for something to make you feel whole. i am you. we are one in the same. your pain is mine. that feeling of falling, completely alone, downward towards - who knows where? - is ours and ours alone.
Some mornings I dont think about it at all when I wake up.However that doesn't mean it doesn't hit when I walk to the bathroom to get ready.
A tepid taste of gIN, and then, a mathematical equation to send these Merry men into methodical battle yet again. Up all of the live-long night and lividly permitted to squint the life from wired, alcohol-felled eyes.
Everyone has their own walk with grief.   Some package it up and store it away for a rainy day when they can be alone and let it overtake them.  
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If I could draw you a picture of my anxiety, it would be a beautiful 12 year old depiction of a one dimension box on white printer paper. Not a masterpiece, but made of carefully drawn with a ruler straight lines.
Nobody can see the light in my life. How Magick overtakes everything That I do every second.   I look over lands so vast And oceans so calm
Fear. What do you think of when you hear the word fear?
Fear. What do you think of when you hear the word fear?
Hair ties and skirts all around All but sisters I see No guy to play with or share a sound No brother or cousin...none for me   Born and raised with my family I was, Not I but God can save me now,
My future has been planned for me, and I must follow blindly.  Will I seize my freedom with force, or walk the easy course? It's easy to accept my fate,  but I'll carry the weight
Born amidst passions Of timeless opposites' attraction Flaring and flashing A heatwave arises between us Some call it magic We are getting hotter Stronger More complete with time Through love
No matter how much one strugggles to tend to one's tree, some will just not bear fruit.  But the ones that do will be the sweetest of all of them.
A picture with no shadows in itHas all too much to hide.Pompous, plushy, prickly colorsWherein no truth resides.  
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
A smile A neutral expression A shifting thought A slight grin A curving lip A high cheek bone A twinkling pair of eyes A widening face A flashing of teeth
I see your glittering eyes  and the crinkled skin around them. Your joy is a spark of love that will soon flame into passion.   How I envy your delight and the way it motivates you.
As I sat in the cold, colorless room, Tears spilling from my eyes, I think: 'Nobody needs me' and 'Nobody cares' My friends, they concern themselves with themselves
You make me smile in a time I forgot I knew how. A twinkle in my eyes and a sweat on my brow To stifle a laugh under breath made of steel You taught me to laugh, to smile, and to feel
I’ve fallen from a place of grace Feeling the world moving at a slow pace There’s no way I can be this miserable in a span of moments 
A whistling in the air, powerful, thirsty, compelling one to stare. A shift of a gear, and away he flies, a blur in one's eyes. A scream of power, of love unseen, as he rushes down the mountain ravine.
Remember the days When I was 3 And we’d spend all day Playing hide and seek And you’d always find me Where the daisies grew
I hope you stay awake For the aftermath is far better than the storm  
  You’ve come so far  A bit on the low side A tad on the slow ride Can't really put forth my feelings They exist on spectrums beyond me and my frail emotions
Inspirations comes in many forms  Whether it’s a unexpected quote  Or a small little anecdote  Whether it’s from someone that inspires  Or sadly conspires 
Hey,   I guess it's been a little while.    This house of ours has gotten a little bit messy. I understand. It's partly  my fault,   
You are stress because you are Seeking  freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom for self fights. You are stress because you are Trusting the process. Trusting the processes that will lead to success.
Do you think I'm weak?  I do. I am.
Do you think I'm weak?  I do. I am.
Love is a drug. It’s addicting, it's like ecstasy, morphine, dopamine, and alcohol. Once you get your first taste, you never want to stop. This makes love a dangerous thing. 
Loosen up and lighten the load set down your briefcase and lose the smartphone try barefoot awhile and give the heels, Stacy Adams a rest. Undo your stifling tie and watch other constraints disappear-
Looking around me and seeing people struggle  That is what  inspires me You have the drug addicts The homeless
We have all come such long ways. whether near to our dear, or far from home, with each a story of our own It may be patience, trust or love, new chapters just to prove
No matter what stage, problem, question, or wall Thats in your life, someone is always there waiting.. if only  your willing to take that step into that almost impossible concept,
Watching reflections chased down walkways As it’s cold and rainy on a day like today When normally the mood would be ruined But somehow - the reflection turns up the spirit
Health was Failing, Falling, Losing.   Spirit was  Depressed, Distressed, Low.   I couldn't  See The light Ahead,   Though I Had
From the moment I wake, Brrrr Brrrr-- snooze again Soft carpet under foot Ice cold water drops kiss my face good morning Breakfast smells waft towards my nose They tantalize my feet down each
When in college, life gets really tough. When in college, keeping up with relationships gets rough. When in college, sometimes you feel like you aren't enough.
Kindness from strangers,  shows strength in humanity,bringing joy to all.    
Wouldn't the police be prosecuted, if these laws were real; - Btp;
You would have to love me, or make a habit of letting go. - Btp;
But hope goes up, and love goes round, like who would ever want to hit the ground. - Btp;
Just when you're drunk in that sleep, they swear you'll never be sober up on your feet. - Btp;
But more than broken pieces, we are the world still breathing. - Btp;
Breathe just breathe     Open your eyes                                                                                                       Breathe for me  Take a breath
Tears of joy start to fade, As the tears of sorrow overflow for the years I hid you away.
To be thankful means to be grateful for what you have and to give grace, so, what am I’m thankful for?Well I’m about to tell you.
Art is subjective That's what they say They say that what some people find ugly Are seen as beautiful to someone else   My life Full of twists and turns Full of turns and twists 
I remember one night As we walked hand in hand A rose secretly clutched in your sweaty palm The wind frolicking through your locks And mine swiftly gone upon the winds of love
FIX Sorry I forgot to note, Attimes i wish I could be nothing more than a quote, Don't mind the energy it's just another eulogy, Sung by the cranky components in this broken heart of mine.
Oh Sweet Jesus, This one Literally tares me to pieces w/ all the factitious reasons Of faceitious believing. And all for No Good Reason. And There Reason Being, They tried to Destroy what we believe in...
The sunflowers,   she said.   They give me hope.  
Im still searching for you, In the city and crowd. waiting to meet you, And hear your sound. I'm still finding you, In my heart. Because I don't wanna , Leave you apart .
smiling is hard i'm empty inside  falling apart   cry out for help  it couldn't heal my heart  too quiet outside   no one sees the pain she's just exaggerating  idle
Love is color blind...pure, innocent, it transcends beyond the color spectrum of Black...White...Red...Yellow Love reigns from within, deeper than skin tones on surface
Buck teeth and bright eyes I was eight years old, I spent my days out on the playground all alone in the cold right by the fence where I would watch traffic behind the monkey bars
Training our bodies to understand,What strength and honor embody and it’s so grand. Until we are weak and fractured,And we realize that we’re all manufactured.
The savior was never the love from another but the heart of a mother.Maybe even a father, sister, and brother and from this a tiny temple had seeded and grew.Watered by the raindrops from those tiny pebbles that we once threw.
  Be it light be it darkAll these matters in my heartTake apartThis little cart that has always failedTo turn and start. I’m looking left and then it’s rightTill there’s nothing left in sight
The sounds of joy during the holidays The warm climate, nothing like the cold december i know Music bounces from walls to walls Kids laughter laced with nothing but joy They who don't know what a christmas dinner is What christmas presents are or
O my sleeping beauty..!! Wake up my sweety It's not good to sleep all day long Being unconscious about what goes wrong O my darling..! Just get up And don't fed up
A night with a shining moon Surrounded by stars all around When there was silence and everyone was sleeping No noise or any kind of whispering Suddenly a voice, I heard I was astonished and totally feared
Looking for distractions  Hiding in my absence    Tired of my actions  Feeling my inactions    Scared of my emotions  Sinking in commotion    Looking for distractions 
I'm an addict. I'm addicted to this world.  I'm stuck in a self created rut that gets deeper every single day, I sit in this chair with my head bowed, I can't control a single thing around me. 
Tell me who are you in the dark? Are you the devil or the little spark  Tell me who are you when I'm alone? Are you the light or the huge storm   
Trapped in the night    Can't see a sight    Far away from light    Strings around so tight    Every wrong not right    The fire ashes bite   
Bruising it with a knife  healing it with a cut    Brushing it with a sigh  breaking it with silence    Silence I hear it  so deep it could stop it   
I'm scared of letting go I'm scared to be free    What if it's not like  like what I've dreamed    Pathetic naive  that's not the least    Come on get out  get out of me 
Breaking down behind hidden walls  secrets and lies every time I fall  letters and words that silencs stole  not knowing my worth every time I loose control    Love and hate I lost them both 
I don’t understand I can’t comprehend   How happiness and sadness go hand in hand In my wildest dreams; when I am lost in thought  
Who am I You may wonder But listen close to my remedy: Take a deep breath And let it all out Scream and shout Until your lungs collapse Your pain does not control you
Somehow I’ve gotten lost In the hollow body I inhabit  I never thought about the cost Of such a deadly habit But now I am trapped In the hollowness I’ve built Thoughts inside my head overlapped
What shall I write tonight? The tribulations of reason, Wandering through skies, Making hardly any sense, In the heart of hearts, I see you- there, here, and now.  
i got a call two summers ago that managed to strike my heart cold no air in my lungs no faith in my soul fear settled in me a voice whispered guilty angry and ashamed and stupid i shut myself away
Sometimes I shower in the dark. But these are not my darkest moments.
when this heart has given up then there is no more lust to achieve passionate desire when this heart has ambitions all that's left is surrender and sincerity when this heart is covered with surrender
I know it's tiring I know this hurts I know this is boring Waiting for something happiness that should be yours Apparently it requires a struggle that isn't for a moment
Hello are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.....can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice become mute Hello.....can you hear me?
The demon Frame in my deepest heart Trying to leave the core of me Want to cast a dark aura from me Spreading the charm of my other self The other me who is thirsty for lust
When I run in the dark night then see behind me I haven't found trace of my own shadow When fear came over me and I whispered to myself 'Am I dead?'
Thinly disguised misogyny Thirteen-year old’s agony A fallen angel Born in the wrong cradle Mistaken miracle.   Story of a girl Naked soul and half-burn “You aren’t fair,
Small, and hidden among the hills We go to receive the joy   Painted white by our own hands Laboring together in industrial joy   In the spring, when the Easter is,
When the dark nights glimmer with glitter When the storm you detest, passed quicker When the blood you shed, became the rose When it's a claustrophobic path and wind blows
Rain, rain, rain.... Please stop causing me so much pain. Because it's really driving me insane. The daily grind has me so drain.
Sweet sage. Tears. Hands clinched around another's as we sink, slipping below the original position. The land shifts like dreams. Massive. Mother loves and cries of her blessings eternally. Cycle Synechis.  
Another me There was another me But not the better me, But so carefree,   A better me, That’s who I am today, So secluded that I may be A better me,   I brought
My mothers name means JOY. She brings a smile to my face every time she would sing me to sleep. She brings JOY when she makes me Chapathis by hand, and roasts them over a slow flame.
  OK....This ode poem is dedicated to my bestie...JOSEPHINE... Appreciating er for being in my life. U could as well borrow a few ideas for ur bestie tooo on his or her birthday It's a rhyme actually......I do hope u have fuun reading
love is only an emotion that can connect with your heart I feel that love can be a struggle because it's hard to find the right one love is not about meeting someone it's about caring about someone I feel that love can also be like dezen of roses
as I close my eyes and took a deep breath.
I am a beggar, Lurking after your eyes To raise up inked mites Torn pages, our hovel Rainbow of enlightment Proliferates along fingers Shy lips, Reluctant paras Blabbering unkempt debts
Life is what you make it We live on borrowed time But if life is what we make it Then it’s time that I make mine   Hide your sorrow in your pocket To prepare for rainy days
Art can be a picture on your wall Art can be a song with a Melody Art is about express yourself Art is passion that's talk's to you Art is the drawing of nude of the body Art is about telling a story
Ignorance grows like apples in an orchard.  They stare into the void,  Not realizing they are walking into it.   He makes the world eat out of his palm,
                             Why do you sit on your ass like you live in your head. Why are you in your room by yourself. Why can't you open your mouth. Why are just sitting there like a mule.
There was a time I thought nature had forgotten me. That I had been gone too long to hear her breathing. I decided then that I wasn’t going to let her walk out of my life like so many others, so I left.
It’s time to watch the fireworks As they fill the sky with light these small controlled explosions That seem to split the night   They remind me of my childhood and of patriotic dreams
The mountains are black shadowy peaks Their valleys lined with snow soft and deep. No birds or trees inhabit this place To most it’s an empty desolate waste.   Despite the country’s shortfalls
I am a man  A simple, 2 bells and one whistle man. I do not fear my existence. I just am. My saying this should not offend you. I certainly mean no harm.
I am mountains staggered and strong in a valley of skin. I am warm leather showing age and a life that was lived. I am wind blowing through golden fields of grain. I am the glimmer in ancient eyes, the earthy hue of my hazel windows.
1 of a kind, 1 in a millionI just so happen to be unlike anybody, I just so happen to be nobody but me, I just so happen to have big brains and little stare,I just so happen to be nobody but me,I just so happen to have a big smile and little glare
Do you ever just wonder just sit around and think Do you ever just imagine just let your mind free Do you want to sit just aching just absorbing your pain Do you ever just feel hopeless
dear, anxiety   it’s so weird that you have a name now  I use to always think that’s just how humans lived on 
The day I grew pessimistic of the world I knew I could longer run under my mother’s breast and curl The moment I felt the undefined shadow pierce my heart
I thought to myself I'll wait inside  wait inside for the storm to subside. He told me if I trusted him i'd shine so bright the strom would dim. I laughed and ignored Him  until behind closed bar.
Reality and I, we just don’t mix It has never been easy for me to simply face it I prefer to remain comfortable in my own fantasy world
The dark route    I had gotten out of that dammed alley way.. Finally    Freedom   I walk down for what seems forever, I hear the growling of crows, the cackling that lingers in the air 
I'm not you, For you chose the path of being everybodies stooge, Everybody knew what you did but me, And yet you still had the audacity to deny it when I can see, I can see you for your true colors,
My peers. My friends. My family. My thoughts. They scream at me.   Why do you waste your time, girl?  
Put bullets in the heads Of all you hope to acheive. Your life, is futile. It is the most meaningless Of all vanity, And I suppose I can not Describe it. Death to self
Dear depression I wake up And I wake up more To the sun that burns With your name stuck in my throat I feel things And I feel things now That not a soul could understand Questioning
Why... why can't we reach for the sky? Why do we always lie? And why do we make an excuse just to strive? Is it because you have too much pride or you feel like your'e living a lie or you just wanna die?  What is it?
As a newborn baby I was obnoxious and hard to deal I was told, “Live life to the fullest & never give up” But as 5 years went by, my parents were always spanking my rear
Six years ago, two little boys invaded my home and stole my heart right from my chest. The little ginger haired devils appeared in my life out of nowhere and they took control.
A bloomed flower  stuck in the ground ,no where to be found . looking for hope , but no one is around . she sees eyes with smiles. But no one can see her smile . In a dark room beautiful and bloomed
There’s was a time When all I thought about was YOU Bottled all my sadness and anger inside Holding on to the old YOU   Told I’m ugly, told I’m worthless
Here I am, A “changed” person But this change didn’t come overnight , alright  See, I used to be so gullible and sweet, with little to no teeth  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sweet with a bit of heat 
 Fear becomes the barrier that keeps me in No smoke to see, and no life of sin My life is as hard as can be, but my fear keeps me in
To the man who says depression is fake and actually believes it. You know who you are. Hi, my name is Nate, we haven’t met or maybe we did. There’s so many of you screaming in my ears that I might not have heard you.
With life comes hope, the greatest feeling man can find. a certain pain that we have to cope, makes us wish we had been rendered blind.
I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bill
What does it mean to be 'all grown up'? Have a car? Job? Apartment? For me, being grown up meant self-advocacy. Age 15, depression and anxiety was at it's highest.
No need to be a surgeon. Open your heart wide. Rip your pain away. And if no soul can help carrying it, Put it somewhere, Anywhere, But elsewhere. Put it beneath rhymes and similes
DO YOU SEE ME SUFFER? I’m not your damn toy just stop trying to act tougher I’m losing my mind over you boy Do you see me calling out for help?
      A storm, A wave, A serenade? Premises to start an escapade An understanding Of the hard to wind music box Of the artist’s pox
i use to think  suicidal thoughts was so lame  until one day I wish I had a gun to my brain  or to be hanging from a chain   shit maybe drown like that game heavy rain 
  The flower is cunning, strong and deep,But he has promises to keep,Until then he shall not sleep.He lies in bed with ducts that weep.
My father passes. With him, my world also fades. My life is broken.   All hope is now gone. What can I possibly have now? Jesus, my Saviour.   After a few years,
Stars shine brightest in the darkest of times and they were so glorious that night. I heard the soft sweet song of the chimes. The silver reflected the light.
Then   he took the respect she had for Herself  and the wonders from the earth around Her he took her her kindness  and what seemed, the air from Her lungs he took Her curiousity 
I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore When my heart sped up From the mistakes that I had made. A moment in my life, Where I realized There was a price to be paid.   A price for every action
I'm better than this So why am I so sad God help me Take this pain away I hate depression I hate crying in my bed At these late hours  Gettin no sleep I'm on this path to success
Once, I thought I knew What I should have said. Once, I needed a break, From all the thoughts in my head.   Once, I thought I could
  Mirror Mirror, on the wall, What's gone wrong with it all? People crying, people screaming. The world itself is teeming, With war, pestilence, and death.
I hear the birds sing at my window, shuffling and ruffling their delicate feathers I too am delicate.   The fan is whirring by my
The soft touch of the yellow light Folds my hair gently behind my ear And I look up at the lovely moon It’s freckled face always smiling back at me
Simple smiles restore joy in perhaps even the barest of hearts.
