Happiness was as unattainable as the blooming of my favorite flower in winter.

Enjoying my life was far fetched.

It didn’t make sense to have hope in the future,

for me a future wasn’t realistic.

Six excruciatingly long years spent drowning in pessimism,

and relying on what little motivation I had to get me through the days that seemed to grow longer as my desperation for just one minute of contentment grew stronger.

And now I’m here,

So full of exuberance and delight.

Enthusiastic to wake up and feel the warmth of a thousand suns kiss me with their persimmon lips.

How could I live so long without this remarkable feeling?

Just the thought of being without something as simplistic yet perplexing as happiness, brings back the soul shaking memories of when sadness was terminal.

Again and again I’ve been asked: “What is one thing you couldn’t live without?”

And my response does not falter,


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