Allow this vigilant past eye to say thanks, where it is due Yes! Gratitude is the best attitude Nothing escapes this vigilant eye of the past, To say thank you where it is due
I’ve never been good at starting a conversation. The idea of initiating a dialog used to seem as though it was easy . As if the books I read had all the answers, but what looks good on paper doesn’t always work once you look out into the world.
Too much on the mind but not enough to say There's something magical about writing And coughing on the foam of a latte Too much to say but not enough to see Listening to the people singing
And this is it, the life I want.  I thought I couldn't have it all. I thought it was too much of a price to pay. I thought it was all for nothing... but here I am. I made it, and by my side-
beams of light peaking from behind the clouds reaching your face warming you up it's been cold for so long you enjoy every gleam of light you get   you smile, having the feeling
When I met you You looked down, And smiled at me. That’s when I knew I was a goner.   When I met you You didn’t know
Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! I dance with it the most Dreaming so deeply that nightmares can be imagined Making aspirations turn into imaginary ghosts
there's a joy in the unkown in the things that people hope to dream  there's a joy in htings that people hold dear  there's a joy in what people believe 
Detachment from sentiments It's not easy I must confess Pressures all around me everyday trying to compress I'm getting really fed up no longer trying to impress
Goodbye brokenness you no longer live in my heart anymore. You have lead me to make some irrational choices and to have people in my corner who want to hurt me.
Manic has me acting crazy Going nonstop Getting things accomplished With no desire to stop My mouth goes a mile a minute I just can't stop talking Pacing back and forth I just can't stop walking
Why do people suffer for no reason at all I try to pull myself up but I always fall Right back into this pit I can't escape Tangled up in all of the red tape I need a pair of scissors to start cutting
Some minds are full of sunshineSome minds are full of joyBut happiness doesn't comeTo every girl and boySometimes there's cloudy weatherAs far as the heart can seeStruggling through the stormIs all that's left for me It's raining in my brainThere'
The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out
I've seen a lot of fucked up shit Nothing scares me anymore I want to be with you through thick and thin Right by your side all the way For next to you I will stay You help me be the best I can be
Love is not what I expected it's really reckless never meant this word so much  I'd put it on a necklace like if this person did me dirty then i would neglect it but everything she say is special
To belong,  To be loved, To be heard,  Each desire fights.   Human, Self, Me,  I.   Unpure, Unworthy, Rejected, Cast aside.   Tears drop,
I’ve resented my skin as long as I can remember Saw the pale faces around me. wishing to look like them Mold myself in their image. They say god created us from clay
Through the darkness There shall always be light While through the joy There shall always be fright But through the pain There is nothing but might
A poem for the days that you feel so alone the days you feel lost even when you are home A poem for nights when your tears pierce your pillow when your head hangs low like an old weeping willow
I’m sitting you down here today because we need to talk. You know what? I take that back. I need to talk. You need to listen.
Fear. The mess of tangled thoughts, mangled anxieties, strangled shouts That invades your brain On quiet nights.   Fear.
The past is immutable  They harness each theorem from my mind  
I believe in life, in authentic living, in the joy of being.I believe in the exaltation of the heart at the dawn but also at the sunset that withdraws  its rays in the night`s rest.
The joy of the soulis measured by feelings.Smiling, you float over the forgetfulness lost in the twilight of the evening
Fear, Find the ones that you hold dear. Fear, Keep them safe for I am near. Fear, You are the useless broken seer. Hate,
Holding onto my hopes Yet I'm still letting go. Keeping all of my faith, but the demons, they know.   They drive me into the darkness, and I feel so alone. My hands feel so cold
The only creature  who truly knows freedom: high-flying bird   Give me freedom or  Give me DEATH! I'll settle for rights.    A 16 year old  with car keys in hand
Stupid, fat, ugly That's me It's what teacher said, what mama said, what the kids on the playground said It must be so Who am I to disagree with the masses?
you were just laughing, no, the both of us are laughing. telling stories to each other, like no one's ever shared a story.
You get lost in your insecurities And trample on the stressful parts in life You try to feed the desire But you have no time You are stuck in a deep pit And cant find the rope to get up
Hi Honey, I won't be home for dinner. Even though you made my favorite, I am working late at the office.   The boss was on my case today.
Tears of joy in a rain of hearts. Clouds spread across the wall with flames engulfed by a passive wave. In this day I found my pain, My freedom, And my closure.  
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears. Back to the days of seeing isn’t always believing, and being promised candy is always deceiving.
ALONE.                His mind had tricked him. It convinced him that no one in his life had cared or cares.
Give Joy when you cannot frown  Turn that sadness upside down  Don’t let tomorrow defeat today  Misery will try to steal you away    It’s faith that welcomes your happiness 
I am here standing in the darkness. It is pitch black and cannot see a thing.  I stretch my hands feeling for something, anything. I hear a blood-curdling scream that sounds like a high pitched whistle. 
 When he made her he said she was going to be smart and funny and kind and caring and she was going to have a boyfriend that she adores, that always calls her beautiful but she will have depression and anxiety
In times past the ground grew nothing barren dark soil uneven beneath shoe soles not a cloud seen through hopeless eyes the fear of being burned  without a shield from scorching rays, 
Messed up dreams, Talking stranger things, Thinking about what we could be, And if you love me. Why can't you see I'm on your team, Cause now we're playing Hide 'n go seek yeah.
Do you remember your days of Christmas time,With spirits high and joy unending?Those are my days of primeWhen I knew Santa was descending. Outside is a cold and chilly night,With snow floating and huddling on the ground.But in the house there is a
Tan is a state of mind It's not how your skin looks how it tightens and glistens It's how the tan came to be Through the fun and the games
Hello darling How are you I think it's time we left the zoo Stop looking at them and focus on you After all you are becoming brand new Your pain needs to heal And then you can feel But for now,
The stars in my eyes They’re fading dim The smile on my face It’s wearing thin   The weight of my heart It’s too much to hold It’s pulling me under I’m drowning in cold  
Why bother living I have a friend who smiles brighter than any star you will see in the Milky Way galaxy and everywhere she went, she made sure to make others happy but... She wasn't happy herself and eventually became suicidal.
Do I really have someone to lean on? Or is it different when I'm gone? Do they actually treat me as a true friend? Or do they kill me when the lights go dim? The truth is a hard thing to come by
To understand why it exists, you must know its history. Having experienced the devastation it leaves in its wake, understanding its control over my life was no easy feat.
Let the tears pour out of my soul For I am burdened An anchor of pain has settled in me.   Optimism far from sight Inundated by life’s sorrows Scattered anger and solid sadness  
Breaking as you hit the concrete ground Cause no one to catch you was around In tired tears you tried to drown On broken shards you lay
 I fight an inner battle Time and time again. And though I don't give up fighting, I fear one day they'll win.  For they have strong armies And are growing stronger yet, And I feel I'm growing weaker
      What if I never see her again?   What if  i never hear the sound   Of her voice again?  
I write my words on the page and watch them disappear I write them over again and again, it’s like they were never there. yet no matter how much I write and write
"50 days from now  I will graduate from college 50 days from now  I will get my dream job 50 days from now I will become my own boss 50 days from now  I will meet the love of my life 
·       When the butterflies are all around you, And the happiness in air flew.   ·       When one who dreams happiness to be own,
we are brought into this life and are expected to prosper. we are brought into this life to be a lawyer or a doctor. we desire love in order to fulfill a destiny but was that destiny really meant to be?
the blinds are drawn, the heavy-duty kind that when fully extended, are impenetrable against the sharp and prying rays of sun threatening to spear my long-term dilated pupils, Red. And… Black.
Sense of untrust and unease insanity- couldn't feel a thing and crying for help losing - Another year and nothing has changed another thought and it's all the same abusive people and abusive mind
God Made Me A Better Man   the morning stars made our  heavenly skylights ignite today the colors corresponding  creating value to everything  God you have made me a better man.  
Hi daddy. Remember this morning when you left for work You promised to come play with me when you got home. I set up the teacups and food for us with mommy Oh! And I made the tea that’s actually water all on my own.
It's time I realize that now I wasn’t ready before Not like I thought I was I was only forcing the inspiration The urgency
Goodbye Mr.Funnyman. You forgot to take your bow. You left the stage in mid applause, who do we laugh at now? Was that the problem?  Our foolish eyes just didn't see
Though we are convicted walking down the streets. We are not the enemy your here to protect many. Sure many were criminals but, to what intent not to harm only to fight back with no work, no intelligence, no money. We are
Hello, I have been seeing what you’ve been doing... I have been wanting to ask you why you’re here. I remember seeing you at arm's’ length, But now you are caped to my silhouette.
I used to hate writing. Yes, I said it.  I feel bad about it now. I think it was all the essays in literture we had to write. Every. Single. Day. I barely passed majority of them with flying colors.
Your hands draw music from the mute. Whimpers and near silent prayers, murmurs from below bubble and spill. Waves crash and the melody swells from a once silent body.
For all the raging seas, For all the turbulent forces, For all the doors that had no keys,
In my eyes, life is about being hurt Being hurt everywhere you go and it seems like it will never end Your family always yelling at you to stop talking and always being left out
Sorry, do I Know you?   I begged for peace  but you gave  no rest  when my soul  was weak 
My Reason for Living Every day I lay thinking of you Your smile bright as a 100-watt bulb Your hugs comfort me like a warm blanket All the tears we shed together
Money is a  necsessary eveil they say it is a means to live a means to survive. But it tears us all apart, turning us into work crazed machines that are at eachothers throats over what?
Here I go again...watching TV but my mind thinking about you..our last and me reunited and released our essence together in the deep moan of love ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
He was strong because he was forged in pain Today he ruled because he never stopped when it rained Even though it hurt,he was still holding on Waiting for a day when all that suffering will be gone
Your gaze exposed me My body seemed stiff and hypnotized You broke down my defenses Your eyes made me shiver Your gaze makes me missed about something sweet Making my mind floated imagine something
Did you cry? Yes I did Did you bleed? Yes I bleed Did you suffer? Yes I did Did you stuck? Yes I did What would you do? I cry... I bleed... I suffer.. I faint...
I want more More for what More for love More for attention More for falling love More more kissing More for touch More for embrace More for everything
You drag me down into darkness Making myself fill with darkness The darkness come over me from my other side And release me from the pain The pain that you give to me so deep Crawling in my shadow remove my pain
Don't love me if you want to leave me Don't give me a sweet promise if you want to break it Don't stop loving me Although sometimes you get tired Don't change a bit Because in your love I find happiness
The demon frame in my deepest heart Trying to leave the core of me Want to cast a dark aura from me Spreading the charm of my other self The other me who is thirsty for lust
Your touch makes me shiver Feel the warmth of your skin Your kisses all over my body Your tongue tracing in every curve of my body Make me moan with pleasure The heavenly pleasure of a man
My desires is always the same Wherever life deposits me It seems impossible that desire Can sometimes transform into devotion That I carefully tended grew lust to embrace my heart
I lost myself for a few times I lost my zeal to write I feel empty either in my head or my heart I don't know for how long I'll be like this Only time will tell ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
Packing your bag in the night Make me aware about something Something that I scare of Scare of about you That you will packing everything Include your heart and your love That will leave me forever
I know I have to be strong I have to be able to go through all this I know this is very heavy I know this is very difficult Even though I have to live anyway
When you are in love And you get hurt It is like a cut Sometimes you don't realize How much you care for someone Until they stop caring for you ©mynightprayerwords Selly Agtus
Hello there.. How are you? Have you thinking about me? Because I'm thinking about you Hello.. Can you hear me? My heart trying to call you back but the voice becomes mute Hello.. Can you hear me?
Monster Alexis Beyers   There was a monster starving within, never satisfied with what I gave to him.
The Light offered to a dark world, the Light who has come into my heart The Light who's wounded hands that were pierced by nails has the power to move the mountains
Why I'm smiling but just pretending?Why I'm fine breathing but still suffocating?why I'm empty but feels so heavy?...Will i ever be happy??   Oh......  
I am a sound Created to be heard  I want to be heard and I want to hear so that I can learn to use my sound the right way  I am a unique and I am a blessing  I can build and I can destroy 
What’s the meaning of life Does anyone truly knowIs it all about finding someone Or exploring it on your own
She believed that living was a burden. Tracing every flaw, noting every mark. The world was at her fingertips, yet the world was too much.  
The soft flesh of your ashen, dirt covered cheeks. The prestine awareness of your immacute perfection. Flawless. Beauty and Grace and not a hair out of place. Must have been a deity of some sort. Or so I thought.
I watch the birds fly above me, Feeling left out and alone.  So when you choose to fly around me,  I suddenly feel I belong.   You float by gently capturing my attention, Beautiful as my favorite song,
dear depression, i’m going to be honest: this is an ode i’ve written before because i have the habit of giving life to my monsters by giving up my own.  this is an ode i’ve written before
I squeeze the ink in my veins to pen my pain with precision writs/ Avoiding smears for ones’ to vision the skits/
O Captain my Captain Sailing ships around shores in my mind Weaving in and out billowing sails Docking only rarely to impart some wisdom from sea spray Pirate conspiracies and elegant words
When you are in love And you get hurt It is like a cut Sometimes you don't realize How much you care for someone Until they stop caring for you ©mynightprayerwords Selly A
I remember falling in love with you. Something in your eyes. Just something… As if your eyes yearned for the depths of my love; I could see your passion and my eternal desire. It resonated something in me.  In the days of my restlessness, my going
Poetry saved me for many reasons She even got me through the roughest seasons She saved me from suicide Even when I couldn't see past my foolish pride, that almost led to my demise
I’ve been writing this poem for a month,  I don’t know how to tell you what  This has done for me without also sounding Out of breath,  But last week, I wrote 3 poems and not one of them 
A piece of writing, according to a dictionary definition That partakes of the nature of both speech and song, according to a dictionary definition
To build a home is to tear apart All the things that broke our hearts. To tie together all the strings That hung about lost as they sway with our movements like wings. To make a dream is to rise above
What is poetry? Is it the art of elegantly knitting words together, for the purpose to intice or seduce. Or is it a way to finally help make sense, of the messy never ending chaos inside us?
My family doesn't like you. They judge from what they hear. But I know you better, Now let me make this clear: You're my husband and constant companion. You're my family, and my friend.
My covers like a castle wall,Protect me from the barrage of emotions,Too much to run from,So I hide under waiting for a call.
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? The girl of my dreams or the one I wish to be? Society wants me to be perfection But I have an addiction to wanting to be intellect, So remember nobody's perfect.
Red is love. It is the blazing sky from the setting sun. Red is the coldest color.
What we thought the Future would be.   Gargantuan ships Dwarfing Golden Arch bridges What we thought The future would be  
How now brown cow?   Do you wear your crown when they hate your brown? How now when no one is around? Do you still frown? Still feel down? Neglected? Unheard? Like your voice don’t sound?  
Red blotched scarred face, Clenched teeth, Mouth with a sour bitter taste, Scarlet eyes bleeding pain, Agitated menacing thoughts in the brain, Balled up fists, white bruised knuckes, Tense,alert body
Pitch black surrounds my world An ebony melody which is its own heartbeat Once bright and all about color Now lies broken in pieces at my feet   The innocence of youth so strong yet fragile
Poetry is the light in Darkness Poetry has taught me to express myself on my darkest days. Poetry has taught me to control my emotions and listen.
Quiet and unsure, Shaking and scared   With a stutter so obscure The words wouldn't come out   They asked again,
How was your day today? I ask them everday; To make sure they're okay, and to care for their say.   She said "I'm good" one day. A facade she would play to hide her little gray,
Do you remember when Forrest Gump recited a simile his mother made? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Poetry was like that for me when I was young girl.
  It's a very black night, Just with no light, Living with mosquitos, Sinking in cold water,
I, in the current state, is not a stateThat nobody wants.My past state, is alsoA state nobody wants.I, in the past,Was like a jesterIn the king’s court.Some memories die,While some don’t.
I find solace in my wordsBecause apart from them being words, they are mineMy ideas, my thoughts, my experience, my storyMy words And my words are ones of brawn and boldness
They say with pain comes art. But how can I createWithout seeing light?
and when i saw him i just knew he was gonna be the one to break my heart and i was right -T.D. Ronk  
I was a sinking ship Headed towards the bottom Of the ocean; lost in motion Were dreams that seemed too far from reality I wasn't sure I was going to make it But the ship continued sinking...
She spoke in broken sentences Ones that MLA format me couldn't grasp   I laughed for the first few I cried at the last   "Explaining My Depression to My Mother"   After that
I was a Curious Cat born in a flock of sheep Appearing to the world, an apparition They cut claws, and shaved down paws To sheild as hooves Overgrowing my fur, bleaching it wool white
Down on a glooomy day, Depression took contol of my ways,  The therapeutic words in poetry, Had me feeling like a bear with honey to eat,  Poetry is protein for the soul, 
They hated me for being someone else they hated me for being me. They told lies about me to the whole wide world, so a hoe is all that they see.
Driving by on the sidewalks I see some broken people. Driving by on the view I see some lonely people. Driving by the sidewalks I see some crippled people. Driving by the view I see some strange people.
Freedom of expression isn't something everyone has Writing the way we can is a privilege We can read it and write and learn from the best Poe, Shakespeare, Frost All just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg
A girl sits, head buried in hands, eyes burning with unshed tears, troubled spirit tearing at her innards. Images swim before her, memories of agonizing days gone by -  her mother's furious face,
a spark. In my eye, In my laugh, In my intelligent sprawl. I'm told I hold this minute catalyst in the simple moves of my frame. but no,  my life, my story. I'd know if it were so. a spark,
Love /ləv/- an intense feeling of deep affection Love /ləv/- silence echoing outdoors as I lay eyes on you Love /ləv/- our eyes lighting up as you spin me to class Love /ləv/- handing you my heart to fix your broken one
There's a possibility  things will get better But the memories you have - will leave never So how do you hold on to that possibility with hope that weighs  a feather
There is something so innocent about the night.  Maybe it's the sound of the wind that whistles the trees  or the silence breaks as a car passes through every hour or so. 
Will I fall, will I win, will I gain or will I lose The darkness of my past, displays the light held in my eyes Wrapping me in a cocoon, sealed so tight, pushing away from all light
Through you I can write about her With you  I can unleash my feelings Control Is what you gave me Unleashing my emotions has  Never been so easy No one has to look at you Only me
I vanished for a while Tried to get my shit together Then came all the cloudy weather Making me decide wether or not to come back But here I am And in the end I have my friends
I close my eyes, fingers runing along thin threads, careful not to break the fragile silence. The golden red body pressed against my own, as I take in the beauty of its glossy finish. My hand trails its neck,
I wake up in the morning and honestly I don't have the strength to move. But I do. There's so much I've been hiding from everyone for several years.  This is why you don't understand.  
I was buzzed on your brain, Hearing your thoughts from far away. It's a wonder that your head can contain Notions of such a vast array.
run. run for the hills run for the sound  run for the feel, of breath in your lungs. run for the hope  run for the joy  run for the fear  you thought to destroy. run for your love 
Never let your Past catch up to yourself No matter how much the past stabs your back keep your head up and run with those who give you hope   We as humans are born to endure hatred and Depression
Depression a black dark wave of regret and sadness What did i do wrong? Why wasn't it enough? Why wasn't i enough? Some days shine bright and my future seems brighter
You came, you saw, you conquered. You conquered, came, then left. You promised love and joy and fuck, You fucked and left the rest.    Your serpent words they fooled me. You had a gentle touch. 
I am in love with the lines on your face, A decade of wearing you down.  Emotions run like rushing water, Engraining caverns of joy and pain, Of thoughtfulness and contemplation Of a million experiences
You're my drug, my addiction. My pack of cigarettes, my cocaine.  The perfect sex that leaves me exhausted and wanting sleep.  I get so high off you, so drunk.  So lost, with no words to describe this feeling. 
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
Do you ever feel not good enough? like the journey’s too long and the trail is too rough? Do you ever feel like letting go? like falling through time with nothing below? Do you ever feel like the sun never shines?
Once again I've been speaking to the shadows on the wall as the moon brings light into my room of darkness. Constant thoughts of throwing away my last piece of humanity for one piece of sanity. Bipolar thoughts cloud my mind.
Cover your ears little darling, Space your fingers evenly like piano keys No scant remains of your cry Will scar your beloved brain, a pained pulp Stand feet shoulder length apart
Says the physicist in his freewheeling calculation, Peering through nature, he develops his approximation. It is an art to solve problems; Through his eyes, life is far from humdrum.
I rejoice in sharing the earth With someone so lovely as you. I think of your face and I'm filled with mirth; My joy and happiness can't be subdued. But despite this thrum of ecstasy, I carry great trepidation,
A kid wakes up. He sees the sky out of the glass pane window. He starts to shiver because of the morning cold. Once the young child stands up, He started to feel confused. But then he soon realized
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
Dear Life,   If there's one thing you've taught me It's that insecurity is tangible. That everywhere you turn You wonder if you'll ever be enough.    You look at those around you
Some time ago, there was a person.Who only saw the world with no color.Yet, there was always colors around them.The colors were yet to be discovered.These colors were known as shouting colors.
Dear Reader,    Some of us are full,  so full we could fill the oceans and paint the skies  with our emotion.   Some of us are empty,  so empty we could
​Dear Happiness, I want to go to a concert one day. One not too crowded but just right. One where the aroma of hot energetic bodies bouncing off beat fill the air
Dear Past Me,   I'm sorry.  I'm so incredibly sorry For what you went through, For how you were treated.  You should have never accepted  What they were giving you.
To my recent heartbreak—
I pray that everyone will be at peace I pray that hate will decrease and love will increase I pray that there will be peace and that everyone will get a piece I pray that war and crime may cease
My words do not mean anything They are just emotionless sound. The friction of my lips, The dictation of my tongue against my teeth, The spit slurring all around
Dear Mental Health, We talked about this. You said that if I took my head meds, You said that if I reached out, You said that if I tried,
Hey little girl why are you crying? Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Did the stars fade out of the sky? Are you sad because he's always lying? Is it because you realized you're growing older?
Dear Depression,       it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The past months of traveling and working have made me breathless. I’ve listened to new music, ate new foods, and 
Fall to the ground,  my falling leaves  and branches that home you. You were once pretty things floating above the earth in your vibrant green. Yet devils and demons have had their way 
Dear Perfect Stranger Who’s Trying to Help, I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have Just trying to make life go right In a world that seems all wrong
Warm water Crashes onto the shore Approaching my feet Taunting me   Jump in
Dear 12-Year Old Me, They said you would be a failure Do not listen You have excellence in you You challenged the criticism  You passed You found paradise
Spark up for what may be the very Last time,Raise your glass,Unaware of when your next drinkWill be.Dance with a stranger,Any way you please.Nothing more was promised to youBut this moment,So spend it with a passion,With a fire,One that only you a
Dear depression, you have thrown me around beating me Throwing darkness in my head right before I went to bed Playing with my emotions, driving me insane
Best friends are those who are in the bad and the good, despite the bad. Those that make you cry in laughter and emotion at the same time for any reason. Those are the good friends, right?
You are a self important hero with so many complexes  that I have since lost track of my own senses while trying to count them all  I am sorry that my pain has given you so much grief but it was mine, remember? 
I can not I will not believe in your ghosts with you
I swear to myself that you..will be fine
I thank you kindly for your words but ask also that you do not pity meI have never lived my life as a victim, and I’m not planning on starting now.
Your obsession with my willingness to overcome challenge leaves me feeling like a failure Your words have power the way you use them hurts me 
Dear Depression, You came. Made your claim, Took my flame, my name. What a shame, It’s all the same.
U n t i l  T h e  T i m e By: SeemsPoetic   O n e   l i f e   w e   l i v e...   One life we grow...   And In the end...
  If you were to ever be looking for me I'll be where I feel the most free Standing with my feet in the water   Wondering about a second life  
You ever want to kill yourself? Not in the way that comes to mind But instead that being that lies inside   Do you ever get tired of him?  The you that limits your personal life
I was 14 (the first time I was called a dyke) And we laughed Because society Is changing And I love that Just like I love everyone
Dear Susan,
  Pain and Sadness Joy and Glee, By these words you may know me, But is it I you truly know? Or just the me that I borrow.  
Screaming. Arguments. Anger. Depression. Crying. Regret. I’m suffocating. The voices, inside and out, strangle me. Everybody complains I don’t listen to them, they’re trying to help.
To whom it may concern,   When you’re tired and feeling low Most of your days are full of sorrow, Take a step back It’s okay to get side-tracked   Don’t lose your soul
You are one of a kind that is hard to find. Nobody has a smile like you, always vibrant and cheerful,
Dear Lost Love, Flash back to this time last year I watched you when you were live That Colgate smile caught my eye Like a whisper in my ear The innocence in the grin But it’s not perfect to all
I feel so alone,  And I can’t seem to condone,  These feelings that rip through me,  And I can’t even flee,  I’m so afraid I’ll never have anyone, That I’ll never love someone, And I’ll never be loved,
The body of me hangs on the edge of a cliff  hanging only  by a single thread by the name of hope  hope clings to me as if i have nothing else  as if
-constellations run through  my veins and galaxies in my eyes but you never much liked nighttime, did you? 
Dear Failure,  Many say it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. For so long, the fear has told me, "No." "It is safer here." "Where no one tells you no."
Dear boy, You're not a man. A man does not hurt women A man does not manipulate A man does not use social media platforms to harrass an individual A man does not make me say #MeToo A man loves women
It was sad but beautiful, the ways she learned to cry. How she learned not to use tears  to express how she truly felt. How she picked up a pen and rewrote her prayers and redrew her dreams.
Sahabat, bila engkau berkenan kusurati, hendak sekali hati kecil ini mempertanyakan.   Apa yang telah menjadikan hari kemarin terasa begitu memikat? Mungkinkah karena secangkir kopi hitam pekat,
  At 14 I explored ever corner of my soul , I memorized every milestone, heartbreak and path that lead me to my being,  At 15 my world was overruled by the truth,  I knew nothing, 
Dear Depression,   I beg of you to leave this soul of mine to grieve for I cannot take this pain no more for it is difficult to restore the happiness of before.   This pain is killing me
Have you ever felt like you can’t get out of bed? You feel you literally cannot get dressed? Like you have no energy to pick up a fork? Or put on a shirt? No interest or ability to concentrate on anything?
“ I don’t know man, she just didn’t seem like the type of girl to do that. I swear she was always happy ” “maybe she was faking it ”
The teardrops on my face Keep dripping The tables turn and somehow  Keep flipping
Man, her smile is so big, why is she so happy? Why is she always smiling? She sits alone, always looking in her phone But what they didn't know is that there is a battle going on
Wide smile Bright eyes Loud laugh Ready joke A joyful girl: Unafraid, Unfazed Ready to lend an ear, Ready to give a hand
I see that everything is changing, everything is falling into place.  And as I watch the seasons changing, I know nothing will ever be the same.  I can see that Spring is on it's way,
i stared into broken mirror with the pieces all scattered about blood all over my wrist i fought back tears as darkness gnawed at me its the fifth time i tried taking my life when its not even mine to take
for once the silence is ours. ours to laugh at ours to keep  ours to cry to in our sleep  ours to love  and ours to hate  whether we be, a sinner or saint. ours to find comfort 
She whispers into the darkness, to find light.   I do not understand.   If she is trying to find light, why look in the dark?  
There’s a new you in town In my neighborhood On my street Too close for comfort   'Registered Sex Offender'  
Do you know how it feels to not feel good enough For another woman to enter the room and your afraid that it's her instead of you that they want to cuff How in the mirror you feel like a sapphire, emerald, pearl; but get in a room full of diamonds
dear misery, i’m writing this letter to ask you to leave. i can no longer take the constant torment. i can no longer take the constant pain.
I know that now.  I knew that then.  I was hoping we could be more than just friends. I'd rather go blind than to see you two together again. I'd rather lose sight than to see her with your last name.
Shot down while I was broken still healing from the words unspoken. As the situations raging, I’m just flipping through His pages. Ultimately His words are the best to find healing and rest.
5 Senses Have you ever heard of men's differnt smells? Some got Degree Some got Old Spice  But I've got secrets. The day your sweat aroused my hand, I felt a certain stench around you.
Dear Depression,  It's hard to know when you want to hit It scares me that today may be my last, because you control my mind, Day after day I have a smile on my face, Yet inside my world is a mess,
An abundant bird Makes a rather tasty meal. I am so thankful!
Dear Mom,   Mom, my depression is a shape shifter. One day it is as small as a firefly in the palm of a bear,
  Let it be True Let it be Real Let the rain wash away and Let the Sun bring a New Day
Love is enticing Icing on cake I'll go where it takes me  I hope I don't break   I've made journeys to hearts Universes apart I've seen, but I've felt much more
Changing yourself, just to better yourself, just to destroy yourself in the end. Now, your strugging to find the beginning. But, where did you begin?
Because I love you I will never hurt you My hand shall not raise  Or meet your skin with a "thwap"    Becuase I love you I will never stray Nor will I even look their way  
I'm gonna start working on me, myself and I Gonna stop all this just tryin to get by telling me to "get better", "stop crying", "you're fine"
Love ambitiously flowing through my veins; All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest; As relationships are always put to the test;
There was once a young kid of Madrid Whose smile they could never get rid. They wanted to throw him To break him, to stone him. But he wasn't- 'twas only forbid. 
The Teller   I looked in your eyes, but I just couldn’t see A glimmer of hope reflect back to me The hours we spent the laughs we cashed in But the bank closed at 5 and it’s a quarter till 10  
A smile on my face even when it hurts to make it happen A ache in my heart , not knowing why it's happening A broken mind,trying to holding on to every piece pain and anger  is the only things escaping me
Because I love you, I understand if you are overwhelmed and can't get to the phone. I do not expect all of you, all the time. Sometimes minds are else where and that's okay. Just let me be there. 
Love is the way the sun sets each day to reveal the moon. The way the ocean unforgivingly clashes against rocks is not love. Passion is the way leaves dance calmly in the crisp autumn air.
It was here, that I found myself close to the edge And I almost thought, with you, I could find a pledge, To destroy this part of me that wanted to commit my own death
Because I love you, when you're near my stomach drops. Because I love you, I stay up all night wondering what did I do to deserve such a beautiful human being.  
Because I love you, when you're near my stomach drops. Because I love you, I stay up all night wondering what did I do to deserve such a beautiful human being.  
Here we are, you and I you think our time means nothing but I know how much it really is the laughs we share are priceless and there's no more musical sound in the world than your voice when happy
As I closed my eyes I could hear the raindrops sing, I could hear the wind whistling “it’s going to be okay” “it’s all over now” “it’s going to be okay”  
  I make sure you’re okay, Respect your aspirations and desires Help you to achieve and believe You’re all I want acquire   Respect your boundaries and feelings But also give you your space
Shattered,  Into millions of glittering fragments,  The last remnants of the dream I held onto so fiercely   I watched it fall, Even before it happened, That wobbling self-fulfilling prophecy  
I hate that feeling when I open my eyes, I hold my breath in dread,
The one you love should touch your soul Calm the storm that riots within you  Bring out the wholesome you  Love is a risk It exposes you Your vulernibility Your trust Your patience
Because I love(d) youI’ve swallowedbonesand emptied oceansand painted crimson on the floorwe’ve tasted regretforfartoolongand loneliness has become our bitter companion
  Dear future me, Your mind so bright Your heart so fragile and light I have hopes for you Oh future me, And so many do
Circumstance by Angela Brown   Why am I a product of circumstance? I’m not red, yellow or brown!
"Why do we, Ja'Qaylin?"  they ask."Do you know yourself?" I ask the barbarians of today's societyThe biased and unsureWonder why....
Stars don’t twinkle as bright as they did when I longed for their warmth Mountain peaks are tangible; Thoughts of you can calm the storm Ocean depths aren’t deep at all in comparison to our talks
Staring out the window, my mind in blank. I felt numb, hollow, crushed, and heavy. At school, my smile was too cheerful. No one noticed. I started to lose my appetite. No one noticed. 
I was wandering alone Weak, wobbly, withering I was surrounded by blankness Bleak, black barren - You found me Fateful, faithful You pulled me up Peaceful, patient -
I feel the earth under my back, pressing against me as I am pressed against it, equal so that there is no tremble. The world is still. I let my fingers lie loosely, the apple that had rolled out of my hand still only a foot or so away.
The larking of the crows, Dawn: The dark days  The tree's  splitting shadow, obscure,  silent   Whips of black, crack the dull morning daze   The breaking light crimson, almost violent   
Now I understand the reasons why  I can't destroy my existence  Since it is only made up of  Pure rages and happiness. He sees the side of me  No one ever gets to feel.
Only a few people in this world have I chosen to expose myself to. Yet we met, and I unfurled, and with you, my heart flew.   Everyday with you fuels me to go on and live, because of you.
Thoughts can be hurtful.  Thoughts can be dangerous. Thoughts can be killing. Distract me from my terrible thoughts.   
Almost like paper. So easy to tear up and Throw away. Cut into small pices, Color it and Permantly damage it.    
We are all searching Searching for that special someone Someone who will be there and stick with us Stick with us when times are tough Stick with us when times are great. I met that someone.
Love, an emotion that we feel Percieved to be decadent  Beauty all around in our eyes and soul. It means that we should be kind,  open to learning.    Arms wide open,  hands extended. 
No matter what I may say, I do not hate you, I do not hate you, I love you, And the only person I truly hate is myself Simply because I thought you were different,
      (1) One Thousand and One Nights   "Tell us a story." The voices whisper. It's getting dark out. There are far too many shadows. The room echoes of silence.  
Joy and Sorrow, Light and Night, Thou timeless rivals, Thy quarrel shakes the human Spirit, Thy battlefield is the human Heart.   She is the Light amidst my Shadows; Her smile consoles me,
Mi Morenita 
I’m not depressed, just unimpressedWith all the stress, it’s all distressYouTry your best at life’s request?A pointless quest that ends in death
I overcame my depression, sadness, and self recession By teaching myself a lesson On what it would be like by going to heaven, Then being kicked back down to hell Nowhere to scream and shout 
The LORD's Word Creates ocean waves They surf right through my brain The love of the Father Is what keeps me brave If you're interested and bothered To know my inner flame Then Salvation
Covered from head to toes, in this sinful mud Weighs more than a thousand tons Seeking for help, in wrong directions we run 
Haters dont have nothing on me they just trying to destroy me. I'm on to u and u on to me but what can we say.
Truth be joy in eyes, Crinkles beneath the tired lids, Dancing with demons.
It's funny how we believe in a dream and see what is make believe. We want to be the prince who becomes a king
The years passed so swiftly, And swiftly so too did I fall in love, My only life’s desire for you to embrace me,
tears of joy roll down my skin, my heart warms up nothing can stop this feeling it replaces the hate the anger the depression It keeps me alive and sane Nothing can tear this feeling away
Got to keep it real but sometimes I stare at the four walls that steal I like to keep it all in until it starts to get heavy No toke of a smoke on a blunt to implode
Magic breathes life in our hearts Destiny resides in our souls Our path now shimmers unshadowed by the night With one embrace partnered by a tender kiss, the bounds
I realized, as the world before me was bathed in yellow and orange sunlight, that I have been cold. It is warm and homey and yet, I am cold. In my bones there's a sickening chill,
As we walk along this path We are spent till the last A drop of blood will bind While wandering souls entwine To live and carry on one must be strong For the road is oh so very long
Origamis of live samples Deliver poison in live miniature models Approach by passion cut short By responsibilities tentacles Standing in desires court Accept sentence given by 'learned' animals  
I searched high for you, I lost hope. I buried my heart deep.
Is possible to be who you are when the whole world is against you? Does it matter if you know who you are if the ones you cherish will only reject you To be who you are is to experience pain
These words are my energy, Poised and beautiful poetry, Defining who I are, my identity; Paving a way for my legacy, This poetry to me became as pornography.
"Counselor" by Zarinah Alarcon   I’m that girl that sits up late at night with thoughts constantly running through my head.
I miss the form. The elegant beauty of the landscape. That's what I'll call it, The landscape   It was like a landscape Long and lean, tended to Graceful and wind blown  
We think we are invincible, trusting our bodies to extreme levels Holding our drinks to be downed before daylight while sucking out the moisture from our skins in the cold, damp moonlight
For many years, I was forced, to sit quietly by and be subjected to the hateful words that were said by you. You would say that I’m lazy,
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, pleases let down your hair. Your beautiful but uptight, do not hold yourself captive up there, Your so smart, but oblivious,  Destined for something so... great, however unaware
She is within an ever-lasting atmosphere, 
Yin-Yang, push, pull, always switching directions, 
It was spring when we had a talk Asked if I know you, excited me With no thoughts, at loss of words said I hate you with no harm   It was the time when the hot weather caught us
People say whatever they want without knowledge     “1st amendment,” they say.   We are different in every way, and that’s what’s beautiful.  
Misery loves company So meet me by the hanging tree Where my friends all are, and there they are Hanging together beneath the stars. When night falls, He appears Feeding on our darkest fears.
There was a moment in time      When all was right      And everything rhymed   The sun shone bright   Cloud fluffs dotted a gradient blue sky While a child was born into her father’s hands
The music will play and they will call me up front I'll exit my seat and wobble and shake my way The pictures will flash on the screen  And I'll search the families for mine I'll hear them before I see them
 Tick tock, Clock, Your face faces mine As if by some sinister design I'm inclined to sit and watch your hand. Placing bets like “I dare it to move”
I am thankful for the sun Such a bright brilliant sun So tough yet so optimistic When its gone its hard not to miss it  Prompted up in your crisp blue castle 
A paternal guide’s absence made for an angered child Depressed and journeyed a rite of passage to rite as means to digest unwonted stress manifested on paper
In the corner crying she feels like dying the music playing sad song sometimes she sings along the melody beautiful remedy her Clarity broken she will stand her pain... No one understand
For my country, my heart swells with pride; The land where my rights are upheld, and never denied.   But I must confess, Our country is a constant work in progress.   To me it’s a shrouded mystery,
March 9, 2017:   We're continuing on this journey of self discovery and fullfilment We know we're lost, we know we'll probably never truly find ourselves We spent our teenage years trying to escape our depression
Fuck. I want to die. I wasn’t supposed to let it get this bad again but it’s not like I really had any choice in the matter. It’s my brain who fucked up here, not me.
Its another lonely night My skin feels cold to the touch My heart grows colder still Why do I hurt so much? Somethings are hard to admit Others make me want to cry But I'll admit the darkest thoughts
I've found a way to look through my mirror For the first time in my life Past the assymetrical traits God drew crudely while I was In the womb Past the nose I loathed
  Some things change  People leave, love,
The key to life Is a curious thing Some may describe in as embroidered in gold  and flowing with satin ribbons that cascade down its side. Every minute of every day of every year
Tears are slowly accumulating At the corner of my eye I hold my stomach aching in pain Each successive breath is slowly becoming too difficult to make
I was not the only flame beating I had another which gave me warmth We grew from each other yet became distant I grew faint and dim, I couldn't keep living like this The other vanished frommy life and I felt cold
What am I thankful for? I am thankful I am not in the streets but surrounded by people that love me, not in a gang or or selling dope but always around kindness and hope.
Cheerful smiles shine bright Nothing seems to bring her down Rarely is she hurt   Friends always by her Loved by all and feared by none She'd never hurt a fly   A careless, free soul
life goes on we never know wha to expect, it has many twist and turns and from that we learn from our mistakes we move foward never looking back forgeting the past
I look to the stars every night I see I see my world falling down on me Will it ever end? As my spirit sends and it comes back tumbling down comes crashing down When the Sun lights up 
I never opened up to someone afraid of being hurt. I kept them away with fake smiles and a simple I'm okay. I am afraid of people. I am afraid of myself. I am afraid of having my heart shattered 
I can't stop thinking about you. Completely innocent, we fell asleep together.   Laying next to you under a big blanket our legs brushing against each other, our faces less than a foot away.  
We hide in shells we cry in ourselves we can't hide ourselves   We look for hope in your eyes for we cant see nor can we be friends Twisted from the dark that we can no longer see light 
I just have to keep running  I have to run towards the sun and try to reach it but, I keep fallling I run, I run as fast as I can before the sun beats me.
It's the feeling of running through rain  holding your heels instead of trying to run in them. The sheer satin and silk tulle skirt, gracefully,  flying with you, flowing around you as you run.
i see A New year forming and i anXiously find myself lookIng back on two thousand sixtEen seeing where i mighT trY to grow. iT seems as if we oveRestImatE how much our minDs can handle,
Ascending Ascending Ascending Ascending Rising up from pain and sorrow Rising above the raging fire
  They are the only thing that scares me.  I am the only one afraid of them. Twelve unopened letters with secrets sealed inside and my name as the recipient. Twelve that I should have opened, but they sit here.
The tree of life it stands Against the white beach sands A lovely vision of life An ongoing reminder of strife We languish and fret And and poke and pet At life and its ills And our bitter pills
I never thought something invisible could run my every day. Anxiety is like a water balloon, it fills and fills until finally it explodes blurring your vision drenching every part of you.
We were centered around coldFrom our dreams, to our sports   Cold was a running motif   You played hockey, I slept in coldI'd leave my fan on foreverYou didn't mind it back then
You see it everywhere "oh 2016 was the worst!" "man, I think 2016 was the real 2012" 2016 was the year where it felt like everything was cursed   I was apart of the masses - 
In a thousand years when wishes are our currency and death is but a temporary, tactile illusion…   where will love find you? Will you find her by the willow flowers or underneath the daffodil tree
Can you hear me now, As I call through the cloud The memories of the year that has past? The memories of joy The memories of tears The memories of death The memories of life  
Pent up emotions breaking their seal dripping from the sky lit magenta, peach, purple. Diverse like me
I don't know why you're so upset Do you need some attention? Maybe you want some affection because your mind is conficted with thoughts that can go on for distance. I don't know why you don't think you're beautiful
Elated and euphoric as I read 23/25 at the top of the page YES YES YES   Worthy and filled with pride Momentarily  The shortlived victory is overshadowed by the BURN that fuels and torments
Our principal announced it on a Tuesday, His somber tone echoing through the hallways. The boy I loved was never coming back again, Something awful had happened to him.
This past year has taught me a lot, And its safe to say it hasn't been easy. No, its been anything but. I started it off happy. New state, new school, new faces, new me. 
What hangs from my eyes as I look down? A crystal pendulum spinning  in the sunlights rays.   Maybe it spins in fear of something new being on the other side of it by the time
You were there... When the sun didn't shine, And the rain fell like my tears. When the nights were plaugued Flooded with my fears. When my anxiety ruled my life, And living with depression was a fight.
Alone I sat waiting for death Blood dripping from my veins Fading I wait for my last breath Pain? yes pain that explains Morning how dreadful it seems Another fail another day at play
 Love Euphoric, Naive Beaming, Dreaming, Falling Team, People, Person, Withdrawal Yelling, Crying, Annulling Hysterical, Unfeeling
Huwag na lang balikanLalo lang masasaktanKaylan ka ba tatantan?Sinong nahihirapan.
Ghosts linger in the crack between the door and its frame. Now, you should know that they’re hard to tame. Not every one of my demons is the same.   It is madness; It is a cigarette I call badness.  
Ruthlessly pushing through the mob In want of space to breathe. Helplessly flailing in the openness In search of someone to grasp.   Memory of all that was gained And lost.
When I write down every word, the pounds of weight you put on my shoulders continue to drop. How could I be demanded to respect but be disrespected?
Still images of the past, sinking into time, it was once a vast land of minds and acts, until a stranger called west stole her soul and heart, beautiful was her mask, made from mahogany's bark,
A year defined and caged by a measurement, and constrained by time, could never explain the revelations, or cover the cost of my silent frustrations.
Angels sweet melodies Soothing the sensation. The times go by through and through Strengthening my disguise. Lost and alone drifting through life Nowhere truly found.
The dark was drowning. Suffocating. Panicked breaths filled the silence within my days. A rock weighing down my lungs, A constant pressure on my shoulders.
Lets think of this as a poem rap song:   I used to be the type of person who use to be a mess. My reason for that was because I was depressed.
Poetry found mewhere darkness embodied my soul.When all my bad deeds refused to allow me to seek forgiveness,Poetry found me.
Red blooming blossoms Light scribbling script Dark denim bottoms Great dark blue ships Roaring white rivers Charm mixed with sass Moonshine in slivers Green blades of grass
Sometimes I want to feel sad I rather enjoy the feeling of bad But then some sense gets knocked into me And I know that it’s Jesus I need
I want to smile. I want to be happy all the time. I want to have fun with my friends. That does not always happen. Life gets in the way.
When I feel the life fall from my eyes, down towards the ground, falling through the dips and valleys of my cheeks,  when I feel as though my knees are drawn to the earth,
A breathless beauty forms in front of my eyes the cotton candy sky illuminating onto my skin the clash between red, orange, pink and purple mix together as one as if they were in love and never letting go
Autumn mornings I wake before the sun, scrape tired limbs from under the covers, leaving bits of myself behind like raw pancake batter... Pancakes... Is there time to make pancakes for breakfast?
Life is joy and joy’s in life, but joy’s a waiting game. and without joy there is no life, they mix, they interchange. learn to love and love to learn of all the eye can see.
She is a sly one She comes in and leaves with a trail behind her Sadly only few will see her trail of blood She comes back ten times harder when we defer
A white blanket covers the soft ground,  Fire crackles its vibrant heat into the frigid air Stocking hang above, waiting to be filled Sweet smells wafts from the kitchen 
It’s a mystery Why certain things really seem to get to me I wonder how and why it lasts this long It’s repetitive and like an overused song
A night's slumber is so endearing, To the point where morning can be fearing, But when the sun begins to rise in the pink sky, My beautiful array of dreams begin to wither and die,
Heavy dejection Desperate resurrection Abstract creation
Slam! Another closed door hits my face Ouch! Yet another blow to my mind Why the opposition?  The painful rejection?
Whenever I am feeling down, I just sit and look around. I think about what I have seen, and what I have done. I am not worthy, I don´t deserve your mercy. I have fallen again, and again,
I walk 15 minutes to find you when I'm sad.Though it's very rare I find myself feeling this bad.In cold weather, I'll find you, while I'm jacket-clad.If I find you taken by another, I'm rather mad.
I'm not where I should be.  I know I'm not what I could be.  I never knew how cold I could get  without the drugs and people helping me forget.  Looking at the bottom of empty bottles. 
Family makes me complete In a world full of disgrace Their love can't be beat
It has always baffled me that people like to sleep in. Missing out on the feeling of such a big win There’s so much to do, so much to see,
le rêve et l'amour my dreams and my heart are flying free from the dark hope springs forth from an untapped well I see the light permeating  my cells   the world's noise
I live and get hurt and I learn, I live and get hurt and I learn, I live and get hurt and I learn, I live and get hurt and I learn. You learn to love to hate. We hate to learn to love. You learn to love to hate. We hate to learn to love.
Quivers overtake me.  My mind can’t seem to slow down - Shut down, after a loaded day of A load of mess A pile of heaviness I tried talking to Mary Jane, because She was slow- paced.
Life's a roller coaster, filled with highs and lows, but some things, you just have to let go. Depression's a battle, one I have fought, I know it well, but I'm not an afterthought.
Remember to smile. Remember to love I may not know you, or know exactly what you go through But know, God will free his people They can put us in a box Behind the bars that has the locks
Sometimes I'm mad, sometimes I'm sad. Bring me food and I'll be glad. The days seem cloudy, the days seem sunny, but my friends think the weather is funny. Somedays I'll
My eyes are slothy My knees are weak I must get up Attention I seek I'm drawn to the door I feel his presence My father is home My heart gets a message I drift out of bed
 I love when I'm joyful on cloudy and sunny days or when I have the freedom of a bird that's not locked up in a cage. Those joyful days when I smile at the simplicity of the world, relax and be carefree like a sail flag unfurled. Those days when I
The perfect crime The way to Grab someone Kick them or Cut them All without moving Just by uttering a few breaths Filling the air with poison The evidence is never obvious
Dissapointment. Nothing but regret. One night stand, Nothing but a sweat. I was your seed, You gave me no lead. Feeling boundless on bareness. But the carlessness was always there.
Clouds may hide sunshine, but they bring me smiles. showing beauty and grace, never defiled.   They give me perspective, prove that Im so small, yet strong enough not to fall.  
Her big brown eyes stare up at me with gladness, her cuddles and kisses takeaway my sadness. Her favorite thing in life is her toy. Its amazing how furbabies give us such joy.
Who knows me better than the Earth? The rain pours down to where I perch This feeling, being all alone Think to myself, "What am I worth?"
I open up my weary eyes, A soft light do I see. Greeted by a bright sunrise Content just to be. On its way to give us warmth,
lost, between reality and a dream, wondering what life has planned for me, constantly trying to reach my hand closer to a dream, that never seems to get closer no matter how far i reach, maybe the dream was not for me, or maybe i need to keep foll
I lay in bed, waiting for that bliss moment to be taken away from reality, and into my deepest desires 1, 2, 3... I'm gone. I enter my imagination. I'm in utopia; there are no laws,
When the sun hits my skin, it makes me smile with a glow. No one will ever know how my skill feel unless they see my glow. It gets attention and paparizzi on a daily because it glows so bring attention stays on it.
it takes a mere instant, only to explore the unending opportunities to be happy through all this chaos of hate and madness   if you ask me what happiness is I am full of words full of moments
They might not be present for our entire lives, but we will always be there for theirs.  Apart of our family and always in our hearts,  The wagging tails and innocent eyes wait for our return from home,
The fulgent naked stars pore over me; down they stare from beneath their nebulous blankets in the early hours of the morning when all the world is asleep-- all but them and me.
Usually, I tend to be rather somber. But there are certain things that awake me from my slumber. For one thing, the winter makes me feel alive; like there is no other time I would rather thrive.
I don't promise insight, so take this vulnerability There's something ugly in mistakes and I am going to let them see on purpose. They're nervous for bad anecdotal jokes and blank notes, rote comfort buy the hour.
I try to focus,  but im just too hopeless 8 planets in the universe, I'm on the coldest    The things that complete us, seem to leave us broken i got distracted from success
One day is all it takes The first stages are always awkward and great You never smile this much... Suddenly You never frown this much either You thought he was it while he thought
 it’s paper mache and rhymelaughing with people with no sense of timeart is the lives of you and methe people that color history  
My dog Barely two feet tall, And yet he means all to me. After a trying day at school, When I have to face all the pressures that I am used to being exposed to
Applause from the crowd, Our voices ringing so loud. Music is my joy.
Maybe I was too innocent, maybe i was too stupid, maybe i was too excited, But who could have denied that i was in love.. Love which was beyond your cruelty
Terrible things happen to good people every day.
I have lived our time again and again searching for blame But it wasn’t your fault or mine it was the entanglements of fate and
Hunger   She tried everything in order to fill the void she carried inside, Sweets, pastries, snacks, The black hole that her enemies,
You thought that there was no other way You want to die and go far away I can tell you were never fully understood So you stayed away for as long as you could   But Im going to change your point of view
A sun gleaming red and green A time that disappoints the people who have been mean A time of anticipation from young to old, even the teens A time that reality has overshadowed by a dream  
The Greatest Joy in The World Sweet & Serene not wild Makes one’s heart Melt Never Sour Never Mild True Love through fire Purified
I remember the days of my childhood... Those days were filled with joy and laughter. But as I grew older, the world started to grow with me.
He came over to the side of the sea; Out of the ship, Jesus saw a man who was quite unclean; He lived among the tombs, his life was bind in chains; He’d bust out of jail because he was wild, untamed.
Oh, how foolish the minds of man! 
Let’s focus on the little things.   Not the things that ruin us,   but the ones that define us.   Let’s start to travel.  
Empty page and the space isn't going to fill itself, plus I know too many thoughts with no outlet is bad for my health but it's so hard nowadays trying to express how I feel, wandering through life trying to separate what's fake and what's real
Will the sand stop the ocean From devouring all of me Can I be counted among the broken Or am I forgotten and left unseen
I’m just a kid Always have been, always will be.   From the creative spirit I display To the tests that life has to offer
Darkness swallows me whole, and spits me out into a blue room trapped in can't figure out how to flee, surrounding energy is melancholy, so the tears begin to fall down, the mask slips off my face,
He made everything better I don’t know how he did it and I don’t think he did either He could help me through anything
Fill the glass to the brim With that good ole celebratory wine! And let us celebrate The joys of this life!   Yes, the days grow in number, But, each of those days are new!
Poetry is the art of distillation  Of any instance, feeling, or experience I wish I could use it  For the sunny days and smiles, but instead  It takes me through the hardships    The days when my 
Every man is a poet in his own way. Poetry is simply the cry of a heart that wishes to be heard, its the sigh of the painter, its the sweat on the brow of the athlete.
A silenced voice, with thoughts that are screaming My pen bringing fire to a forrest that's been bleached I never thought much of my outlet for writing I'd pullen the plug so many times
I am unsure….If it is this place.      Or if it these people Or these people and who they make me become ----- I can feel the breathe clinging to my lungs reluctant to make its escape; into an environment that is somehow less hospitablethan the on
              I am a poet. As the words dash from my beautiful mind, I Know it !       Poetry is a way to find oneself, OURSELVES, and myself.
 My star. My vice. My right. It’s sweet breeze of calm draws the sullen and weary to its flow Its unparalleled movement rescues the fallen leaf from its place of disparity
how does one feel what is not there                                                                                                    alone is what I crave                                                                                          
How can something be so refreshing, Yet so draining?   An escape, Yet a prison?   Monsters under the bed. Monsters in my head.
They jump as if to take flight To be free from all that carries them down With the wings made from the wishes and dreams they held within They falter, their hope gives away They plummet towards the black abyss below
Anxiety is irrational Nana, but you can't understand can you? I cool my impatience like an ice cube on my tongue, remembering she's no longer young.
It started as a gentle breeze,a whisper in my ear:the weeping of a weeping willow,weeping out of fear. 'Why do you weep, weeping willow?There is no reason to cry.'
STEAL ME! Oh Turquoise Soleil, Stuff me in your sack of toys to play. OH just take me away in that Santa Clause bag.   Strip away my loneliness, Give me to a friend.
STEAL ME! Oh Turquoise Soleil, Stuff me in your sack of toys to play. OH just take me away in that Santa Clause bag.   Strip away my loneliness, Give me to a friend.
Poetry is where my heart soars amongst the clouds of grace and roams free in the forest of elegance. Poetry is where my heart takes a break from the chains of hopelessness and escapes the torturing pain of reality.
My great continent Africa. Africa is so rich and big. We have oil, diamonds, and gold! Europe, Asia, the Americas joy! They want to take our riches. Yes I am one of the biggest continents!
R.I.P Mika Lucas...A beautiful girl is now gone.I hope her pain is no more.Mika a marvelous name,so smart and kind.One of those people that will never leave my mind.Her greetings every morning and afternoon, made my days more lovely.I'm going to m
A part of me died a long time ago, no funeral or flowers, and no kisses goodbye, I felt the hole it left, like a  knife plunged in my chest a million times, my identity lost,
It's rather dark here.My mind is a place no one would want to be.The scary scorpions in my head are near, getting bigger and creepier and undeniably clear.I wish they would leave, leave me in peace, so I can see the stars, it's rather dark in here
The floods of demons are snickering, enjoying what they consistently do. Battering, bruising, and cutting up my skin and confidence. However, my skin is old and tired of it.
Marvelous words of positive affirmations, are hard creations to make for yourself, when your mind and soul are becoming impatient with your self hatred temptations.
Life gave me the motions but without the vibrations Melancholy attacked and my soul was in constant isolation Life was a chess board and my king was checkmated You stay silent and tell no one assuming they never related
I am a mother of two. I have nothing, but innovation and imagination. I promised myself as a kid that I would abberate myself from the norm. 
There are times in your life, times you’re overwhelmed by joyous feelings, then there are times in your life, times you’re overwhelmed by deep, dark, hurtful feelings.  
I saw you on a crowded street, And you seemed to stand alone. You're smile hid the scars to deep to ever seem to show. Your laughter made the world stand still, And hearts begin to slow.
It's not just pen and paper and words on a page.  It's freeing your heart from its barbed wire cage.  It's the feeling you get when you can finally breathe after drowning for years
As if you care! You watch me in pain several times You watch me cry each time I’m sad You look me in the eyes and tell me the worse things I never imagined to hear from you As if you want me!
Soft kisses under darkness’ veil Velvet petal bouquets A dark, ashen color   A quandry
From sun rise to sun set Show how big you are By not showwing them Tend to and then don't try all the way Grow more and dream even bigger aim high and miss it Turn down and then look up
Today as I went about my Saturday ritual of housekeeping, I found my lost love for the laundry and the orange peel therein And again at midday for the sanitized scent of the dishwasher
Your Little Girl Slowly grows up happy and beautiful thinking she will grow up to become a smart and talent girl  
One thing that makes each day worth a smile Is talking to you You're the only one who could ever understand What it's like to walk a mile in my shoes You're a knight in shning armor
I am not important. I am not important. I am not important.  
I thought I was a sociopath. There was something missing in my mind, No feelings, no time, The tears that once created streams were now damned by these things.   Just write.  
A river of cool blue calm It reaches my ears in this early dawn The shades go down  Color dances around This is the greatest and most soothing sound The element of free It is the best place to be
Black Men, Black Men Why do they bring you so much harm? With all the brutal beatings and unlawful misconduct while you are unarmed? Do they not care that you have great potential for life?
  “X Marked The Rocks” The X in excellence seals your footsteps. Stones trustworthy acts of strength. The “King” was Our Shepard Crown thee majesty honoring such grace.
All of nature cried, The day my beloved died. No words, Not even from the birds. The day my whole life became a lie.
What is heart mind and soul, Light a match Heart of coil Do she even know It burns, Mind of confusion, The battle of insurrection Fears and Substitution The wall of protection,
The world is a dark and dreary place But you are the light in my life   You are the sunbeams caressing my skin As if saying hello to an old friend   You are the burst of warm air
A camisado A shadow Like an assassin at night A voiceless voice that attacks your conscience with insecurities and fright. Mood swings become the perfect game of tug-of-war for emotions,
Peace. Relief.      An escape. No more tears, or thoughts, or dreams.     Just bliss.
I'll express this today That beauty in the world comes to me seemingly so quickly At least until I feel like everyone in the possible known universe is ticked at me I'll express this today
What a world we live in Where beauty is confused with worth Painted masks perceive perfection Without uttering a single syllable.   What a world we live in Where anger burns and scars the heart
Upon thee arrival of opening heated pearly gates, Patiently I waited for another chance to make a cool escape. The shadows and a violet pen provided me with a plain face,
What would this life be without you? Without your sweet melodies And your soft symphonies?   What would I turn to When I can’t focus Or when I am feeling discouraged?  
I came into this world, not knowing who I was. I could here your cry of joy. I was 5 and admired your smile. I was 10 and you taught me how to cook. I was 15 I was a rebel.
Simple fickle peaceful minded With fire and angst motivation for days That's what it takes most days Days without her loving touch.  So the ground's been leveled in the orientation arena
Jesus He's not a secret to hide  Some will shame me for following him Even some who will read this poem I will shout out my faith  Not quietly but boldly  I will not let others influence my decision 
Joy. A simple word, a powerful emotion, an unseen force. It need not comfort. It need not money. It only needs to be felt. Joy can not be taken. Joy is mine.   
As the days go by, this arduous feeling grows. As I lay there, I can picture your faces in the patches of the sky. Dark and grey, I begin to feel your tears run down my face, It was time for me to let go. 
The world is Black, A bleak balance beam, and I am blind. The world is Silent, A plunging sense of destruction that makes one want to tear themselves apart. The world is Empty,
Sitting patiently, Hearing closey for that tone, Just to make my day. When will it arrive? Am I just wasting my time? Must wait quietly.
tearing up inside me  fire and tigers and rage and roars threaten to rip my limb from limb but i don't have a word   i say i'm mad i have that word i say i'm mad  
I have a love hate relationship with swimmingIt seems like it’s up and down every weekBut my tolerance has grown over eight yearsNow I know how to deal with it.I spend so many hours in the poolAll the tears and disappointing memories fadeWhen I wi
She wept As the fire danced and the smoke filled her lungs The crackles of the embers  sang her a song As her essence left her body and she closed her eyes And dreamed of all the good 
Hate Despise, Scorn Shunning, Cursing, Hostility Pain, Evil, Delight, Care Respecting, Cherishing, Flirting
Happiness was as unattainable as the blooming of my favorite flower in winter. Enjoying my life was far fetched. It didn’t make sense to have hope in the future,
Where are you when the remembering brings me to my knees? The firework of your kiss reignites over and over, sizzling in my chest and sounding in my recesses. Your touches on my temples swirl in my brain,
Let the sun rise up And the earth fade away Every soul cry out Open up heavens gate    We are gathered here Under your name Do away with fear And seek his face  
The Christmas season Is the reason For everyone is in a state of elation Upon this special occasion Filled with gifts and great cheer It is once again that time of the year
Ode to the lost You don’t know where you are Or where you’re going Only where you’ve been   Ode to the confused You try to understand
Life is full of unexpected surprises; You could lose everything in a flash, From people you love to little prizes, Thrown in the wind like trash.
looking back reflecting  I find that so much is sad sounds so much happy tinged with regret so morose my words have been so here is joy: unconstraineduncontrollableallconsumingjoy
Now, Joy was filled all over, And sadness is seen in some; Though joyous they would be, they seem sad But sweetness flowed on others minds.   Sadness was filled, by the day’s end
Old pipes Portable stereotypes Old technology Keeps dripping tautology Snap , snap photography I'm here on the side of the road My camera ready to re-load Another add-venture
She recuperates, Deserts fly,   Away cries the vast ceiling bat, Shatter my climbing dark vision,   "Don't forget!" Says the graveman, I'm never always alone, Always alone,  
Every day
THe fallacy of true love is its lack thereof True Love is the end all be all in hearts A cure for woes and worries and insecurities But it's not   True Love does not cure depression
 "More, more" they say, "More, more." These voices won't stop. This emptiness won't be filled enough. "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more."  More of what? More friends. More money.
On airy cliff side sits the falcon’s nest, A perch of splendid vacant seaside view, And in it does my youthful spirit rest, Absorbing breath of air and sky of blue; While body lives the life of down-below,
The covers for never leaving after a one night's stand the bed that support me as I sleep the house that has provided shelter from storm and insects the computer purchased by my mother to help me keep up with the days
Our hearts the place Two souls abide Nothing can separate us The bond is too strong Joy abounds We visit at a higher realm Embraced and in eternal love 
Alone, I chased after my own desires,
Call it beauty Call it beauty when the stars blanket the night sky When the birds sweeten the morning air When the rain rejuvenates the fresh soil When waterfalls look like falling pristine sugar
It’s too small of a planet To say Earth is everything, To say the stars are there for beauty And the moon is there for peace.   It’s too great of a world To say God is false,
Garden of roses Garden of love Simple garden of kisses To make my wishes   Dreams in the garden Twilight in the night Moonlight glows In the night   The garden of happiness
some days are short some days are long some days I'm weak some days I'm strong some days are poems some days are songs some days are written some days are drawn some days I'm mended
revenge, the sweetest joy next to getting pussy
My cup is overflowing And my hands don't rush to clean The fragrant, warm nectar that rises from its sides.
When I entered middle school it wasn't quite as I had planned
Have you ever examined a butterfly wing? Listened to a chorus of 10-year olds sing? Looked into a puppy's big bright brown eyes? Jumped out of an airplane and into the skies?  
The beams of light hit the spirited waters creating Glistening diamonds, Sparkling crystals, And little specks of happiness. The warmth radiates across my body As I run my hands through my Soft,
You know that warm feeling, When you see someone grinning? You know when it’s genuine, And happiness on their face is written? When the smile goes all the way to their eyes,
Holding my wooden basket, Fingers splintering, Walking through the apple orchard, Feet blistering.   Birds echo their symphony overhead, Then my ears catch a muffled noise;
Pain, pain, so easy to feel, so easy to see
Joy is not when everything in life is perfect, It is when you are happy even when you know it’s not Joy is feeling weightless and free No matter what burdens tie you to Earth
I want to scream,
    Gathered together from greatest to poorest    thickets and meadows, a lush mighty forest.    Peace and great solace amidst the strong trees    broad leaf and fine needle they sway in the breeze.
Life is happening. In the city, in the wilderness, on an island, or in the desert. I spread my arms out to their farthest reach. Exhaling all of my fears and inhaling all of the joy's I am about to experience.
OH! the joys of Summer
Your eyes begin scanning low on the ground, As they move upwards, glancing 'round, Veiwing wonderments of a spectacle;  A treasure against it's pedestal. The mirage of colors, too good to be true,
   She's got the physique of a well-composed person
I missed you and you missed me too And right as you walked into the room I saw you shining like a galaxy of stars. And my mind caved as you walked right in By the pretty girls and their gossip scene
I never knew strength until you held me in
  if evil is a flame then sometimes the world is on fire burning with all the cruelty of man, the passion of  lusts, greeds, and desires.   If evil is a song, 
World Joy  What would the world be like if we  Only thought of the well being of others  Relied more on our friends  Loved our family more  Did more with the life handed to us   
I am happy as a cloudas loud as a rainbowas soft as a breeze
I don’t feel like normal people (Or at least, I don’t think so) Simple emotions, certainly Happiness, sorrow, anger I run the normal gamut With the others of our race Feeling a thing
It's poetry it's freedom it's english it's knowledge it's strength it's hope it's power it's me
My thoughts I cannot find
I'll say it all throughout my emotions
Words are not enough, like the wonder of first love seen in sweeping hills, feeling eternity in the fields
As quickly as a sound is heard
When my dad lets me borrow the car I don't even have to drive far As soon as the car is on I turn up my favorite song As soon as I arrive, I embrace the others who have already arrived With hugs
Sometimes the biggest picture, Of who we think we are, Is found in an illusion that, We broadcast near and far. We avoid certain ideas, And don't let concepts out. We won't let others see us,
In my sleep I feel a cold draft that much reminds me of the words you ended a world with A world full of many Many beliefs, loves, words, and growth Growth between two minds in limbo  
Pounding, bam, bam, bam. Slapping, bam, bam, bam. Hundreds of feet hit the cold ground a stampede of people all around Going, going, going onwards.              And why not?
In darkeness, there is light. In the rain, there is sun shine.  So even while I'm unable to grasp the pai, my mind is at ease.  For even through death is life.   
If I Lose Myself... Gabriel Reyes   I am no ideal person But I am exemplary. If I lose Myself... I have lost everything.  
This is me.
I am a happy soul full of joy, I have seen the cracks in a mans character I have rubbed salt in my wounds, Found my limites and walked on razors. But through all the darkness of this world I have found one truth,
Out of the ground of mystery I sprout, Bearing the fruits of eternity. No one really knows where I begin and end my journey, And what I will bring. Love and joy bloom on my branches,
Is it possible to stop loving someone when you know your feelings are true? Is it possible for me to love again when my heart still beats for you? Is it possible to promise never
I can't stop. My hands move automatically. I block all sounds out. Only this remains. Concentration. My hands are on fire. My crochet is just too hot!
Ive started seeing the universe in everything. And that is why when i am in nature i am full of joy. because i know that everyone has a bit of blue sky in them  and even when the dawn approaches,
My breathing turns to laughter, my eyes glance up.  
I am perfect beyond imperfection Nothing can comprehend this lesson That the rise and fall of every good king
Dashing o’er a thousand hills, Gliding through the forests, Dancing o’er a million fields, Soaring o’er the jungles.   I sing a delightful melody, I sing the tune of love,
Every night, When I go to sleep, A whole new world opens its doorways for me, I call this world my world of dreams.   My world of dreams is a happy place, Where days I spend without a trace,
The wind is talking The change is coming The clouds are dancing And the sky is smiling The sun is bright It’s shining down on us It’s lighting the way For us to walk straight
As I stare at the deep blue sea I think of you and me I hear the wind whispering in my ear The love story that is near My Aztec warrior we meet again Right on this earth were we first met
I laugh, I play, I laugh some more, And make sure that the world is smiling. I watch and joke and play along, Not once do I think of reti'ring.   Just one, now two, now three then four,
From beneath the dogwood tree I listened to wind rustling                           across housetops and through daisy fields till it was over me singing in my ear tooting down my throat.  
Halloween is here We love this holiday my dear Pumpkins are carved, treats are bought, and the decorations are hung All that must be done Is to put a costume on Witches in their pointy hats
My sore feet walk over the cobblestone and all I can see my dream ahead as I take one step at a time. London's bridge came falling down. While others drowned, over the edge I climbed.
I am filled with lost hopes and dreams and confusing words, lines, pages what does this mean? I'm still in the process of adding words still trying to figure out this thing called "Life" 
I am not too funny Not delightfully clever I am not beautiful, Being that my face does not inspire poems or ballads My tall lanky frame is not the object of envy When I walk into a room no one stops and stares
I have joy, not happiness but joy.  
Deafness or blindness:
An infinity or a figure eight. Your fingers always seem to trace. As if you’re trying to unlock a gate. Your fingers trace perhaps a face?   A trace made only by your hands.
Come in baby blue, barefoot.  Leave your shadow on the threshold,  grip the edges of a sweet brass 
  Oda a La Danza Una Memoria Bella   Danza, danza, danza Hay mucha vida en sólo una palabra Vida les da a los bailarines O, danza danza danza
Drove past a car today
I must go back to hills again, to cold and snow and sky And all ask is a pair of skis and poles to balance by And cold that stings and wind that blows and white that hurts the eye
Everything around me feels odd
It's weird to think I used to hate myself. Look in the mirror, cringe and coil away from myself. Ripping apart the person that is me. Wishing away every little blemish and piece of skin.
Christmast time.  The best time of the year.  Growing up in Arizona, Christmas also means some enjoyable wheather. Decorating the Chrismast tree,  Everyone is happy and full of cheer. 
It seems so easy to say that you are happy To smile and be filled with glee But me, I wonder how we can make it last forever. That is a mystery. My mind it thinks the keys to life 
    I go to school on the corner of Chrenshaw and Slauson But that does not define who I am I am a scholar Withe the power to be me And proving that to others is what makes me happy
Oh to live at Winter’s world Where snowflakes tingle your skin With a cooling delight unknown To Summer’s blistering touch To taste her ice-spun delights Safe from the sun’s harmful light
A dash of joy, A pinch of smile, Remove all bad memories, Throwing away things all vile...   Stir in the fun, Chop up and mix in every great time, Pour into soul and body,
The truest form of love is self love. A romance drawn apon personal reflection and detection of growth through the pain like the rose in concrete. Concrete.
The best feelings in the world are simple.    a bubble bath.   cuddles with a puppy. a hug from a missed sibling.
'Yer jalan athhirari anni,' she says. 'Moon of my life.' 'Shekh ma shieraki anni,' I whisper back. 'My sun and stars.'   But girls shouldn't date girls They shouldn't hold hands or kiss 
The grass is no longer green, The sky is always gray,
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
Thou shalt not repeatedly cry to regain sympathy, thou shalt cry to reveal joy.
  It takes more energy to tie my shoe Than it takes to type or say Yet, its mere utterance can draw to end Be it life or be it day. It takes less energy to type—to text
Man the feeling you get when your mind runs free You do not like this feeling but it makes you want to get down on one knee You just want God to take all of these overwhelming thoughts away, desperately you plea
Had I a thousand mouthes, a thousand tongues,  to speak endless streams of honeyed- or bitter- words to your heart, I would. Oh, I would! So, perchance (no matter how meek that chance), you will hear them and be inspired.
Sometimes i like to think that lifes a little more sunny,Or that its a bit more funny,And that it's really not about money.Sometimes you need to just shut the door,Sit on the living room floor,
Ripped but not running
Never before have I seen such joy, Joy in the midst of sorrow, In the midst of pain, Of poverty,
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
To kiss you is to hear trumpets sound and feel the reverberation  propel throuhg my skin as my soul rejoices in meeting its other half
you got that summer time sadness
I am not able to tell you WHERE exactly I will be, but I can tell you exactly HOW my life will be.    First off, my life will be blessed. 
I sit quietly ignoring the pain, but she whispers to me. I try to eat, but she whispers to me. I try to laugh and almost succeed, but she whispers to me.    What is she whispering?   Hate. Slander. Lies.  
That which makes me tick is hard to define Is the antidepressants stabilizing my mind? Is it the fear of failure or being left behind? Is the incessant tick tock ticking of time?
All the world about me crumbles
See the butterflies fly at dawn, Catch them all before they're gone.   Some fly in shadows, Some fly in light. Some fly with ease, And some fly with might.  
I have been gone too long, living in the past.   Trapped by all the mistakes, I have ever made.   Remembering everytime, I let someone down.   But it is time to move on,
Raise our bottles to the purple nightWe'll bend these floorboards          weighed down with our voices.Shout the doors wide openfling the windows up                              erupt into the
Singing,Serenade shout.Humming, whistling, chanting.The poetry of speechvocalized.
Music,melodic measure.Dancing, singing, expressing.The feeling soon turnsfloetic. 
It was rough, it was gentle. It was sweet, it was harsh. It was tight, it was loose. That is what it was like, to be with you. 
It's IIt's like you lit my soul on fire
Floods the dark depths           of out misery Takes our breath away           for a time Steals all pain           from our soul Fills the heart           with bright cheery thoughts
Love.  It comes in many forms. The love a parent has for their child. Instant. The love a dog has for its master. Unconditional. The love a sibling has for another. Growing.
look up at the sky, what do you see? a big crescent moon facing straight towards me  its big, its bright, its so pretty
Oh where has the time gone? The days have flown by   We had times of joy- We laughed together And we had fun   We had times of sorrow- We cried together 
Whenever I'm lonely,  I don't count on my friends.  I don't count on my family. I don't count on any others.
If i had one wish, i think that wouldn't be enough
If I could live free
Poetry The tall, dark and handsome man I long for His broad shoulders are the frames to the most beautiful painting His eyes illuminate in the sky like the stars Almost as if you could touch him,
I write this to my father I hope I make you proud Across the widest canyons Can you hear me now?
I see you
Seldom do I think your not powerfulA servant of JoyA peace initiation for the Indians of SenecaA LoveA FireA beautiful path in the light of foreverA reminder of effortless serenityPush me down
I lived in StarlandWith all the fellow saviors and saintschoosing patiently to divide the grate and canisterbarren fellows without knowledge or understandingI was flying intrinsically away from the cauldron of desire
They are waiting I am waiting I don't know them, they don't know me, But we are waiting for each other.  I have prayed for them already. I want to be a missionary.    All my life I've
My struggle? What Struggle? It's been nailed to the cross by giving my life I gained from the loss   My shame? What shame? I'm washed by the blood I'll never be the same  
Sometimes you might feel empty inside, unable to say how you feel because too much pride.  You might feel like you are on your own, like you are all alone. But have no fear,
O, to teach                                                                                                                                                        The humble and the meek                                                            
I walk into the classroom in the morning. It's empty. The vision of seeing young students in front of me rattles my bones, shakes my fingers, speeds my heart. I'm nervous. Nervous about
Today, the knuckles of a tattooed waiter read  The same word from my thought unsaid. Yesterday, every parcel of the wind chime I rang  fell apart over and over again.   Visions of my future 
Once upon a time, Not to long ago, There was this beautiful woman. Only knowing you a short time, I must say, you had my attention. When you looked at me, I was swallowed up in,
  What a Blessed Friend        My friend in relation             My loving sister in bond             I look to you with amazement
  Light the world with your Smile             Few can say             Without dismay             You are beautiful             Within a day  
  Soccer Player             Run down line             Bolt towards time             Give it all             Do not sprawl            
Some say to teach is to die but I say that's a lie. whose to say children aren't precious? With their creativity in their hands and their imagination in their minds.
Scars do not mean that the pain is over Healing deprives me of strength Ubiquitous flashbacks of the good times  Mingling with frustration, despair and longing I’ve been trying to retaliate
That whisper. That whisper. Distress. Suppress. That murmur. That murmur. Mortify. Fortify. That cry. That cry. Duress. Redress.
Free of her father,
The Joy of Baking   Do what you love Never work a day Alone in the apartment Just the oven and I.   I bake up a storm Never stopping to worry Just cookies and cakes
My future was unclearA dream with no nameIt began to draw nearStill now it remainsThough once unseen
Sometimes I want to pause And bask in the light Of a moment when Happiness fills my view  
A writer’s sword is a pen Green, blue, red, black, yellow ink Inside a long plastic contraption It spews words exempt for bigotry And hatred. A writer’s pen stops magic from happening during a
Butterflies all behind my teeth taking the marrow all out of this brokeness He is young again trying the find the fundementals in his father funeral and I homocide over all these melocoly like memories 
How I love to sing It's how I use my voice The way I get my words out It brings me great joy   Music is my everything It's there when life just isn't enough When I have a bad day
ahe looked at her scars, her bracelets and then she told herself "ill never need them again" she picked up the razor and aimed at her wrist but something peculiar haooened; she missed.
There was no real winter in the desert. As children, we would stair at the sky And wish that the small white flakes would  Fall from the heavens and kiss our faces, Like they did for the children on tv.  
Sitting on the dusty ground; looking, eyes scanning, always prowling for the little black speck. The little black speck that shows life was here, Here fifty million years have passed,
The stars; so far yet so near. Though impossible, I can feel their soft whispers through the night. Rippling in my ear, each has a story to tell, A story of the beginning, the now, and the end.
A stream of compassion flows with peace A river of grace is love
IF there was a job, that could change your life, what would you say.   Wouldnt that persuade you to achieve your dream, I mean, who wouldnt want better for themselves   Isnt that why we're here
Moments in time, captured and frozen forever. Is that not what photographs are? I know that when I sit down And look at pictures, I am thrust into that moment of time,  Living it over and over again.
Many languages I will speak,Lessons are what I seek.To succeed in future careers,First I must join my college peers.
I sing for fun But thats not enough In my future I see myself singing In everyone's ears, my voice is ringing It's loud and clear,making The competition chilled with fear
The struggles of life vary person to person. "I can't pay rent" to "I hate my extravagant life": Those inevitable thoughts. "If you hate it so much, change it," They said.
Being the youngest student in my grade, always felt weird. By the age of 15 years old I was a Junior in High School. I  was very mature and ready to be independent. Looking for my first job was very stressful.
I always wanted to hear about how your days were drawn near, from the time you wake up in the morning, from the time you rest at night. The mind is a wondering device, how I long to know the answer to your every thought. Let me help. Let me see.
Beep. Click. Snap. Say Cheese! Upload. Photoshop. Scrap. Let's Shoot Again.   You love the sound of it- photographer. The way it rolls off your tongue. The way you answer people when they ask,
Why must we try,  on something that'll never work? If just looking at me is painful, Why even try?   If there is no rhym nor reason, then what's the point?  what's there to say?  
A photographer can capture a million thoughts in a single slow shutter shot
A little hand reaching out for mine, the first feeling that comes to mind, sadness then joy.   I am hoping the years in health class and religious studies has prepared me for such strife,
  They asked me to measure my life in a glass Determine the worth and state it in halves To cut up the moments and bind every scrap Together in leather and draw up a map
she lived through pitch blackness she held siccors to her stomach for hours on end she held bottles of bleach in her hands  her tears silently falling as she tried bringing it up to her lips
If I could change One thing About the world today In all its hurt, in all its pain In everything not going our way Is a smile On every face One that would never change
Paint the grey we live in;That’s my decree.Our world is more than the cradle of sin-No more Greed or Sloth we should see.Instead mix the weeping Blue with passion RedOr add White for a pure Pink.
  What would you choose?
Drip drop, pitter patter
upon a dandilion i blew  its seeds floaten soflty on a breeze so true and the wish that engulfed my heart and my soul was a wish that had something to do with you   that night i saw a shooting star
Don't quit, When the roads are hard, And darkness is around you, Don't ever quit. You're worth it, More than the pain, More than anything, You are worth more than giving in.
Love is family Love is friends Love is hard to pretend Love is true Love is dark Love is strong with a spark Love is me Love is you Love is very true
Oh the Comfort The peace The joy And the love That flows From you to me Dear Mother You give me attention That delivers affection Direction And understanding to me
Why are people always so fake?
Run to forget all the troubles of the day The faster your feet move the faster it melts away Fresh air flowing in restores peace of mind You find youreself running to something you cant find  
Here I sit on this white chair, Watching my friends just be themselves; Wondering when I'll see them again;
Look Up And see the  big red building spreading out in front of you like a horizon begging you  to reach out and touch it. Home. And you stand
One night the world was ending
  What wilt thou give me for ashes?
The storms of yesterday are broken,
Love comes and goes Just like the sea shore going back and forth. It fills our heart up with joy then it tries to kills us, Just like the cold kills the trees. Yet we find love everywhere, look around.
I’ve been given a gift, rather a blessing that takes you for who you are in all 
It's something that can’t be seen or touched But it can be felt. A feeling like no other, Words can’t even describe it. It's love, The feeling that you spread unto
I am the girl you laugh at every day I am the boy with scars on my arms I am the geek who hides behind books I am the jock who's scared of sexuality I am the cheerleader with the imperfect body
Cherish me when I’m an absolute fool,
I wasn’t happy with me, So I tried being a different me. I tried to be the me everyone else wanted to see
Love is courage. The will to take risk, The urge to please, The adventure of not knowing.   Love is war.
I see words And songs and poems Of sadness. So here I write one of hope. Because in the world of words With which we craft our dreams All is possible. Why dwell? When you can create.
Paddling so hard from the water wall behind. Too slow and i fall. Then I tumble and I roll to submerge to the unknown.
And I still love you. My love, my love hurts though.
To have joy is to have satisfaction To be fully content in what you have   To let your guard down and be able to let people pass your fences and all thos false pretenses  
Broken pieces shattered on the ground They continue to tip toe around Afraid to clean a mess that wasnt theirs  Scared that I will only break theirs Taped together many times for moments
For what it's worth? This is my new start, new heart, shining at the end of this semester's tunnel
We harldy know each other
To love, to live,To hug and forgive.With out love of others, we live without hope,From sisters and brothers,to bacon and the Pope.Learn to loveto come above.Find the one without shun.
I miss your smile, i miss your face, i miss your strongly supporting embrace. I miss your voice, i miss your words, that made me feel like, the only girl in the world. I miss your laugh,
There are so many things I want to tell you I was the quiet one in class who did all of his work But you still gave me the bad grades because I did not talk throughout your class
Your the love of my life, The bright star that shine in me, The inspiration that put me to my feet. You mean the world to me. Everyday dreaming about the day we will meet again. Your the sorrow in myy heart, I never knew you and i was like stars.
I was alive when i met you. Alive but cautious because I always feared death... feared what it would be like if you left.... You made me live reckless on the edge.. and the times i spent with you....
She strokes my hair gently Kisses me passionatlely Hugs me tightly Always loves me Wants to be with me forever Cares about me more than anything Spends every second of every day by my side
Vibrations in my head’s empty space; unoccupied. Relative measurements of relative ideas. And drops of controversy fall from the unmarked sky. Ebony sky; full of fire’s red embers.
You can take away my items, you can try to break my heart. But the one thing that you can't replace, is what gives me that spark. From the look within my eyes to the words that I speak.
  Two lovers intertwined in a complicated web. One compromised by word. The other compromised by heart. One chained. One free.
  The future is unknown to anyone. All we can hope for is the best, Until this short life is done. Blue, brown, hazel eyes of all earthly guest
Reading your messages filled with love, I'm full of sudden joy. You're my angel sent from above, my heart you could never destroy. My days are spent thinking of you and wishing you were close.
Upon the polished pearl slate Lingers the past within: Blood-stained hair and eyes. Remember the queries and suggestions: Stay the original course, No altering just for appeasement.
             As the sun rises andAnother day takes flight;The blessing is fulfilled again.As the dew begins to lite;My heart flutters,For my love is forever in sight.
  As i stared out into the ocean, my feet covered by the sand, my rope-twisted hair danced gently in the breeze. Then I remembered how this beautiful expanse of royal blue and green had been....  
If love was a book, I’d read it to you. If love was a song, I’d sing it to you. If love was a pool, I’d dive in with you. If love was a car, I’d drive off with you. If love was a star,
Its always a secret We cant go here, we cant go there So and so comin, so we cant go I cant follow you on social media, cause people might know You put me in a little pocket and take me out when you want
I ask for your forgiveness in writing this to you, and I can assure it will be my final interference in this delicate matter.
Between what makes a snowflakeItself and a species is a recklessness(and something deeper) that only a soulcan know; I wonder how many? How many sparks(between the lines)
  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me We've heard it, said it, learned it. But tell me do people choose to take their life because this rhyme is right?
He was my summer love the year of twenty twelve He was my everything for him I'd do anything he was what I needed and maybe if I pleeded, I'd get another chance or at least a last dance.
Am I stupid? Am I crazy? A maniac, perhaps? How can I still love you? How can you still love me? I look at you and I still see utter perfection. The way you walk, talk, laugh, and smile.
I keep thinking about you. But I'm not sure what to do. Maybe If i stop dreaming of what could be.Maybe If i stop thinking of it as you and me.Maybe letting you go is the key.
Yeah, I'm white Never Been in a fight But my dream is to knock out some lights Talkin' 'bout dreams, one-a mine's to be free Ya see, my parents lock me down with a key Yo, little do you know about me
  I miss that feelingWhen I felt the surgeThe boost of spiritsThe sound of birdsThe world was laughterThe peace, like rainBut since it happenedIt won’t come again
       i want to read the lines of your hands as if they where peices of paper with a story to tell. I want to kiss your hands so that my lips could tell the verystory of which your hands plead to speak. I want to swim in the river of your emotion
What do you actually see when you look into these dark brown eyes? Do you see a girl with happiness all around her or a girl galloping through a meadow filled with dasies.That's what you think you see but you dont really see the
Prove to me that you're still there, And prove to me that you still care.It's hard to put faith in what you can't see, But let's just keep this between you and me.Sometimes I have to question myself, 
Looking back to the times, We laughed so hard.Can't you just seeHow perfect you are? The ideas we share, The words exchanged, And when we mess up, Each taking our blame.
I know you do really mean it.And I can feel it in your touch. But I can't take a compliment.I'm used to the downs, not the ups.
You ask me to stay, Yet push me away.But I want to know, So I just can't let go.One day you'll realize, All the bad was lies.You're perfect to me, One day I'll make you see.
Ripped seams, New try. One dream, Hang tight.
Hoping I'd find love, Couldn't see how it'd be you... The others that broke my heart... Somehow I know this is true.. Since the time we danced, The first time kissed, The first time we met,
I don't think I could ever explain, Everything I'd like to say. I don't think that you could see, Everything you mean to me. Most of all, I don't think you understand, Just how in love with you I am.
The way you leave me breathless, I knew this form the start. So here's to us, saying, Until Death do us part.
Fleeting glances, Silent passes, Your eyes locked on mine. Sway to the left, Just out of breath, All for the very first time. Sway to the right, Feelings, don't fight, 
Can you pay tribute to love itself? Loyalty, passion, curiousity, Love. It can't be seen, can't be touched. An abstract concept we Love so much.
Together we're like fire, And you need to be mine. It's like apart we're still alive, But the fire burns inside. And I know you feel the same as I, And now I'm starting not to fight...
Never take what you have for granted, As one day soon, you may not have it. I wish I'd known this when I was with you, Because now our moments are precious and few.
One year ago right now, Their hearts were still beating, Their lungs, still breathing. But one year ago today, Two precious lives were taken away. Midnight, September Seventeenth.
I'm in no hurry, Let's take it slow, I really do love you, Just so you know...
  I hate how you never escape my mind.   Every song reminds me of you.   I can’t quite erase you from my life.   You’re there no matter what I do.  
  I knew it would kill me if I accidentally fell.   So when I did, I swore I’d never tell.   I suppose the only words left now are Oh Well.  
I promise I will love you, With all of my heart, I swear I'll be with you forever, Until death do us part.
  Everything you’ve made me feel,   None of that’s in the past.   Everything I feel for you,   That’s something that’ll last.   Someday you’ll move on,  
Roses are red, State tests make me blue. Does any one else hate them? I SURE DO!          
Love... A dangerous game for two... I know I should ignore it... But I'd give it all up for you...
Lies I Believed, Over a period of time... VERY DANGEROUS. Everyone should avoid                (AT ALL COSTS!)
Your eyes, your smile, your hand in mine, Your laugh, your serious face, secrets that've bound us over time. Your jokes, your craziness, your special kind of mess, Your swears, your promises, the things we've confessed.
The art of the heart, Love grows because you make it. My heart's been through tough trial and error, So be careful, it's easy to break it.
To love you is to need you, To need you is to want you, To want you is to not have you, So I guess that's where I stand with you...
To love you is to need you, To need you is to want you, To want you is to not have you, So I guess that's where I stand with you...
It was less than a week ago, You told me you were mine, It’s time to face the truth… I know you lied. No matter how I try to deny it, I’ll always know it’s true. I guess I should’ve known,
If you love me, I hope you’ll tell me, If you don’t, I hope you won’t. Because I’d rather think you do, Than know for sure you don’t.
When I said my life was perfect, I actually might’ve lied. I lied again when I told you, That I was entirely fine.   I lied when I told you, When I said I’d be okay, I also lied when I insisted,
When you said I had you, I think you might’ve lied. You don’t realize how much I know, But I know what you tried to hide. You made me fold away my conscience, You were a temporary fix to the pain,
If I gave you my hand, Would you take it and lock your fingers in mine? If I gave you my time, Would you take it and Make it last a lifetime? If I gave you my love,
We finally confessed, To each other, our love, Since then I realized, You're more than I've ever dreamed of.  
Something happened the very first time I had with you, You melted my world and I felt something true. And everyone around me thinks I'm going crazy... But I don't care because I love you baby.
Who are you in the eyes of me? What a silly question to ask; can't you see? If it only could be answered so clear and simply, But I don't think you'd understand how much you mean to me. 
As everyone's rushing around the streets, I'll sit back, relax, and kick up my feet. I've no need to spend money on stuff, I already have what you're getting for Christmas, love.
I wish I could say we'll be together forever. (But that can't happen, we both know.) I want to say the kinks will work themselves out. (But we both know they won't.) I love you more than life itself.
With each day, You're given 86,400 seconds. It's up to you, To make the best of it.
You felt the same way all along, We are in love. This is everything and more, Than I've ever dreamed of.    
I've had a few broken hearts, And I know those few are only the start. Loved without holding back, And ended up using tape to stay intact. Wished upon a shooting star,
I've watched you play the girls, But this time you've sworn your love to me. Do you really have a soft side? Or am I just the same? You talk with them a week or two, And you walk away without shame.
A good poem will always start from the heart, And the heart doesn't have auto correct. So just pick up your pen, put it to paper, You'd be amazed at the words you collect.  
The day I don't have to lie, Will be the day we'll tell the truth. When they finally see eye to eye, I won't have to worry about losing you. But for now I'll just keep wishing. Saying I don't want to lie.
If today were my last, I'd know I gave it my all, And I'm okay with that. If today were my last, I'd smile with my last good bye, And I'd have no regrets. If today were my last,
If I died today, Would you wish you had've told me? Would you regret what you didn't say? Or would you even think of me? Would you wish you had've been nicer? Would regret playing your games?
Middle school can be so tough,  Friends can so mean,   Love can be so.. ugh.   It's not worth it, that's how it'll seem.   But you'll live without holding back,   You'll wish on some shooting stars,  
I feel your hands around my waist, My heart beats at a steady pace. Laying on me, I feel your eyes, It's like a bunch of butterflies inside.
It's in his kiss,   With his lips,   His blue eyes,   As they met mine
I've loved like I should, But lived how I shouldn't, Acted like every day was my last, Loved like most wouldn't. I've hidden my share of secrets, Erased every bit of doubt,
Memories held, Never to be told, Between the two of us, This'll never get old. Constantly running, Covering us. This must be how it feels, How it feels to be in love.
We took a chance, We took our shot, I hope this plan works out. But foolproof? It's not... We'll keep our secret, It's under lock and key, There's no one to confide in,
Since the first time we danced, The first time kissed, The first time we met, I've wanted us to be it...
Hoping I'd find love, Couldn't see how it'd be you... The others that broke my heart... Somehow I know this is true..
Forget the regrets, Ignore the truth, No matter the price, I'll run to you. This'll end in disaster, I'm no good for you, I still don't care, I'll run to you. When I start coming undone,
Love me like there's no tomorrow, And when something goes wrong, Slowly gently, let me go, With the words of our sweet song.
I could never ask for anything more... You and Me. And when the rain begins to pour... Just Kiss me. And when you have to walk out my door... Just Miss me. And when we're together, just being bored...
I never thought I'd hear you say it. "I love you..." I never thought I'd be saying it back... "I'll always love you, too..."
The stakes are high, The water's rough, The things we'll do... What we'll do for love...
We know this isn't right, But we choose to be wrong. We're supposed to go with the flow, But we're writing our own love song.
I miss that soft silence, As we both breathe in. I just hope that one day soon, I'll get to hear that silence again.
We know we're a little bit crazy, And probably not meant to be, But it'll take more to make us see, We're off the walls, just slightly, But we can make this easy, Because now it's just you and me.
I've never felt so close, With you I can be me, I've never felt so secure, If only we could really be...
More stories of you, Start to fall into place, They say you're amazing, They don't even know your name...
A secret held between us, Easier for you to overlook, The only way to spill for me, Is the ink on the notebook...
Only a few more years, It'll all fall into place, Give me one more moment, And I promise we'll run away. Just one little secret, And love you I may, I can't promise I'll keep it,
Just a kiss on the lips, Waiting for you to pull away, I never wanted it to end. Yeah, that was the day...
I toss and I turn, When I try to sleep at night, This time it's all your fault... You've brought my senses to a new height... 
It's like a millon shining stars spelling out your name, From the moment I said I hated you.. I love how somewhere in between, That changed to an I love you...
You swore to me you hated me, I swore my hate for you... I had my fingers crossed behind my back, Now I know you were lying too.
  We Love,   We Cherish.    We Hate,   We Perish.  
My heart is in your hands now, Please handle it with care. If you're not ready to care for it, Gently put it down and leave it there.
If I left, would you chase after me? If I cried would you be there for me? If I died, would you shed tears for me? And if I said I love you,  Would you say you love me,  too?
I'm a reader,   I'm a writer,   I'm a lover,   I'm a fighter.
Let's make today last as long as we can, For all we know, it may never happen again. Like it's the last time we'll live, we'll touch, Like it's the last time we'll kiss, the last time we'll love.
I'm a strong girl.   I keep it all in line.   Even if I'm not okay,   I manage to mumble the words "I'm fine."   They ask me if I'd lie to them,   Of course I'd never tell.
After two long years, Came to short days, I hope they're right, About true love always finding a way...
Weekends gone and days passed, I know you'll be there until the very last, By my side or miles away, I know we'll always be okay.
Your dark eyes get me, as the world fades away, please, hold me closer, and kiss me in the rain.
It's just wrong enough, Enough to feel right. We smile at each other, as our hands intertwine.
Together, We can do anything. Apart, I have no escape from pain.
Watching you, Watching me, Waiting for, Us to be.
My footsteps. They mark the schools, The trace my home, But best of all, They're next to yours.
Meeting you was fate, an act of destiny. Being your friends was choice, The right one, I think. But loving you? That was beyond my control. But hey, I'm not complaining.
They're crazy; they lie. But who cares what they say? They're full of themselves and jealous, We know it'll be okay.
Soem people think I don't see it. But I promise them I do. When I stick to one boy for a really long time..... I just really love you...
The memory of love is bittersweet, Though the love itself was insane. I used to think of it as perfect, Now all I find is pain...
Love is blind, as it tries to make life great. But life is too freaked out, Too crazy to see straight...
My hands are shaking cold... I love you. Your hands aren't meant for me to hold... You said you did too. I sincerely swore that I'd be true... I believed your lies. Somehow I still love you...
Yesterday night we went out to wander, Still just children, chasing after love. We ran around, hoping for, That sweet feeling so unheard of. We laugh at the stars and the shapes they make,
Somehow you brought my walls down, Never failing to make me smile, I hope I didn't make a mistake, Letting you sit down and stay a while.
Just another girl, All the same, Ordinary and simple, Just a different name. In love she may be, In love with you, But would she write, A poem? For You?
Now helplessly in love, The first chance she got, The hurt she'd found before, She quickly forgot. She'd made a mistake, The negatives return, It ripped her to bits, As her eyes began to burn.
We fell too quickly, Hard and swiftly, A mistake we made, Now watch it fade.
The faces pass and the places change, Often I feel I'm all that stays the same. But after stepping back and looking out, I realized I've not got anything to worry about.
Do the words still matter? Are they worth saying to you? It's easier to keep quiet, Hiding all feelings from you. Remembering the past, When it did matter to you, When I should've kept quiet,
That girl in the mirror, Isn't what she seems, But I CAN promise you this, That girl is me. That girl in the mirror, Is who she is. She isn't everything, But she is His.
Held down with love, Trapped by you, You stole my heart, I love you. I thought I was just a shadow, On a dull grey wall, Now I know the truth, Now I know I was wrong.
The rain is quickly falling, And I don't know what to do, Time is slowly passing, I wish I was still a part of you. I regret the words I didn't say, The things I never told you.
On the front porch steps, We shared a smile. In the moment we shared, We hugged a while. You pulled me in close, We smiled again, I like you a lot... You're more than a friend.
And so when you're trapped, When you're lost off in space, It seems there's no one that's left, I'll be calling your name.
From you I can't run, From you I can't hide, I just can't believe, What you make me feel inside, From you I can't flee, From you I can't be, I just want to believe, That you are the one for me.
You're like the raindrops,   you fell from the sky,   You opened my heart,   You melted good bye.
Oh yes,  I will confess,  I am yours.
You're something that I so badly want, You're something that I can't not need, You are what I have to have, You're the someone that's meant for me. Something that we want.... Something that we need....
You put your hand in mine. I can touch the sky. You look into my eyes... All the pain quickly dies. I belong to you, as you do to me. Just a year ago I'd never have believed.
I'll always be the one that loves you and always cares, And anytime you need me, I promise I'll be there, I'll keep you safe, keep you warm. I'll never let you go because you are the one.
I used to feel as if my heart could never love another, And now with you I feel like we're meant for each other. There's nothing I wouldn't do, boy, you know you drive me crazy.
I know I love you, I know you love me, too. It's as simple as you and me. As simple as "We're meant to be."  
On binders and bookshelves, My hands and jeans, too, On pages and papers, I'll write of you.     On a strip of duct tape, Across the top of my shoe, On all my school folders,
I'm wishing on a shooting star, Wishing it could take us far, Wishing we could only be, Us. You, and me.   You're wishing on a shooting star, Wishing it could be less hard, Wishing it was easy,
They swear it happened overnight, But we both know the truth.   We know just how long it's been,   Two years going, me and you.       They swear it'll never last.  
you know you're in love when... you see each other, and you just blush. a blush leads to a smile, a smile causes a giggle, a giggle to a laugh, a laugh becomes a hug, a hug to a kiss,
Love is a war, you just can't win. Give up on fighting it... Just give in.
You've had me hooked for a while now, You've got my walls coming quickly down, You make me smile, I want you to stay, What can I say, when you make me feel this way? Every time you hold me close,
He's the only thing that keeps me wishing, And hoping, needing, and wanting. He's the same kinda crazy that makes me think, Think about everything I want "us" to mean.
I know there could be heartbreak. That crossed my mind a little to late. I'm busy thinking of your soft hands, the expectation of your sweet kiss, And of course what we'd become, What we would make of this.
Memory after memory, time after time. It shouldn't have taken quite so long, So long to call you mine. The chances I've taken, All the risks you took. The possibility of us being mistaken,
Every little, lost dream, Every little everything. Never did I stop to think. You were where they were leading me. They've lead me straight to where you are, Taking me evey where we'll be,
Side by side, Or miles apart, It's always you, That's in my heart. Day to day, Year after year, It's always been you, That I hold so near. Time after time, Friend after Friend,
His Holding Into My Emptiness of my universe , while my mind is out of earth ! A start wont probably reach to my hopes ! While im here left in the back with a bag tht was left ! It was left to the wrong person 
A horizontal line, A bluish-purple vein, how much would it take to drive me insane?   A few more hospital visits, A few more prescription pills they say recovery is possible
Spoken words alone cant express the love I have for you. The written art of love is what convinces my heart that you are truly the one for me. As I wish to gaze into your eyes with every movement of your listless ways. 
Your eyes through me cut like a rusted knife,Your voice, it salts my newly bleeding wound,Do I belong inside your lonely life?Though you hoped I never willingly swooned,
Life sometimes can play tricks on the distracted eye.  Sometimes you see the horizon but not the road ahead of you.  And sometimes there is no road and you have to find your own trail.
She loved you,  Couldn't you see? From left to right,  Her heart was set on you. I write in awe,  But thankful I am. You were what once filled her heart, But now I am what love means to her.
Just a glance from the ice crystals god blessed you with even if god punishes you with death, cycles and pain.
Im tired. My body is sore. I lay in bed and feel like I cant take it anymore. I feel weak. Hopeless. Like no one cares. I tap my fingers on my phone, waiting for a sign. Some kind of hope. I shut my eyes and feel the dull buzz in my hand.
If I wrote you a thank-you letter For every smile you've put  On these small pink lips They'd have to cut down  A tree for each one For the words I would write To explain how these muscles 
One heart two different worldsOne body two opposite girlsOne chose love the other hateOne chose corruption the other faithOne always tries to devise a planThe other simply follows the great I am
  Tears trace my face as I stand over this sink I am crying again Every lecture I get, all the expectations I don't make
you've been here with methrough thick and thinyou knew i was hurtbefore i told you you fought my wallsgot yourself ini cant get you out nowno matter how hard i trydid not want to trust you
As the years escape my eyes. You try to say your final goodbye. But your hand won't leave mine. Thoughts of you fill my mind. Life without you is full of pain, no laughter, no smile just gray painful rain.
A steady rhythm,  A speedy pace, My heart now seems to race. A race, A fight,  What we do in the night. Loving, leaving,  I begin to start bleeding. Remorce and grieving
Steve Momphete 10/9/10   Mind Prostitution
He's a failure  In my class he won't survive  17 and black? I'm surprised he's alive He's just a stupid football player Is that all you think I am? Just another statistic?  Disgracing Uncle Sam?
I miss how you looked in my eyes that first night I could not recal anything else the way your soft skin felt on my cold hands The blurred memory gave me a rush I miss when we layed recalling the past
The sweet reverie of a little girl in a Cinderella dress Does not hold a demise For no person shall attempt to withhold her She has imagination creativity innocence virtue Let her twirl
It's an insatiable need. Hoplessly inescapable and all consuming, with a pressure that builds until you take heed. A final release of emotion, expression, a work of love and complete devotion,
One love doesn't last longbut here is one thing it is going to be alright once a pon agogo out and find another one when you are lonely everytime you like of him or her
Floating Leaping Screeching Clawing your eyes out just to Spite you Spite me instead I can't live the way you want Me to. The way you look at me Tells me that you want me to respond.
You are my South Wind, There to uplift me There to surround me But never to falter.   You are my Sun, There to light my way There to give me hope But never to dim.  
I push so hard everyday I know it angers you so much to wake up knowing Im not with you no more to drive you crazy I wake up too but here or not you still drive me crazy
I have left the world of Darkness, Having stepped into the Light, A new sensation of bliss has emerged, A sensation having not witnessed in a thousand years,  
She screams as the light beams pushing and pushing the wall of despair.  Times of love from above is just like a dove resting on my shoulder. Times of love, Times of love, Times of love.  
It fools the inexperienced and breaks the ones who aren't careful.   It's the thing we always look back to and always look forward to.   It's strong and brutal; Happy yet sad.  
  The hole in my heart is deeper than the sea, The hole in my heart is blacker than the new moon sky. I still wish you were with me, your touch still lingers with me. As I’m asleep I dream of me back in your arms,
I am a silver moon. You are my world. If you do not desire this gravitational pull any longer, then I shall take myself elsewhere. I can find another planet to orbit my heart around. Someone who does not consider me to be a meteor.
    Close your eyes. Thats what everyone does during a horror movie. When the music swells like a wave, Warning you of some unforeseen terror.
  what seems so easy isn't to some makes them feel queazy terrified of whats to come   speaking in front of a variety for a simple presentation those who suffer social anxiety
theres many ways to show love actions speak louder than words  many people may recall the scene of pain  to overcome pain forgiveness is the key.
Holding on to that one last kiss. Remembering what it was like to hold you like this. My heart is slowly burning to the ground. With the passion in the love I had found. Your words still linger in this place.
Welcome to my world Of lies,loniliness,hate, and depression My world of tears and loneliness  Of fear and scars and rust-tinged razors That smell like fresh sea water somehow don’t satisfy me anymore.
I look in the mirror and see many faces.I see the face of a seventeen year old girl,Shoulder length brown hair and circles under her eyes.Wipe off the mirror with your sleeve,and you’ll see something more.
I once read a book that said "Life is difficult" Those three words hit the most out of just one page I read Those three words taught me a small life lesson for my future ahead That life is difficult
The autumn is upon usit must be an enrichmentof all that went before
Can a heart still break once it's stop beating can you believe me even though you know I am lying will you be there when I need you even though when your in need I&#39;m never anywhere to be found when your in need will you catch me when I am
Your eyes are so stunning, that they could cover the night sky, and outshine the moon, and stars, and even all the galaxys combined.   Your smile is so strong, it rocks me to my core,
All my loving, It’s easy to obtain. Refrain, Everyday is the same.   What do I have to offer when you’re gone? I tried to tell you that I loved you all along,
I want a ......Guy who notices my sensitivityGuy who notices my heartGuy who understands my confusion and pain and where it comes fromI want a ........guy who confident. In saying i love you day one.
Empty sparkles, From the gray-nothing up yonder, Swirling before me…
Rippling, warm spring breezes Melting across my face, I’m rocking on a heal in the dirt Slouching against the chains of Reason. Chasing after the thought, not now, But basking in a golden abyss between
Why, my daisy, Do your petals droop? Fading, falling to the ground? And why, my daisy, Do you bow down to the wind When gusts growl and roar with rage?
I remember the way you told me You loved me That it would never be you and I It would be we  I remember your beautiful  Smile I remember holding hands on the beach Walking for miles
We are all victims, persons targeted to feel pain and misery and all that are out to slam a foot on our brakes, while driving they have stopped us on the train tracks leaving us with what you think are only two options;
Do you see the pain?The pain in my eyes.Do you see the hurt?Hurt buried deep in my heart.Did you search to knowKnow what I have been throughOr did you just wishI let go and never looked back?
This ol' heart of mine will never be the same I guess I'm really the one to kind of blame I might as well move on and let it go Well since you're here I should probably let you know
I said a word I made a friend I am yellow   I said a word I am in a relationship I am pink   I said a word I got into a fight I am blue   I said a word
  I breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Two easy movements. Involuntary. Necessary. The difference between two ends, Life, Death.   Breath changes everything… I breathe.
I like you a lot but don't know how to tell you...why can't we see eye to eye?  Set standards for each other? Everything is just so paper thin. With not enough time,
You see smiles they glisten, There's nothing else but listen Dark shadows, cold walls You hide and try to ignore the calls.   You ask yourself is it worth it? Not one bit.
Your Kiss infects me like the flu infecting young children it finds me and absorbs through out my body taking a few days to leave my system forever i remember the 1st time the feeling so new
I knocked on the door just to listen and see if she was home For some time I waited, cold winds flowing past me and down my back my mind started to rome Alone is what I began to feel but then she came to the door
A minimum amount of words were said, and time was spent together. Before we knew it. Time was over.
i bury myself in facts organization to a faultto hide from the world,from people and fearspeople think I'm shyI'm hiding.i hide in plane site, yetnobody sees me i cry for someone to see me
Betrayal, Bruised, Left alone, No one to hold, No one to love, Blessed I’m sure, How can you be blessed? When no one loves you When someone toke your love. Forever alone. Forever apart. 
If home is where the heart is,               In a home they teach you things,                                          Then I am out of place,                        You taught me some things,
I used to write poems about the colors of your eyes with a stomach full of butterflies. But now I write words about the voices in my head and how I wish I were dead.   You used to promise
This disease, I wont let it get the best of me. I'm depressed though, it's got me by the throat, how can I get free? How can I be all I can be, if I'm missing a part of me. On the oust side, I seem as happy as can be.
Beauty is the eyes of the beholder That's why he always found beauty in my body And you always saw it in my eyes   He was only looking for one thing; and liked what he saw
It’s funny how someone who was supposed to love me, never did. It’s ironic how that a person that I never knew hurt me. But it’s even worst that I hurt myself.  
To Open Her Eyes  When I look in the mirror I see a face The girl looking back at me is so lost She feels lonely in a crowded room But is suffocating in her mind What do I do to make her smile
I like how the cereal screams in terror as I put the little guys in my mouth Mmh how sweet, cereal blood between my teeth Snap Crackle Pop! goes the bones of the breakfast mom bought
Every day seems somber. I look away and as I walk to school  I can feel myself removed.  I watch myself sit there in class  I watch myself write  I watch myself get through it 
Tears roll down her face as she sees her lover with someone else Disgusted she feels She wishes she was someone else The anger inside from the lies he told  Disrespected from his actions  He is so bold 
How can you claim to "love" someone when all you do is hurt them ? What is "Love" ? People say its a big word with so much meaning... Everyone who said they "love" me, all ended up hurting me.
to live is to die and be reborn, stronger. to die is to know what it means to live: to love to laugh to cry and somehow fall over the edge, regardless. to love is to feel affection
It all started on the first day of school, not passing the rule. No one coming to my aid, on my shoulders the cruel words laid. Then came middle school, people even more cruel. I was a fool,
 To overcome?   You have no idea. The dark is suffocating. The pain is allocating. Try to make it stop. It's not enough. It keeps coming, and coming, and coming. Looking up, praying for better. Why me?
Well I’ve come to tell you a story. I gotta warn you, it’s probably not a happy story. I gotta warn you, it’s probably not even a good story. But I think it’s probably a true story, and that’s good enough for me;
Joy is a smile a laugh a thoughtful frown   Joy is the sun the rain the hop of a frog   Joy is a poem a story and a song   Joy is walking running
Tell me you love me because you want me in your lifeTell me you love me because you mean it from your heart Tell me you love me because it's written all over your face
It’s strange. This feeling. This heart felt feeling… Sigh… not again. Could I… could I really? No, no, no! I’m not! I’m probably just sick. Yeah! Just sick… Damn, who am I kidding?
I am a leader I am in control of own destiny I will not be discouraged I will not be dismayed For this journey that we call life Is just a game waiting to be played
Crying in the snow will do no good The tears you cry will never come out As the touch of blood feels like snow The animal that lived before you must move on Letting go is sometimes the only choice for us
Mother I forgive you for you know not what you do Call me a zero in hopes it'll motivate me to avoid the bar stool Most men live there life defining and executing functions I have yet to define a single variable 
My starving hope,   .. my soul relys upon the morn of fresh tomorrows.   For love essential-- do not withhold  upon my living dying soul.   Joy immeasurable
Once I was hit in my back so hard I didn’t understand how the death I am destined to meet escaped me.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I can't help but feel like there is a hole in my chest I keep searching for something that cant be found until I hear a voice saying "Turn Around" When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw
The triumph of the meek will beLoud. Crowds of complex hearts pulledOut of dying chests, vests of steel thrown off, meltedDown and welded into cymbals and trombones.The groans and creaks of grief will cease;
Laughter is healing for my soul, thats the medicine I have chose. Needless to say I'm okay,  afterall I did laugh today! Wondering why I may be depressed?  Half the time I'm super stressed,
We are young. We are strong.  We are capable of anything.  Sometimes we are wrong.  Colorless and yet so colorful. Madness but mostly wonderful..
Mosquitoes swarmed above my heads That was my bed time story Mother stood outside hand washing the clothes At a quarter to ten It’s okay you can ask No we didn’t have a washing machine
I'm a prisoner, one of love. Women an men both abuse love. I give my love out freely an passionatly. My heart lays crumpled on the floor, weeping blood. It's on the floor because
  you are the thornless rose that grew amongst the baobab of my ribs roots that wrapped around my lungs leaving me breathless and blue i am content    
Education is spoiled by the rotting brains Disseminating by the television cell membranes As learning decreases Society let's ignorant fame and material things sink in Getting rich quick is more motivation
All this pain has comeSo your will be doneOh how I acheAnd my heart does break
Her neck cranes skywards, they are there, beyond the haze and mist of a day long since past. They are there and she will bring them forth. So many times, so often she has searched the endless abyss of the sky for answers.
The blue moon is the theif that comes to steal all of those things that makes us feel- feel those things that keep us true blue moon can only  keep us blue so recognize-when he comes
She chases you until you're out of breath.
They say make love, not war But there’s always a constant battle With my heart I’m always fighting for another And with every battle I grow weaker Losing soldiers, losing power
I want to touch the starsand hang on till my feet leave the groundYes,my fingers will burnas I clench with all my mightthe emerald in the sky,but it will be worth it.
Spinning, Whirling, Flailing, Falling, Dizzy, No where to turn. Distant, I'm alone, with everyone around me, Drifting like drift wood, In a mind boggling sea
its funny almost, how easily you can lose yourself but how it difficult it is to find yourself again how you can go from being completely in the now minute
  My Love,   You are my heart, my joy, and my bride. For you, I took the nails and the wound in my side. For you, I was beaten beyond recognition. For you, I lived knowing I’d endure crucifixion.
and I only have the sound of your footsteps committed to memory.   because the only memory I have of you   is the one of you walking away.    
Wind howled through the trees, making them shake uncontrollably. The air shot through everyone's skin, it had been cold for so long. Yet there was an end in sight, the winter weather was gone.
(For full effect, listen to 40 Part Motet- Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis) 
I thought my first love will be my last I thought its you that I belong to But now, what I once thought remains as thoughts For you are now waiving goodbye.   All your smiles are for me 
Angel, oh angel,Why have you forsaken me,Cast me out for nothing,Thrown me to the ravenges of the dark?All this pain,All this torture,For a simple change in thought?Do you know not what I feel,
It’s 3am and I can hear myself breathing but I’m questioning the breaths. What if I told you that I’m not really here? I am just a blurry vision in the mirror where I slice my wrists and hold them up to God.
the essence of my existence.  As fastpaste as I’ve taught myself to be, my true fulfillment lies in stillness.  The tranquil serenity and peacefulness of the motionless state of the self, a time when I can thoroughly analyze my position in social
Poetry...words that merely chose me Opened my eyes and heart in ways the world cannot see I was lost...trapped in sadness that would last Fought continuously with the darkness of my past
  Why I write   all we did was make eye contact.   but in that instant between my blink and her smile  
A Rose should be delicate       And sweet         As a little white dove      Pure     As the ringing of bells to the ear         Mysterious as the lily of the  night,        Of dark prevailing places where candles shine bright         A Rose shou
Her eyes show unconditional love, she's assertive but she gives great hugs. She's short, but she can still reach the stove. She's an excellent cook. She buys us things, like books.
I used to wonder if I hopeless being around all these roaches with the fact I had more things on my mind than what approaches.  Or with my black heart made from scattered thoughts.  
Don’t be sad, But don’t deny that you are If I could hear the color blue, you'd sound just like it. I don’t know how to help you but, I can help you recompose your sound..
My life's purpose is to entertain and be entertained, the fundamental bottom line of art, itself. I live to experience the wonderful nirvana of awesomeness that is the creativity of others
Days go by from that day People were desperate each day They would show their stuff off They would even sleep in a loft No one could bring up the money No one couldnt even afford a donkey
Joy, dancing on the rooftops.Howling, wild, in the wind. Joy, pounding with the ocean’s waves.Singing, free, in the hurricane. Joy, breaking through every chain.Painting, grace, another way.
  I'm just walkingOn an adventure you might sayThrough day & night Who knows what I might find?We may just be lost in the wildWhere the wild things are What do we know?
The written word, So beautiful, and so unkind. Brought to me by simple books at a tender age. Writing was inevitable. I learned to read to get away, I learned to write to explain away.
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Life can be good Life can be bad But the one thing you can do is keep your head up high And your feet down low Their will always be haters out there
The desire to receive is to receive the desire. Only the mind knows what the heart yearns and only the heart knows what the mind needs. The body desires a simple touch. The mind endures your deepest thoughts,
I love the summer The way the sun kisses everything in its path drowning it in a glow as if it were lit up on a stage awaiting for anxious eyes to watch their performance.   The air
I can not die.I can not live.I can not lie.I can not give My world falls, down a spiral I can not see. Who's that guy? Me, I..
(Fast sad lane of reality, other stories don't match with family, left lost on the streets with insanity, none realized the real, feel what empty stomachs got without a meal, split one time so he'll make at least a dime, bedless because of bed bug
They say that your life is in your hands and those hands carry your future, but in reality that future reflects your past and in actuality, that past reflects where you stand.
Friends grant charming wishes, Friends enchant you with joy, Friends let you absorb their affection, Superficially matters if's a girl or a boy.   Just give those favorable buddies a ring,
I scrapped my knees on a dirt road and brought the filth home with me Just so you'd clean me up and kiss me.
The flesh surges under my skin Demanding I be someone other Demanding I seek my own pleasure Bow to the whim of father or brother But certainly I've done everything I knew how to do.
A mirage upon the endless sands The heat whispering for you to sleep Your body slows to the movement of the timid wind The will to survive has vanished like the waters
I am complicated. There is more to me than people realize. I have feelings. Do they know how much I care? Do they know how much it hurts? I am angry. Fuck everything and everyone. I am happy.
Why do we love if it hurts to do so? And why do we long for something so far away? What is our reason for being, for existing? And what defines who we are and separates us from the others?
Show emotion? I can't Deep within my heart, Nice and tight, My emotions sleep; inaccessible I reach down Try to bring them out. Not far enough; buried too deep down. Therefore, I write.
The world has shut me out. Told to never speak truths again. My mind holds back my hearts true nature and shoves it in a corner of doubt. My poor heart slowly becomes passive like a wild lion whipped into submission.
guess this is how you master dancing with the stars a slew of ancient footprints in the sand So pirouette upon the roofs of houses made of cards sell scores of petrichor in little cans
Some people experiences love others can only see it and write about it Love is scary Love is so scary At any given time your own lover can leave you without your permission
You did so much for me; I don't know where to start I'm glad you are my mom, I love you a lot You mean so much to me I don't know what to say But I know I'll tell you this everyday
I think i was eight when i started to appreciate a new world that had monsters, and dragons, and dungeons. It was colorful when i felt colorless insightful when i felt blind there when i wasn't
Onion Peeling As I write poems, me myself is being peeled. One poem by one, I find my true voice. Going deeper and deeper, I find my identity. Like onion being peeled, I dive into my world.
I am so young but yet I feel so old The sun sits high but yet I feel so cold Sometime I question the route I chose I question what it is that I behold I wonder how things would unfold
Poesía eres tú y yo. Poesía es la luz como la oscura. La risa vivida hasta la muerte sufrida. Poesía nos conecta a los dos. Esto no es poesía, es solo un simple gesto sin gesto, o tal ves,
Most say it is just words. Others say it's just for fun. Some just hear roars That leave it undone...
Not gonna write you a love song I'd rather write you poetry Put thoughts to paper and call it a symphony Let me words travel along the page And proclaim you as my melody Beautifully sculpted and crafted
Writing is freedom, A chance to make a name, to make a life. It’s an escape from the ordinary, the everyday, the mundane, It’s emotion on paper, fire and ice in black and white, Terror and cheer, joy and grief.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder/ Or at least that's what I told her/ When I hold her, I wanna mold her not scold her/ Give her cold chills, never the cold shoulder/
If I could read between the lines, I would picture you and me, Dancing together between the letters, Prancing peacefully above the capitals, Way up high—past the sky, Where no one would reach us.
It was the last day of summer And a brilliant orange hue illuminated the sky. My body, Laid serenely across a field of golden tinted roses Basking in the sunlight. The heat of the sun tells my heart to wake up
Her eyes are blue and peaceful like the ocean Her smile is rare but shows up every once in a while Her heart is full of love and care for others and not herself And her happiness is always seen with a smile
Your words are fuel to my ears, thats what i tell myself to annihilate the pain locked in a 4 by 4 box suffocated by the razor blades surfacing the broken scared skin. PAUSE! FIXED!
Many want this and are in pursuit It’s hard to attain yet easy to lose Possession of riches or surviving in poverty Neither fix the problem at the root Infinite ways to get this feeling
(poems go here) Fire hydrant erupting with joy traveling bells roll down the block cars turn to couchs fold up chairs are permanently parked
The dulcet tones soaring Mirrored The angel's sweet singing In turn The hearts melody bringing Gave joy To all who heard
A blazon radiates from above Upon the barren, bleak cave Where reminiscent of lost love Reflects within mystic waves.
Some people say love doesnt exist Others say it is only found between a man and woman if thats true then whats this im feeling for a woman Butterflies in result to that sweet sound i call ur voice
Ecstasy coma My brain overwhelmed with Peace Dipping Dots are Love
From when I was woken, to when I fall; destruction, pain, sadness, and death will blur my vision. But where there is destruction, will soon be creation; where there is pain, will soon be comfort;
I remember thinking, it doesn't get better than this. I felt fully alive. Deeply content. Excited. Loved. Full. This was the day I fell in love. I made a special effort to start a newly found relationship.
It was early December when I first met him. He was a little timid at first, He hid under the seat until the lights went dim. He was as horrible as a curse. I loved him.
The sun in east it stands alone, And rays of day again they shone. Rising up to face each day, Looking for lost yesterday. The moon he seeks but cannot find, Always, Always on his mind.
You... A smile so delightful and sincere, Thump! Our bodies collide. Smell... So lavishing and clean in the air. Touch... Magnifying to my skin, goosebumps prickle. Love...
People want EVERYTHING you have but fail to realize there was a time you had NOTHING. All they see are the good days that go so well, they always seem to miss the days everything fail.
Accept and suffer unflinchingly, every hardship presented at hand. Aim to avoid empty, vain, and idle talk, it only leads more into ungodliness. Whats presented before you is patience, it's unwavering compassion
Man Lord, can you completely take control of my mind. I'm tired of wiriness, jealousy, and being filled with strife. Your presence is at every turn but I continue to slide.
Faith is my way of life the only reality I'm livin It's not a front for the world, I'm not just simply pretendin So you can spread your lies and your doubts, but you won't be catching me slippin
To travel alone, Through a lonely desert. Everywhere you look, Dunes of sand. No one to share your company, No one to stand by your side. Tis a lonely world, this world can be.
My music speaks. My music leads me through the dark, when I cry, my music speaks. My music comforts me through the joy, when I smile, my music speaks. My music heals the wounds, when I hurt, my music speaks.
The King is just, and justly He decrees, To quell all offense and weigh every deed, His righteous demands not one of us met. Alas, under His rage I dwell in threat, Of utter destruction; Hell opens wide,
I drink from my cup. I lift it right up. I drink water, juice, and milk. They all go down smooth like silk. Oh, how I love my cup.
I saw the sun Glorious, bright, everlasting Beauty, power, fire, omnipotent Life, Death, omnibenevolence and necessity Coaxing flowers to bloom Setting fire to barren land Duality Life and Death
dancing out of reach she twirls away, elated just to be alive color on the wind, the children cannot catch her try as though they might
It's like this so quickly we miss what things we try to remember the things we have forgotten and so I look on over the lives of those age has forgotten
I am so torn Like aborted babies that aren’t born Separated and thrown into a furnace To be burned up because of people’s purpose To reign as kings, Though he called them gods Little g’s
Dear Rainy Days, Your exciting, splashy puddles I simply can't resist, You are my explanation; The reason I exist.
Dear Rainy Days, Your exciting, splashy puddles I simply can't resist, You are my explanation; The reason I exist.
Explosions of galaxies fill the night air. Prayers of a hundred hands kneel before the sky. And I'm weary, Lord. I need hope.
Live like it’s your last day On earth and appreciate Those who love you Don’t take everyone too Seriously and debate Everything that they say
I touched him and the bane of all I knew, hope to know and would ever know came alive. It felt like, atoms dancing on the backdrops of unborn galaxies, collapsing and expanding at will. Like, lungs pumping air into the windows of open souls.
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